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  1. Here 's my last product. This kit is correct and of course we could enhance some parts as we want. My sources to make my kit are mainly: French magazine Wing master n°44 Heinkel He 162: From Drawing Board to Destruction: the Volksjager Spatz Classic Publications / Ian Allan Publishing and a french web site http://memorial.flight.free.fr/He162.html The paint are for the camo RLM 76.....Gunze 417 RLM 82.....Tamiya XF 26 RLM 81.....Gunze 421 Well , I hope you like See you for a next one....
  2. you can see mine here... lot of work ... http://master194.com/maquettes/skiner/typhoon/index.htm
  3. Wow a Masterpiece Sure.... great work!!!
  4. I don't like the DO 335 but your work on this kit is really nice
  5. C'est vrai qu'il est chouette..... Right really "pretty"!
  6. Good technic ....but for me it 's really too much, the galland's Emil wasn't so "chippind"....
  7. Nice one .... But two questions... F8 or F9? With paddle blades?
  8. Wowwww a master piece!!!! What tamiya paint did you use?
  9. Nice paint job.... and finally nice Hurri...
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