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  1. Out in UK cinemas on the 28th June. BluRay DVD available beginning of November.
  2. Oh yes! Didn't we also see a Bucc and a mega-detailed Tempest as well? Certainly got a lot of attention at the time and turned into another excellent "me want" saga.
  3. Whatever you do as a moderator is often a no-win situation. I am the sole moderator for a couple of car forums for a well-known UK manufacturer ("Jagwar" to you ) and I see the same things as I see here although to a much lesser extent. Sometimes a topic will appear and to be honest we all know it's heading for disaster straight off the bat, either due to the subject matter or the "usual suspect" participants or both. In most cases it can't be nipped straight in the bud or in other cases it may be worth giving it the benefit of the doubt to see how it runs if the subject matter is worth it. Deleting individual posts is ok if it involves something like a spat between people as others can see why they have been deleted. A post of "Thread cleaned - back on topic please" is normally enough. But it's not really practical, nor should a moderator have to spend his/her time deleting individual posts to try and keep something on track if the participants can't be bothered to do so themselves. As has been said, it will just end up with an argument as to whose posts were removed and why. Simpler to lock the whole thing up giving a reason. It also allows those who were participating to see why it was locked up rather than not knowing why due to deletion.
  4. This was political from post one. Drop it in the bin where it deserves to be Brian.
  5. Aires do both opened and closed burners: http://www.aires.cz/en/catalog/exhaust-nozzles/26/#lightbox[photo]/4/
  6. Thanks for posting. Just a superb build and great finish. I guess it builds up pretty nicely after all despite what some have said. First one I've seen completed and that sets a very high standard for the rest. Well done!
  7. Big, pointy and foil. Got to be worth watching...............
  8. Perhaps it might be better to wait until more information comes out as to what actually happened and what the pilot(s) was/were having to deal with. It could transpire that the situation was so bad he was lucky to get it back on the airport at all and it was a remarkable piece of airmanship that anybody survived. By all means sharpen the knives if the crew are eventually found to be at fault but as you know assumption is often the mother of all ****-ups. Getting a bit political too maybe? That big padlock might well be on the way.
  9. This calls for a response in the style of someone else......... Wow Brian, I AM amazed AT the RESULT. Superb DETAILING and really GREAT weathering. You SHOULD be very PROUD!
  10. I don't need to provide examples to prove my point John. But I did as many on here know that whatever the quality of a kit some people will still throw all the AM in the book at it. As you say, the WNW will be out eventually and people can make up their own minds. But I think it important that people comment to challenge the speculation which has been made much of which has no evidence to support it at all.
  11. To say the HK kit is popular amongst the "it looks close enough" fraternity implies it's flawed/has issues. Bearing in mind the WNW hasn't been released I'd be interested to see how and where it will surpass the HK ? My main issue is with the talk of all this "expensive" aftermarket to bring it up to the WNW level. What aftermarket and what prices............ As regards WNW AM just one example here (no criticism of the builder whatsoever, just an example of what can be done) https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/80074-first-of-a-fokker-pair/ Why is so much AM available for the WNW kits if they don't need it?
  12. Perhaps it's just me but I'm having a bit of trouble with the comments that HK kit will end up near the price of the WNW when you take into account all the AM needed to bring it up to the WNW level? What AM ? The couple of builds I've seen didn't use any AM. Since then we have the Airscale IP released which would probably be used in the WNW anyway by most people as well as maybe a set of brass barrels for the 303's as brass is always far crisper than plastic - so good for both kits. So what AM is needed on the HK ? Also how can it be "brought up to the level" of the WNW and with what AM when that kit hasn't even been released? Lot's of speculation and supposition including the belief the WNW won't need any AM either. Looking at the amount of AM used on many of the WNW builds on here, I don't think it's safe to say the difference in price will be nullified by AM on the HK (not that there is any anyway).
  13. For the F/A 18E and F then go for Trumpeter. Some nice am including Aires cans and if you can find them, the Rhino seamless intakes and wheel sets are very good.
  14. It's nothing to do with any anti 109 attitudes from Commonwealth posters. It's a legacy of history on here. Luckily people and things seemed to have moved on but in the past there was a very vociferous group who would "critique" any new 109 (if it wasn't Hasegawa) in a way that we don't see now. At that time the best way to make a mod's blood run cold was to open a new topic about a "new tool Trumpeter 109". They knew it would be jumped on even before any box review and a quote I saw on one release was "a hideous, misshapen hunk of crap". So that was the attitude that was about at that time. If you dared build one you had to be prepared for constant whinging and unecessary and often unfounded criticism. As an example, have a look at my first post on a Trumpeter 109 I "dared" to build back in 2010 just to let me get on with it in peace. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/31093-trumpeter-132-109f-4-trop/ The 109 is a very iconic aircraft but the controversy it used to cough up was quite startling. There is/was also an ongoing desire for another 109 and another and another......... I think the general populace got pretty fed up with it all so even now it can still raise a few comments, but I like to think the current climate on here is a lot more mature and far less reactionary.
  15. Yep, much much faster. I don't get the "waiting for Largescaleplanes" at the borrom of the screen anymore, nor do I get the "Loading" icon when moving from page to page in a topic which was pretty regular. Firefox on W8.
  16. Maybe it was an A380 Airbus. We know how much Jennings likes Airbus aircraft............
  17. Yes, steering this back on track away from the "who is going to pay" debate, they will have to decide if they restore using original materials or new construction methods. Back in the 1980's York Minster Cathedral in the UK (similar age to Notre Dame) was hit by lightning and started a fire in the roof. The Fire Service at the time deliberately collapsed the burning section which saved the rest of the cathedral. We also had the Windsor Castle fire which destroyed the great hall. Both were restored using original methods and materials. York Minster is still undergoing restoration today of external stonework and it's pleasing to know that the skills of stonemasons, carpenters and stained glass windows are still very much in good supply in the UK at least. I'm sure we could find some good English oak if they need any.
  18. It depends on how the previous driver left it. I've just been looking through various books at numerous pictures of parked spits during the war and most seem to have the column forward and centrally placed. So the pics mostly show elevators lowered, ailerons neutral and rudder neutral. Of course there are photos of spits where they have been left with rudder applied and elevators level with a touch of aileron too. So the choice is yours.
  19. I dug out my Modellers Datafile and there's good and bad news.......... It lists ten versions of the TFX in the outline drawing type thing. Most had the full length intakes as per the model above. Some of the earlier versions had a shortened intake that stops at the back edge of the cowling ring. The cockpit can o' pee is different from the base kit and if using the kit one some frames need sanding off and sorting out. I've seen models of some X's with a Vickers K gun mounted at the rear. Not quite right. The K gun was a local mod particularly for Malta where they cut the back off the observer's dome and installed the K gun. X's had the revised rear observer's canopy which is a different shape and with frames and they had a 30 cal Browning installed. If I get a chance I'll scan some stuff and email it over to you.
  20. Yep, I was waiting for this stage and I think it's just right. Takes it from the "just painted" stage and knocks it back to be more realistic and given your scenario on it's age it looks right. I can't wait to see those missiles on it. They remind me of kind of a "Buck Rogers" type thing and that's the 1939 films!!!
  21. Statement from the CEO of Boeing hitting the news this morning. http://www.boeing.com/commercial/737max/737-max-update.page#/message
  22. That does look far too pink. Probably down to the photography. They have one on display at the British Heritage Motor Museum, and in the flesh (pardon the pun) it's more like the famous Corsair "Salmon". Google "Pink SAS Land Rover" and the images show many shades even on the same vehicle.
  23. Wasn't this entitled "Is WNW near the end of it's run" or similar to start with ? I thought it was settled quite early on that it isn't. Maybe changing the title is a good way of keeping a thread going when it's past it's sell-by date ?
  24. ........and a 4 gun turret to do the rare Mk V.
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