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  1. Dave T

    Heinkel He219 A-0

    nice build any idea what parts they changed / added ?
  2. Dave T

    Airfix 1/24th Hurricane MkIc

    gosh that's lovely
  3. Dave T

    1/24 Razorbacks

    any news on this 1/24 sheet ?
  4. Dave T

    1/24 Razorbacks

    any idea when they'll be available to purchase ?
  5. ...what he said, i need one as well please
  6. Dave T

    1/24 Razorbacks

    Your gonna do Snafu ? put me down for a set Also do you still have the bubble top decals done previously ?
  7. any thoughts on the Bandai one guys ?
  8. Dave T

    Echelon's Hawker Hunter T-bird

    Bill, I just picked up one of these Echelon kits, but i will be grafting it onto a Revell Hunter. Mine came with two perspex sets, but both are more yellow than yours, in fact they'd put the Beatles submarine to shame for their yellowness. I have asked Paul Fisher very nicely if i can purchase one of his sets of glazing. Likewise Frank also sent me decals for both Hunters and Lightning approx 20yrs ago, so give me a shout if you need anything. Will be watching this one with interest.....
  9. Dave T

    1/24 AH-64D Apache

    Has this been released in any other country prior to this ? (eg: in Russia DeAgonstini has a 1/16 T-72 part work)
  10. Dave T

    1/24 AH-64D Apache

    This caught my eye in the newsagents, a 1/24 scale Apache Longbow. Anybody seen or know more.....? https://www.deagostini.com/uk/collections/build-apache-helicopter/?gclid=CNyf57S5jcwCFUL2cgodT3MIQQ
  11. Dave T

    Revell 1/24th UH1-B Gunship

    Jim, I'm also looking for Huey info. Specifically i am trying to find out (hopefully with photo's as well) each of the nine issues of the big Huey what the decal options & markings are. As Scalemates timeline doesn't really go into that sort of detail. What is your box-art, decal sheet and placement options in your kit please...? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/467299-revell-04905-bell-uh-1-huey
  12. Dave T

    Trump Me 262B-1

    Kev, I've taken some photo's. Can you PM me your email so i can send direct for you to edit, crop, upload etc...etc....
  13. Dave T

    Trump Me 262B-1

    sorry guys, i didn't know the Revell kit was fresh cut metal moulds. Kev, i have the Hasegawa high grade 262B. They have you cut away the upper rear fuselage of the single seat kit, will post some pic's of the content differences if required.
  14. Dave T

    Trump Me 262B-1

    Kev, Revell ? Why don't you go for the middle ground and get the Hasegawa ?
  15. Dave T

    1/24 Huey conversions ?

    Great read thanks, but do you know of a similar article for UH-1B/C versus the longer D ?