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  1. Here's a good article too on Alclad (and aluminum foil too) http://famecities.com/2013/07/natural-metal-by-ed-kinney-and-larry-davis/ Dave
  2. He won't. They will not change their decals. They have traditionally been thick and that's just the way it was, is and more than likely will be. FWIW, I haev never had an issue with them conforming BUT they are thick Dave
  3. I agree...the ICM kits have have built and maybe at best average. Nice choice of subjects but very average in fit and detail. And Lukagraph, to me, has zero interesting planes Dave
  4. I supplied Neil tons of info on a particular plane several years ago so I hop that is it but time will tell. Love all the speculation Dave
  5. Reminds me of the old Moskit exhausts from yesteryear- very nice Dave
  6. Thanks to all. I don't find the Squadron thing that mystifying as we all tend to be the "hardcore" modelers who look around and know more details. Squadron caters to the ones less knowing and more into quick purchases, etc. which make up the majority of the modelers. (People that build a kit when they feel like it or are interested) And yes- its stupid to sell one but I assume it was done due to cost attracting people Dave
  7. Is it this one? https://www.squadron.com/Martin-Baker-Mk-H-7-Ejection-Seat-p/tdp32902.htm I did notice when they have multiples, they say "seats" and single "seat". They are nice but pricey as people said Then again, what kits and things aren't anymore Dave Dave
  8. Sprue Brothers have them: https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/aca12118-os.htm Not cheap but they do list as in stock Lucky Model appears to OOS Dave
  9. Completely correct. In my case, could care less about accuracy so bring it on. Looks like the plane so I am good. Got over my AMS years ago Dave
  10. That's the way all lawsuits work. Sue the company, one person gets rich and the company recoups the money from their customers/employees. Every time. Dave
  11. One comment about prethinned paints. I wholeheartedly agree they are easy but one reason it is done is it is more profitable. The cheapest part of a paint is the thinner so by pre-thinning, they are adding the cheapest ingredient (plus it is easier to use). One of the largest paint companies I used to work for had a standard rule. Once the paint was done being checked for quality, thin it to just above the bottom of specification - it increases the amount you can sell by adding water or solvent Dave
  12. So, is this stuff even safe considering there is no info as to what's in it Dave
  13. Or 15 minutes of sanding. Pass on the Revell kit. Trumpeter is just fine Dave
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