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  1. Is this a new tool or a rebox of the old Renwal kit? The Renwal kit was fairly decent build. I have it finished and two Nike Ajax kits waiting for the desk. I might have to pick this up! -Ro
  2. I picked up the USS Monitor from this company recently. It's my first kit from this company. While it's not an aircraft, it's relevant to say that so far I am totally unimpressed. The fits are on the horrible side, there's a lot of cleanup needed, the injection locations are in odd and rather bad places, and, well....yeah... Not impressed at all. Maybe their aircraft are better? -Ro
  3. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this before but the D version of the 24 has a set of turrets in it for the J - but this set is not frosted like the original J version turrets were from HB. They still have the seam but no frosting. I can use them on my J (unless someone comes out with a better, non-seamed set!). -Ro
  4. I'd like two full sets as I have both the D and J. -Ro
  5. I agree with several people here - A Martin B-26 Marauder, please! We have 1/32 17's, 24's and 25's now. It's the next logical step (need). -Ro
  6. All, I am sure some of you have seen this before but, for reference: The guns on this are the Profimodeler set. Overall I think they looked pretty decent but seemed a bit long in places. Of note: These guns are brass. The technique I use to paint metal is first airbrushing it with a coat of Future floor polish (it's going by a different name these days). Then I apply whatever paint over it. I find the acrylic polish grips the metal/brass well. The overcoat was metalizer paint that was slightly buffed. I used the same techniques on the metal landing gear set
  7. I built the Special Hobby P-39D that came out about 10 years ago - Nips Nemesis II/Doc McGee's plane. Turned out my dad knew him and the plane! They served together in New Guinea! The kit is fairly decent but I remember the front landing gear bay assembly instructions being weird and something about the air intakes being reversed. Not a bad kit but it has a couple issues. Nothing someone with some experience building couldn't overcome. -Ro
  8. Just out of curiosity, has anyone built anything from this company (Mikro-Mir)? Just curious as to their quality. About a week ago I came across a brand new release from them - the USS Monitor - that I purchased as I've always been interested in this ship and most previous releases of it were rather terrible. Yes. I am talking ships here in airplane world so forgive me...just curious about the company and their products. Never heard of them before last week. -Ro
  9. Interesting. I didn't have a problem with those rocker covers though it did take me nearly two weeks to build the engines. It was a slow process. LOL! -Ro
  10. I don't know if I'll pick up another one of these or not. I have the strafer version in the stash. I built the original glass nose version. It's an awesome kit! Highly recommend. If anyone is pondering this and has never built this kit before, it's definitely worth it! -Ro If anyone's interested, here's my build:
  11. Normally I'm mostly a WWII kinda guy. The X-3 was the first model I ever built. Well...sort of built. My dad bought one and asked if I wanted to build a model with him (it was his first model too). This was 52 years ago when I was 7. It was the Lindberg 1/48 release. But this is the exact model that got me interested in building models! Obviously I'm still doing it. I just might have to get this..... -Ro
  12. Thanks for the info guys! Appreciate it! Do you happen to know where I might get masks for airbrushing appropriately sized tail numbers for a 1/32 B-17E? Thanks again! -Ro
  13. Hi All! This might be posted in the wrong section here but I am doing some research on B-17E's early in WWII. Does anyone know what the size of the serial numbers were on the tail of the aircraft? I've come across some info that says 18" and some that says 24" - and some that says it varied quite a bit. Anyone have any info? Thanks! -Ro
  14. Troy, A B-26 Marauder is WAY overdue! I'd probably build two or three of them at least! I wish HK would put one out to go along with their awesome B-25's. Built three of them! -Ro
  15. I'd go with a 1/32 B-29 - but only AFTER a Martin B-26 Marauder! We have the 17, the 24 and 25. It's time for a 26!! My $0.02. -Ro
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