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  1. Squadron seems to have it in stock now: https://www.squadron.com/ICM-1-32-I-16-Type-24-WWII-Soviet-Fighter-p/icm32001.htm But I haven't really seen it anywhere else other than eBay...
  2. That's HPH with the Lanc and Me323, not HKM, who have brought you B25's, B17's, Mossies, etc. and hopefully a P-51B and Me110G
  3. I went ahead and ordered one - not at all worried with the PayPal guarantee and it will be fun to see what turns up (if anything).
  4. I think they ban people who do things like this...
  5. Yeah, but that is kind of annoying to have the price set purposely $.01 below the better discount break.
  6. Congrats on getting this one finished, looks great!
  7. The 110's spent a lot of time in depot maintenance, I guess from getting shot down do much, lol, and as you've uncovered in your research, could have a number of different cockpit color options, based on what they did at the depot when repairing the airframe to bring it up to current specs. However, your options seem a little off, they should be: RLM 02 throughout the cockpit RLM 66 pilots cockpit, and RLM 02 rear area RLM 66 pilots cockpit, and lower RLM 02/upper RLM66 rear area RLM 66 throughout the cockpit I've seen no evidence of an RLM 02 pilots cockpit and RLM 66 rear area, but that's not to say it did not exist somewhere at sometime. The reason for these options is the RLM orders which changed the cockpit color from RLM 02 to RLM 66 in Nov 1941. So an airframe built with an all RLM 02 cockpit would get an interior paint job at the depot when it went there for repairs. Some seem to have interpreted the order to be just the pilots area needing to be RLM 66, and others the whole area. For those thinking the whole area, some just did the upper half of the rear area in RLM 66, and left the bottom in RLM 02, as the regulation applied to something to the effect of "areas visible though the canopies" so I guess they thought that would be good enough.
  8. Looks like they are $119.99 + shipping to US, which seems to be about $19.52 extra, minus the $6 coupon for a grand total of $133.51 shipped. Is there a secret coupon that makes them cheaper than that?
  9. There are two late-war greens, a light/bright green and a dark green. It should be RLM 83 dark green with the RLM 75, but depending on whose paint your using it could be RLM 82 or RLM 83. This is because for many years RLM 82 was thought to be the dark green and RLM 83 was thought to be the light/bright green. A few years back new research showed this was reversed, and RLM 82 was bright/light green, and RLM 83 was dark green. So, depending on when the paint manufacturer made their paint formula, it could be either. The key is to make sure it's the one listed as dark green or dunkel grun. It looks like you've got the right green color on your tail planes in the pics above. Hope this helps!
  10. Will you be stocking the I.A.R. 80 kit when it is released Radu?
  11. If its a gray/green upper scheme, then it should be RLM 75 (gray violet) rather than the RLM 74 (dark grey). Looking good, looking forward to more! Doug
  12. Looks like you're off to a great start! Doug
  13. Yes, the whole tail does move, but you do need to fill the join line near the elevators, as there is no panel line there on the real thing (although one does appear on several drawings). Kit parts assembled: After filling the join line that should not be there: And a pic of the real thing as proof: The rotation is indeed of the whole tail, not just the horizontal stab kit part - but also the section behind the kit join line - as seen here where the lighter RLM 02 section has been exposed:
  14. Same experience here, probably the worst kit I've seen in 1/32. Also add in oval tires, oval engines, mismatched surface details, etc - however the OP's kit does look a lot better than the one I was sent. Good job getting your kit almost done David, looking forward to seeing it completed!
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