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  1. That's the way all lawsuits work. Sue the company, one person gets rich and the company recoups the money from their customers/employees. Every time. Dave
  2. One comment about prethinned paints. I wholeheartedly agree they are easy but one reason it is done is it is more profitable. The cheapest part of a paint is the thinner so by pre-thinning, they are adding the cheapest ingredient (plus it is easier to use). One of the largest paint companies I used to work for had a standard rule. Once the paint was done being checked for quality, thin it to just above the bottom of specification - it increases the amount you can sell by adding water or solvent Dave
  3. So, is this stuff even safe considering there is no info as to what's in it Dave
  4. Or 15 minutes of sanding. Pass on the Revell kit. Trumpeter is just fine Dave
  5. Amen to anything Tom Cleaver related. No respect for him at all Dave
  6. Two reasons. First, while this group of people worldwide is devout 1/32 fans, many don't do them because they are either simply too large to display or too expensive to buy. Second, when Academy made their lovely 1/32 F-18, the tooling costs alone exceeded $1MM and with a limited market and reissues, that is a lot of money to get back especially with resellers, etc. Dave
  7. Or a B-26. Lancaster is cool but too much dollars for minimal interest (to me) Dave
  8. That looks like a lot of fun and you can paint it up any way you want Nice Dave
  9. I'll stick with the Trumpeter. Better kit to me as far as fit. Rivets...simply don't care Dave
  10. Kickstarter is very common process with figure models but large and small. This is very nice too. May have to indulge Dave
  11. Looks good to me. Two little swipes will round it off more than enough Great pics BTW Dave
  12. Don't care. Not one little bit. Accuracy is a waste of time and eliminates the fun for me Dave
  13. We supplied lot sof design drawings to a company plus research, blueprints, etc. We will see if they follow through on a B-26 Dave
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