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  1. Two reasons. First, while this group of people worldwide is devout 1/32 fans, many don't do them because they are either simply too large to display or too expensive to buy. Second, when Academy made their lovely 1/32 F-18, the tooling costs alone exceeded $1MM and with a limited market and reissues, that is a lot of money to get back especially with resellers, etc. Dave
  2. Or a B-26. Lancaster is cool but too much dollars for minimal interest (to me) Dave
  3. That looks like a lot of fun and you can paint it up any way you want Nice Dave
  4. I'll stick with the Trumpeter. Better kit to me as far as fit. Rivets...simply don't care Dave
  5. Kickstarter is very common process with figure models but large and small. This is very nice too. May have to indulge Dave
  6. Looks good to me. Two little swipes will round it off more than enough Great pics BTW Dave
  7. Don't care. Not one little bit. Accuracy is a waste of time and eliminates the fun for me Dave
  8. We supplied lot sof design drawings to a company plus research, blueprints, etc. We will see if they follow through on a B-26 Dave
  9. From the pics above the sprue shots before, looks good to me. And face it, we build representations of the real thing, not the real thing. They don't fly so for me, close is good enough and thankfully, maybe, it will actually show up (but you never know) Dave
  10. Out of that list, the only one I would vastly miss is Eduard. The rest, no interest but glad for those that do Dave
  11. I like the kit. Obscureco did some really nice parts for it- propeller and new landing gear covers. There is a Waldron placard set too along with the stuff mentioned above Dave
  12. Joel: I may or may not have an extra Concepts book for the kit, I'll look tonight. its yours if you want it and I have it. Got a bunch from ZM when the kit first came out Dave
  13. Matt: Are those sink marks or glue marks? I have had the same problem using liquid glues where everything is smooth and when the glue goes on, it softens spots and causes them to look like sink marks. Had problems with Tenex doing this as it is so aggressive (and I use too much of it) Dave
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