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  1. Russian fighter in 1/32 Lavotchkin and Yak familly specialy for me a La 5FN and Yak 9T
  2. Wow, wow, wow.... stunning work and So beautiful work
  3. Nice starting... If you want some help you should to see http://memorial.flight.free.fr/He162.html......
  4. Wowww, two George!!!! Very nice works and the weathering please me
  5. Lavotchine and Yak serie will be great for me...
  6. Wow wow wow Your work is very impressive..... love it
  7. Bien vu le Yak de Delphino qu as tu utilsé comme peinture? Well done Delphino's Yak.... what's kind of paint did you used?
  8. Nice nice job.... Could you tell me what kind of grass in your dio?
  9. Wow.... Nice job and great plane tooo
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