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  1. RAAF sperry auto pilot nose bulge by any chance ?
  2. Peter, I would like to order a 1/16 Natter. How do i do so please ? .
  3. Model Monkey, please can you do an RAAF Beaufighter sperry auto-pilot bulge for the nose please ?
  4. they are finally gonna introduce a spares service ???
  5. well ok, but i can only speak as i find, i've never had an issue ordering spares... in fact from any company. Only exception being Hong Kong models who have no after sales service
  6. I have ordered many times from Volks service, especially when i recently shattered my Horton wing parts, upgraded my Do-335 kit to the 2-seater version and only the other day, extra sprues to make a 2nd Toryu from the 1.5 kits you get in the box .
  7. yes ZM sell the extra sprues, i posted in another thread recently how to do this and roughly which ones you need. i recently received what i ordered, with shipping to UK the extra prop, engine, wingspar, u/c sprues came to 5,400Yn (approx $48USD) with 3-day shipping of 4,100Yn (approx $36USD). Ordering is simple, just email Volks service at either their Japan or US address. Depending on what you are trying to achieve (for example the kit already has more than one canopy option), i ordered the following....... E runner x2 (900Yn) ɪ runner x1 (1,200Yn) J runner x1 (600Yn) P runner x1 (600Yn) Q runner x1 (600Yn) T runner x1 (600Yn) .
  8. What is the external differences between a TBF-1C and a TBM-3 Avenger ? specifically Trumpeter's 1/32 examples
  9. Easy, just buy a few more sprues (eg: main framework, u/c) and build another
  10. Rick, do you need a copy of the instructions ? you can now download them direct from ZM's website; thus.... http://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/download.html#dl_sws13 .
  11. yeh, basically prop's and u/c.... although naturally depends how far you wanna go. Build and detail with the clear airframe, then use solid parts, second canopy etc... to make the 2nd version and decals in the kit
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