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  1. I remember seeing those little buggers at Albrook AFB in Panama first time in 88 and thought they looked innocent enough until I talked to the AF guys. Then realized they had a sting! Had to guard them in 89 so the PDF wouldn't use or damage them
  2. And in reference to John's thread title, I can't even trust my OWN memory, let alone anyone else's!
  3. It's a common thing, I think, among veterans especially. I can tell you my M1025 was painted green, black and dark brown. But my job was to operate and utilize the vehicle, not paint it. That's the paint shops job. I know it took oil, but can't tell you the viscosity. That's the mechanic's job. I knew how to operate the ANVRC-46 radio, but can't tell you more than how to change frequency. But I think as model builders, (especially anal ones like myself ), we strive for accuracy which leads us to know things beyond operation. And honestly, I have to write the crap down or I forget
  4. I know very little and am 3/4 of the way through a history degree, which WAS on campus until this super cooties thing hit. Now I struggle with computers and my classmates, who are in the 19-22yo range, and I trade. I tell them about their history, which is/was my present, and they help me navigate this cyber stuff. When all else fails, threaten to replace their phones with rotary dial and their cars with stick shifts!
  5. Wait...you mean there was more to enjoy than just the links leading nowhere?
  6. I am not going to touch the weapon carry issue. As a wise Command Sergeant Major once said to me, "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig". That being said, as a combat veteran and former LEO, I am ingrained with the sheepdog mentality of protecting those who cannot protect themselves by any means necessary. You did the right thing in intervening, and did the best you could under the circumstances. Try to remind yourself of that and don't beat yourself up over the "what ifs". Believe me, I do that a lot and it's MUCH easier said than done.
  7. Not too difficult really. Many modeling attempts while working above my concrete basement floor in my youth resulted in very similar results due to poor aircraft handling.
  8. I don't know guys....pretty sure the guy on the other side of the cowl is walking up with a blue roll of duct tape...100mph tape & 550 parachute cord can fix everything!
  9. That's the space saving accordion option for shortening the aircraft to store below deck....
  10. I'll say! By the time I found out and looked, they were gone!
  11. I'm still hoping for the M6 service truck and M5 bomb trailer to be made in 1/32. I have the equipment manual and all the specs, as well as an ability to scratch build one. It's the time I lack unfortunately.
  12. I was a 95B with an ASI as Q9 from 85-94, including Just Cause and Desert Shield/Storm. Got out in 94 thanks to recurring injury to my left Achilles. Spent my entire time assigned to the 16MP Bde (ABN) out of Ft. Bragg, NC. Bounced around doing this and that until 2004 and became a DA armed guard finishing my time working the FORSCOM/USARC Hq until 2016 when service connected back issues forced me into an early retirement. Now going to school on the VA's dime and getting a degree in history.
  13. This is fantastic work! On an unrelated topic; curious about your crossed pistols avatar. The US Army insignia for my MOS was crossed pistols.
  14. Nah...they have bouncy tires
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