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  1. I'd go with a 1/32 B-29 - but only AFTER a Martin B-26 Marauder! We have the 17, the 24 and 25. It's time for a 26!! My $0.02. -Ro
  2. I really wish HKM would do a Martin B-26 Marauder! I've built a couple of their B-25's. They were really awesome kits! I have their B-17e/f and G. I'd love a B-26!!! -Ro
  3. Hi Iain! Nice review! I picked one of these up, too! Going to start it soon. Question: You mentioned the much needed nose weight.... but how much weight is needed to make it sit properly? Thanks! -Ro
  4. I can't say I agree or disagree with most of this. However, I can say seeing another P-51, Me-109, FW-190, etc coming out actually kinda turns me off to this hobby. Blah blah blah. This is like Hollywood these days; nothing but remakes. Besides, I've built a number of them over the 50+ years I've been building models. I want something new that I haven't been able to build in 1/32 scale before. For me, personally, my next dream kit is a Martin B-26 Marauder. I've done the new 1/32 17's, 24 and 25's, a Mossy and a Lanc. I would like to continue the large scale bombers with a B-26 - and then an A-20, A-26 and even a B-29 (I have already drawn up blueprints for the additional hangar I'd need to add to my house for this one!). I'd bet a B-26 would sell rather well, along with an A-26, all things considered. For that matter, I'd love a nice Wellington, too! But for me, right now, please. a B-26! Beyond that - we also need some of the obvious but somehow totally overlooked in 1/32 to go along with the reams and reams of 47's, 51's, 109's and 190's: Namely a Val, a Kate and even a Dinah, followed by a nice Betty. Just my own $0.02. -Ro
  5. Yes. A B-26 Marauder is the next logical large scale. We now have a 17, a 24, a 25 and a Lanc (they're here, regardless of accuracy). It's time for the Marauder (well past it if you ask me!). We don't need another 51, 109 or 190! Puhlease! Enough already! That being said, there is a whole line of things almost completely missing too - a Kate, A Val, a Dinah, etc... -Ro
  6. I emailed them last week and asked about getting replacement, non-frosted turrets for this kit. The asked for my name and mailing address and said they'd send something. I have no idea what that something is - but I am expecting to receive a package from them. I'll let you all know what said package reveals.... LOL! -Ro
  7. Is anyone making a weight insert for this to keep it upright or did I miss it in the thread? Thanks! -Ro
  8. link to order: https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/internal-undercarriage-set-for-hobby-boss-b-24-liberator -Ro
  9. I'm perfectly fine with the HK B-17's. Have both the e/f and g. Great kits! So are the B-25's. But before we get anything else we NEED a Martin B-26 Marauder! -Ro
  10. As far as how nice it would be.... A 1/32 Martin B-26 Marauder would be awesome! It would compliment my 1/32 17's, 24 and 25's. While I understand a good P-51B is needed, I'm quite done with all the various fighters. It's time for some heavier stuff in 1/32!! -Ro
  11. Mike - Let us know what you find out! This is one of the moderns I'd like to build! -Ro
  12. Ok, gotta ask: What scale? Is this for the new HB 1/32 B-24? If so. I want one -Ro
  13. Rowen

    1/32 B-29?

    No B-29 until someone gives us a nice injection mold 1/32 Martin B-26 Marauder! It's next in line anyway! That being said, would I buy and build a 1/32 B-29? Absolutely! -Ro
  14. 41 pages of commentary on this beast - yet no one has mentioned how much weight (and where to put it) the model will need so it will not be a tail sitter (unless I missed it?)??? -Ro
  15. One wonders: HB actually announced two of these kits - a D and J model. I wonder if maybe they'll fix the wing issue in the D version? Just a thought. Probably not... -Ro
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