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  1. Yep, quite right too ! Your Achilles heel was letting slip you think the Javelin is good looking................................... People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...................apparently.
  2. Following on, I've always liked this documentary "Spitfire 944".
  3. Looking at my refs, there seems to be quite a difference in schemes depending on it's role. DSG upper over sky for a 235 Sdn aircraft operating over the Bay of Biscay in 1944. MSG and dark green uppers over black underneath for a 23 Sqn aircraft pressed into NF role on Malta 1943. Even a speed silver job operating in Java in November 1945. So there are variations about - best to just pick a scheme and go for it.
  4. I think you will find that's called humour/sarcasm Jennings.
  5. I know some aren't that keen but it's supposedly one of the best low-level strike aircraft ever made. I love the "gear up" on the runway on this.
  6. Is my mind playing tricks or were there pictures of the parts layout on here yesterday? Or was it another thread?
  7. I'm currently reading one of the aircraft of the aces series - Royal Navy aces of WW2 and it was definitely a case of poor/obsolete equipment at the start. But a Skua scored the first British aerial victory in WW2 when it forced down a Dornier 18 in September 1939. The Fulmar was a stop-gap aircraft as it was designed pre-war as a long range reconnaissance aircraft rather than a full-on fighter. Despite that it was pretty successful in the Mediterranean against the Italian airforce and then the Luftwaffe (slightly less-so) with pilots achieving ace with it including one who shot down 2 JU 88's in one sortie. The Barracuda was more function rather than form. In March 1944 the Tirpitz raids were particularly successful when the Barracudas scored 15 direct hits on the ship damaging it so badly it was effectively out of the war. Of course the later Lancaster raids are more famous but the Barracudas did the damage which sealed it's fate. Ugly aircraft but a good one.
  8. I think it's this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spitfire-Blu-ray/dp/B07DFRKHTP/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=spitfire&qid=1573476552&s=dvd&sr=1-2 I have the Blueray disc. Crank up the surround sound and it's brilliant.
  9. I can empathise with the disappointment amongst some but this is just a reality check. I remember the posts when the Lancaster was first announced and how it quickly went off into excitement about other WW2 subjects without any form of concrete evidence to back that up. It's a natural thing to do and when things like this topic come to light some might even feel betrayed in some way. It's all of our own making and perhaps things went too far with the dreams of other WW2 subjects. What quickly develops into a "me want" thread can be a big let down if it comes to nothing. Feet on the ground and deal with it I think is the best policy. But it's not wrong to think about what might have been.
  10. I don't have the reference to hand at the moment but I read that it was to do with the bolts and nut types/sizes. US/Whitworth/Imperial etc. I recall the US built engines used a different type so had to have different tools from the British built version. EDIT: Just found the reference as regards the Merlin 266 manufactured in the US and fitted in the MkXVI "The Packard engine was manufactured to American measurements which made it different enough from it's Rolls-Royce counterpart to require separate servicing tools and spare parts". A bit like US -v-Imperial gallons etc.
  11. Yep, oldest resurrected thread of the week award for this one. Plus, I seem to recall a big scrap about 1/35 in amore recent thread on here a week or two ago? People should think about the environment a bit more and not bring back duplicate topics. Think about the amount of paper you are all wasting.
  12. Good! You might finally get to use all those pics I took at Duxford for you........................................... https://www.largescaleplanes.com/walkaround/wk.php?wid=38
  13. There are some interesting pictures of captured aircraft in the 2nd Tactical Airforce book volume 4. It seems at the war's end quite a few squadrons "acquired" captured aircraft and then used them for "familiarisation" Basically they painted roundels and used them to hoon about. Also some were used for basic transport hacks and the Bf108 was pretty popular and quite a few came back to the Uk as "personal transports" for senoir officers. (They stole them ) Air Vice Marshall Harry Broadhurst had his own personal Storch which I think someone kitted on here a while ago. Interesting stuff like Arado Ar232's and Siebel Si 204's were painted up and used as transport aircraft by the 2nd TAF.
  14. It was always a real problem early in the war to get any decent accuracy. Things did improve a lot though and with the Tallboy and Grand Slams the accuracy got a lot better. I remember the documentary on 617 Squadron the Dambusters going after the Tirpitz and the accuracy was pretty good. I recall the bombs landing near the ship did just as much damage as direct hits due to the water pressure.
  15. Not working for me either but I don't think people realis how much of the country was bombed. My daughter's primary school (ages 5-7 for those outside of the UK) is in a village about 2 miles west of the Greater London boundary. The school has the "Old School Bell" on display in the reception. This was all that was salvaged after the school was bombed during the war and was then later re-built. Apparently it was on a Sunday so luckily no casualties but I always wondered why. Then I realised it is 2 miles away from the former RAF Uxbridge where the 11 Group control bunker (used in the film Battle of Britain) is. So on an East/West track any late release would have hit the village and the school. RAF Uxbridge has now gone but the bunker is still preserved and worth a visit if down this way. http://battleofbritainbunker.co.uk/
  16. You need a dartboard......................... Coming along nicely mon ami.
  17. Like a lot of others, things have been very slow over the last few days. However, (I'm touching a bit of wood as I type this) this morning things seem to be zipping along as normal compared with other websites. On an HP laptop, on firefox with windows 8 and download speed off the router of 40Mbs. I don't know if something has been changed or tweaked but definitely "normal" again. (Fingers crossed it continues)
  18. It builds up very nicely OOB but aftermarket stuff can add a bit to it. The landing gear is fine oob too unless you want to add detail. I scratched a brace for the retraction jack and added plenty of plumbing but it doesn't detract from the model if you don't. I know Taffyman did a nice job and Anthony in New Zealand has one on the go. Don't forget there are conversion sets too for building different variants from people like Alleycat like the TR33 I did.
  19. I wouldn't have thought the phonetic alphabet would have anything to do with it as unlike civil aircraft (private jobs) they don't use the registration as a call sign. RAF aircraft using civil/military traffic control have their own callsigns the most common of which is "Ascot" for transport jobs mainly so the callsign would be "Ascot 123 " or such.
  20. How inconsiderate that you can't build all 10 different variants of this plane from the one kit !
  21. I just read a bit more on the Britmodeler topic and they are talking about his 1/48th Vulcan so yes.
  22. I was trying to compare it to the Gannet next door which was a chunky ol' thing in the real world. Hard to tell. I remember peeps doing the vac Vulcan in 1/32 and that was a monster.
  23. I wouldn't go as far as "mentally-flawed" John. If you look back in this thread, the comments started prior to the mention of the nacelles with the usual comments about it being HobbyBoss/Trump. You will also see sarcastic comments from others who have seen this situation many times before anticipating the "unbuildable and flawed" comments from a few. There are a small group on here as there was 10 years ago that "anticipated" problems in advance of any Trump/Hoobyboss kit. It was as tiresome then as it is now and a lot of people on here are pretty fed up with it. It's like a cracked record that gets wheeled out by the same people over and over again. If I see a flaw with an actual kit I'll happily mention it or agree with others who may highlight it as that's a good thing. Trouble with this one is that nobody has seen the kit yet. The old mantra that keeps being repeated on here of "wait until the kit is in hand" still stands today. But then, any chance to give anything Hobbyboss/Trumpeter an early kicking as soon as possible shouldn't be missed should it.
  24. I always wait with baited breath for those that love to pour cold water on other's excitement at the earliest possible stage. I do wonder if they get some kind of weird kick out of it or is it just an ego boost?
  25. Never saw action I'm afraid. War ended before they could start flight testing.
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