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  1. Is anyone making a weight insert for this to keep it upright or did I miss it in the thread? Thanks! -Ro
  2. link to order: https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/internal-undercarriage-set-for-hobby-boss-b-24-liberator -Ro
  3. I'm perfectly fine with the HK B-17's. Have both the e/f and g. Great kits! So are the B-25's. But before we get anything else we NEED a Martin B-26 Marauder! -Ro
  4. As far as how nice it would be.... A 1/32 Martin B-26 Marauder would be awesome! It would compliment my 1/32 17's, 24 and 25's. While I understand a good P-51B is needed, I'm quite done with all the various fighters. It's time for some heavier stuff in 1/32!! -Ro
  5. Mike - Let us know what you find out! This is one of the moderns I'd like to build! -Ro
  6. Ok, gotta ask: What scale? Is this for the new HB 1/32 B-24? If so. I want one -Ro
  7. Rowen

    1/32 B-29?

    No B-29 until someone gives us a nice injection mold 1/32 Martin B-26 Marauder! It's next in line anyway! That being said, would I buy and build a 1/32 B-29? Absolutely! -Ro
  8. 41 pages of commentary on this beast - yet no one has mentioned how much weight (and where to put it) the model will need so it will not be a tail sitter (unless I missed it?)??? -Ro
  9. One wonders: HB actually announced two of these kits - a D and J model. I wonder if maybe they'll fix the wing issue in the D version? Just a thought. Probably not... -Ro
  10. I'm not sure as I am no B-24 expert - but the Collings Foundation B-24J has been painted in two other schemes (All American and Dragon and it's tail) before they repainted it as Witchcraft a number of years ago. It might have been an effort to make sure the plane was as close to the original as possible (whatever one it was representing at the time). -Ro
  11. I'd totally agree with this! I'm not an IPMS member though I do always go to the local show every March. I know a number of modelers who don't even know what IPMS is (my wife does, though. LOL!). A while back I read an interesting stat - that 90-95% of Tamiya kits remain in and are sold in Japan - yet I see Tamiya kits all over the place (and have most of my life). I'm not sure if this is true or not but if it's even remotely close, Tamiya must manufacture a LOT of kits every year. -Ro
  12. Fred - Are you referring the Collings Foundation B-24 that is currently painted in the Witchcraft markings? If so, no, it's not the original Witchcraft. The original - I believe - was destroyed very shortly after the end of WWII. This one was built in Ft. Worth. -Ro
  13. I definitely agree. The Marauder is one of my favorites. I'd much prefer a decent injection molded kit at a reasonable price. Plus, I'd like a nice line of American bombers to display in my model collection. We have the 17, 24 and 25 in 1/32. It's time for the 26. -Ro
  14. I feel the DEFINITE need - desire?? - to be surprised with this one!! -Ro
  15. Same here. No model is ever going to be 100% precise to the original (precise and accurate are, of course, very different things). I'm waiting for someone to sand down the plastic so that it is scale thickness to the model itself too. If you're gonna be this obsessive over something no one but you will know is wrong, you gotta go all the way! I'll buy and build. It's a model - and we should be supporting those who make us these 1/32 scale products so that we can get more of them - like, say.... a Martin B-26 Marauder.... -Ri
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