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  1. Thread I did some time back Nick. I finished off with dunking in Future but you can still get a good result using polishing pastes after sanding/buffing. Toothpaste works very well too. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/30048-removing-canopy-seams/
  2. My post above was a friendly and constructive suggestion to avoid unnecessary posting as in it being the online equivalent of you are wasting your breath because the members aren't on here anymore. As regards crticising "everything" you post then I have no idea what you are on about. I posted in a recent topic where you gave legal advice which wasn't right and all I did was to clarify the legal position which I am sure you would agree is important. I find your reaction to my post above rather strange and the comment telling me to "leave my attitude at home" pretty bewildering also. I do not have an "attitude" on here and your comment in that regard, in my opinion is rude and unnecessary. I am not a mod on here so I cannot delete your post above.
  3. Good thing to do is hover your cursor over the members name and it will show when they were last online. Nearly 2 years in Eric's case and the rest are more than that apart from December last year in one case. Might save posting in the future..............
  4. Yep. My reference was to the "genre" of film animation and cartoons in general and to the contribution they have made to the English language.
  5. Who was that then? Walt Disney?.......................................Yabbadee, yabbadee, yabadeee......That's all folks! Naaaa, cat's already out of the bag on this one. Might have to just rely on the Lancaster thread for your WNW fix for the time being............................
  6. I see what you did there Pup Planting the seed so it ends up morphing into another "Peter Jackson's brain...WNW" thread ??? As Kev says, some very nice interwar stuff already available from the likes of Silver Wings.
  7. But Jennings, you are assuming people are going to build this as a "new" aircraft with all glossy paint fresh from the factory ? Maybe some will but I anticipate most will build it with a decent bit of weathering as a veteran of combat. Just one thing on this oil canning thing. Why wasn't there the same concern/discussion with the 1/24 Airfix Typhoons which also have it ?
  8. This is going from thread creep to potentially yet another "me want" saga.
  9. Congratulations! Have to say I didn't notice you were gone though............................................
  10. I think you meant to say Criminal Deception as in S15. If someone sets up a website or whatever with no intention of sending goods and obtaining property(the money) by deception then it's not pecuniary advantage. Pecuniary advantage was/is designed for when no material gain is made. The most common usage in normal day to day policing was against people doing a runner after a cab ride. Of course most of it it has been superseded by the Fraud Act of 2006 which included an offence of obtaining a service by deception. But the OP is in the US so local legislation needs to be looked at. The fact that one kit was actually sent out would make a criminal prosecution unlikely as you have to prove intention to deceive/defraud on day one. More likely to be dealt with as a civil debt/dispute dealt with by civil courts in the UK at least.
  11. The WNW "cult" ? I think it has definitely achieved "cult" status for some. Not necessarily a bad thing as most cults are benign but there's a very good vid by a guy called John Cadogan who is a straight-talking Aussie car guy who has a Yootoob channel. He did one called "Tesla Cult" for the Tesla car company. To start with he defines "cult" and "faith" (not in the religious sense) and if you look at some of the "predictions" on here we definitely have a few paid up members of the WNW "cult". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6GeHnMwl1c
  12. All of these are real - no CGI in those days. Can't see any nose guns on these either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8rwDiAXKfY
  13. Oh here we go......................................cue yet another "me want" thread. If it happens, I'm blaming you...........totally!
  14. My thoughts also. It's now on here in the Uk and I watched the first episode (of 6) the other night. I think if people haven't seen the original film then they may be ok with it. Personally, I found it pretty dull. I'll give the second episode a go but maybe stretching it out over 6 hours will water it down a bit too much for me. The original film is one of my all time favourites but apart from Clooney in a cameo role (Orson Wells in the film) the rest of the cast are pretty much unknown to me. Maybe the characters will grow a bit as the series goes on so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for the time being.
  15. The A320 maybe a 30 year old design but the next generation A321XLR is taking sales at the Paris show right now. https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/airbus-single-aisle-long-range-plane-scli-intl/index.html Bad news for Boeing too with no new orders in 2 months. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/06/17/business/airbus-paris-air-show-boeing/index.html I personally am not a supporter of either manufacturer but some of the anti-Airbus slights and snipes are getting tiresome. Boeing needs to get it's act together or it's place in the small airliner market is going to go. I love the irony of criticising one manufacturer for updating a 30 year old design yet another does the same with a 50+ year old design. 5000 orders for the 737Max? It proves good business sense to keep updating designs that are sound rather than the time and cost of a completely new aircraft.
  16. If you can get it the Mastercasters Mk22/24 cockpit set is very good. As said, the Iconicair front end is also another must have. Freightdog set is pretty comprehensive too.
  17. Title says 1/35 scale. I think 1/1 scale might be a wee bit furry on a scale model.
  18. Oh if you must!!! Were you there for the engine failure on the Norwegian A/c . There was a you tube vid but can't find it now. Superb landing on one prop.
  19. Group Captain James Stagg was RAF and he was a Scottish person. There is currently a play running (parts of which were included in the celebration at Portsmouth posted above) about him convincing Ike there would be a weather window on the 6th June despite others advice to the contrary. He was proved right and the rest as they say is history.
  20. Pretty moving services at the cemetaries this morning as well. Good vid of the Dakotas at Duxford yesterday loading the paratroopers for the Normandy drops.
  21. It's a very big event over here. Yesterday there was an event in Portsmouth to coincide with the day the troops left to arrive in the early hours of the 6th June. Massed parachute drops into Normandy using both C47's and modern aircraft including a couple of veterans jumping in tandem with the British Red devils Parachute Regiment display team and the US Para display team. Plus a lot more going on today. You tube has plenty of stuff including the C47's at Duxford and the new British War memorial unviled this morning.
  22. Do you want board games or bored games? If it's you and the GF in a tent then how about Twister? You wouldn't get bored. Might need a bigger tent though.
  23. For goodness sake. Just stop the bickering and give this thread a rest. It's done, over, finished.
  24. Self moderation is something we do every day in the real world. In our interactions with other people. Unfortunately, in the online world it seems that self moderation is a concept that a minority are either unwilling or unable to grasp.
  25. The first topic on that subject was given plenty of leeway. People were warned several times but some still felt they knew better so eventually it was locked and quite rightly so. Given the history and seeing the same subject being resurrected again, it was not surprising that the same arguments were there in the first few posts. I could understand concerns if the mods were locking topics up all the time but they don't, it's very, very rare.
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