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What are we actually missing in 1/32?


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Big question :) maybe a big answer.. my thing is props, so I look at a subject and a production probability - for example:


Do335 - HK confirmed within 3 months?


Lancaster - HK confirmed within 6 months?


DH Mosquito new tool - HK within 12 months?


Do17 - Revell - Poll says do it, will they?


F4U-1D  - Tamiya must follow with F4U-4 in next 6 months?


F6F Tigercat - please, please, someone said HpH will with 100 commitments?


Blenheim - tumbleweed, zip, zilch?


A20 /Boston - tumbleweed, zip, zilch - ZM should do a full on inside out build?


B26 Marauder - should be HK as has 'history & provenance' in this space?


HP Halifax - not HK so who?


Wellington - Boystown (ahem, double ahem, yes indeedy)?


Fairey Firefly - tumbleweed, zip, zilch?


Times are great for us and the future is exciting (kit rich & cash poor.... ahem) :ninja: just wish I knew what was coming. Only asking as there are still some obvious airframes that have yet to be kitted in 1/32 and wondered what you guys & girls want and what you know?


yes a B36 would be interesting, and to be honest so would a VC10, but real world I still think there are a number of commercial propositions we should whet our appetite for and any expression of interest counts in the online world (if only among us..) :wub:




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From a WWII perspective - because that's all I build - aside from a few obvious missing entries like a B-24 Liberator, a Curtiss Helldiver, A26/B26, some updated versions of the stuff left over from the 70s and 80s, I personally would like to see more aircraft from countries other than the U.S., Germany, and the U.K. I for one would like to see more Japanese planes, especially non-fighters and twin-engines at least. As far as commercial propositions go what may not seem commercially viable in the U.S.A. may not be true in other countries. Don't the Russians or Italians want 1/32 kits of all their aircraft? What about the fact you can just about make a "Battle of Britain" themed display with available kits but I doubt the same is true for Pearl Harbor or Midway?



Ultimately, though, 3-D printing could make this whole issue of what kits will ever get made go away.

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FWIW, I've suggested both the Tigercat and the Westland Whirlwind to HK Models, as they're still keen to pursue the WW2 twins market. At this stage anything that fits that description is probably under consideration - the consideration being, will it sell?



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LaGGs 3 & 5; La-5, -5FN, -7, Yaks 1, 3, 7, & 9. Silver Wings answered my prayers on the Gladiator & CR.42, but I have a hard time spending that kind of cash on a single model, let alone one that seems difficult to order and pay for. Although I like PCM kits and have two of their 190s, it certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings if Hasegawa released anything A-2 to A-4. A P-40B/C and P-51B/C would be nice, it would relieve me of the urge to bite my fingernails when I look at the Trumpeters in my stash. A big, modern Beaufighter would be nifty, too. Reality dictates that I should just stop fretting and build my Hasegawa Hellcats... it doesn't seem that anyone intends to do a new one after Trumpeter's toady looking beasts. On that note, I'll never understand how they could do such a great job on their MiG-3 and Me-262, then do jacked up kits of several other more easily measured aircraft. I mean, there must be thirty Hellcats out there to measure and photograph. In fact, whatever hits the market next I care more that it's close to correct rather than a particular subject- I'm getting tired of buying $75 kits that require a thousand hours of corrective scratch building and another $150 worth of aftermarket. It's giving me the friggin' thousand yard stare whenever I sit at the bench... and then I'm more likely to build a 1/48th Monogram Tomahawk that I bought for 3 bucks at a hobby show. :frantic:

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A decent Hurricane - either mega cheap from Revell, or über kit from Tamiya


A 'better' Spitfire MkV - maybe that follows from the forthcoming Revell kit?

Spitfire Vc would be good






Short Sunderland....


Ok the hallucinogenics have now kicked in, so I'd better stop!



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Like they said:

Saabs of all varieties are definitely wanted, how many will Derek get done? I could build every nationally marked Draken, and all sorts of Viggens, given enough cash and time....


He said "Pete" and any floatplane would be nice, but that one is really fine.


If only Paul (Fisher) makes a few Shrikes I would definitely do that A-8 in camouflage. Is anyone crazy enough to do a Martin B-10?


I am in total agreement with those that would love to see the B-26 and B-24's from HK or anyone else, even with the variations that would confuse the issues.


Hopefully Silverwings keep at the 30's stuff and between them and HPH we can find even the obscure Polish and Czech aircraft. Can you imagine a Karas? Nice. Who else gives us a Letov S-328 and Avia B-534? Beautiful planes.


There is a feeling of Christmas every month it seems, and I love it.



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