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  1. Pete, I hear ya mate… I gave up on flying jets to stay below 25000… to keep the cosmic radiation dose down… I stayed away from Cargolux (747) for the same reasons, and to stay away from the 21 day around the World trips almost all at night… and I tuned in my seniority number at the airlines for a tanker job flying Cl-215/215T/415 scoopers - 4,5 months of alert on base for the same money the airlines pay in a year… and we go weeks without turning a prop… pure bliss… bring lots of hobbies with you and the sports gear… and the fishing rod and tackle box… we have hammocks in the hold for those lazy days… and in the winter off months we go some place warm… we keep the same life rhythm daily… get up same time, eat breekie, lunch and dinner at same times everyday, and ride our bikes to work… no night flights, no crossing time zones, no oceans to cross, no deicing… and no flight attendants and no passengers… and when we do go flying we get to break every rule there is out there dropping water loads on fires… I couldn’t think of a better way to earn a living as a pilot! No hour minimums, no unions, but rather lots of tanker base BBQ’s and evenings out with the boys out fishing… and we use our skills to keep people, infrastructure and assets (timber) safe… after fighting your first fire you realize the satisfaction of using your skills for the common good for our communities. I don’t miss the airlines and I don’t miss the night flights or crossing time zones or cranky flight attendants… If I want a coffee I go get one myself!! I never thought I would say it… but I am a happy camper! There are so many paths to take in our industry and I tried a few of them… and I just couldn’t go back to the airlines… I was sold after covid when I realized that the government contracts for aerial firefighting are recession and pandemic proof!! And what really hit home post pandemic is the fact that thousands of fellow aviators worldwide made huge changes to their career paths… it was a colossal shift… that is just beginning to be felt in the many areas within aviation! Fly safe brother!
  2. Wow, that sure is looking great! Nice work as always mate! Cheers Alan
  3. Thanks Mike, sorry for the post hijack Tom! Back to our regular programing! Cheers Alan
  4. Interesting. I get the message… and I assume the Spey needed the modifications to be able to be used in the airframe. So interesting. Did the UK fly these off of carriers too, or just runways? Cheers Alan
  5. Quick question, were the Brit Phantoms built like this at the factory in the US or were they modified after by a UK based aerospace firm prior to delivery? That sure seems to be a huge modification from the standard airframe. Cheers Alan …all that for a different powerplant? Why?
  6. Wow! What accurate and exacting work as always mate! I had no idea the Brit Phantoms were so different as compared the US versions. Awesome work so far, I look forward to the next updates! Cheers Alan
  7. Man, really surprised we haven’t heard anything more from italeri - was hoping to see this kit hi the shelves before Christmas this year. Any news anywhere? Cheers Alan
  8. Damn, nice build up! I have two on pre-order and I look forward to getting them built! Revell produces good kits at a good price point, and I am very happy to see this kit be made available! Cheers Alan
  9. Ok, that video insight sunk the hook… good job AirFix! Cheers Alan
  10. Damn, what an awesome opportunity! What always gets me with these interesting videos, is how amazing America really is - and the people who populate these interesting and unique occupations. I may not be an American, but I sure wish I was - we have so much to be thankful for to America and these great people. Cheers Alan
  11. Congrats Pete! That is amazing!! Nicely done!! Cheers Alan
  12. I can’t understand their site - all I want is to see if they are releasing some F-86 Sabre decals in 32nd scale… Cheers Alan
  13. Anything moving forward on the A-26K project? I really would love to build a Vietnam era bird! Cheers Alan
  14. Thanks Pete, a couple of ex-Canadian F-18 drivers I know fly the Alpha jets for Top Aces in Canada and Germany. I was wondering if these F-16’s will still carry the gun as civilian birds, or if those have been stripped out of the airframes? They did mention that these birds are lighter than the regular airforce ones, so I assume that the guns are gone? Cheers Alan
  15. My best to Neil @ HKM for bringing us this well engineered beauty! I can’t wait to get one!! Cheers Alan
  16. Just amazing engineering! Cheers Alan
  17. Well, I am so happy that Revell has released this beauty! I will buy a few of them, and have my fun and if there is. Little dihedral missing (I will determine that after building one!! If it truly does exist!!) then I will correct it… Revell has a price point that meets my expectations and I have enjoyed all the Revell new releases. I just don’t understand how so many of our brethren can judge a model by looking at a test build?? … you are assuming that the builder has assembled the kit with top skills… some of these kits are glued together in a short time frame to have a quick test fit and to have something to present. I will save judgement until after I build one! Thanks Revell! Cheers Alan
  18. What a beauty! May I ask, what kit was this and which parts from Hasegawa did you use? Is there a build thread to follow up on with this beauty? Cheers Alan
  19. You have to be kidding me? I want two of these… man, what a treat!! Cheers Alan
  20. Any new updates on these beauty? Would love to see some updates! Cheers Alan
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