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  1. ....you spend hours trying to create something from scratch and after multiple failed attempts, suddenly remember there's an easier way? Let me 'splain. I've been slowly plodding along building a diorama for a friend, of an F6F-3 Hellcat on a carrier deck. I chose to scratch build my own deck so I could create the angle I wanted. In a nutshell, the aircraft has just reached the flight deck via elevator, wings still folded, tow motor and crew standing by to hook up. I purchased photo etch tie down strips, but decided I wanted real depth, so I built the channels up with styrene, marked the center and started to remove material. After I chewed enough of them up terribly, I pulled them and resigned myself to trying again. Then it hit me. All this creative energy going in to making channel strips for my tie downs and EVERGREEN MAKES STYRENE CHANNEL!!!!!!! Oof. So off to the hobby shop I go.....
  2. And for that, I am eternally grateful. I served from 85-94, and quite a few of my senior NCOs and officers had served in Vietnam. When we returned from Desert Storm the reception was overwhelming to many of us. By then I had been on quite a few deployments and never had more than some family or friends at Pope AFB waiting. This time it seemed the entire state was there! The most touching thing, to me, was to see my brigade commander, a Colonel who served 3 tours in Vietnam, tear up as our Sergeant Major said "it's been a long time coming, but welcome home sir."
  3. Much respect for your brother. I'm a combat vet myself, so I can relate to his not wanting to talk about it. I would think, if nothing else, the series might give a greater understanding of what he was struggling with and what circumstances put him in that position. I think, although it might be bittersweet to see him on screen, it might also be an opportunity to understand now what your 7 year old mind couldn't comprehend then.
  4. I saw the pictures fine. But I also had my eyes open....
  5. Beautiful job! I love the weathering! I'm currently, (slowly), working on one for a friend as well as a scratch built carrier deck base. Did you build the base, or buy a commercial one? The idea of scratch building the deck tie down anchoring strips does not appeal to me. Although I'm capable of it if need be, I'd prefer to find some pre-made ones in resin or photo etch.
  6. Has anyone yet theorized that this same "carpet/flooring monster" could also be related to the one that steals one sock from the clothes dryer?
  7. No worries DrDave. I found that by standing on my head, I was able to see the posts just fine! FWIW-I initially read the topic as a misspelling of "drawings". Took me 2 re-reads to realize it was "Dora/wings" I think I need more coffee.....
  8. I probably answered this back in 2012BC (Before Corona ), but in essence, I build outside the "norm" or popular subjects. With a few exceptions, my aircraft tend to gravitate towards things like the Hs129, P-39, most anything Italian and most Soviet. I build very few jets unless I love them which basically is the A-10, F-4, and F-14. I guess I have a thing for the ugly and the beasts! My armor is similar. I built all the popular stuff in my teens, so now I gravitate towards the more obscure subjects for dioramas. Halftracks, US tank destroyers, Italian armor, German armored cars, etc... I do try to build what Italian equipment I can find in my chosen scales, but mostly because it's unique and rarely ever represented.
  9. But who's lunchtime? Will that be the 9th in Australia, or here in New York? Will the Joker get away with it? Are the Caped Crusaders doomed? Tune in tomorrow....
  10. Not I, but the post I replied to. My point was that I trust the admins to control how a thread runs. Off topic, on topic, or anything in between. This is one of the few sites I returned to after a long hiatus strictly because the admins do a great job.
  11. I have to say I agree, yet not, with your statement. I turned my notifications off for every topic years ago. As much as off topic notifications can be annoying, so too can the 4 million speculations based on "I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy". Starting a new thread would be appropriate, but once things start rolling, it can be like a runaway train. Personally, I've learned to control what I can, (notifications or not), and ignore what I can't (the path a thread may take). No disrespect intended, but how a thread is controlled is strictly up to the admins and moderators. The reason I re-activated my profile on this forum, is because the aforementioned admins keep a good, even hand on what happens here. That being said, (and playing devil's advocate), I'd like to think they would have put an end to it.
  12. The faces may be difficult to paint, but a little strip of brown in the seat of the pants would be accurate......
  13. Not only do I plan on remembering it, (I'll be 103), but plan on embellishing it as well
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