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  1. None at all. Superb fit and clever engineering. struts were easy. Cabanes to fuselage, then wing on, Then each outer struts pops into its recess as they are springy. You can even plop the wheels in after the spats are painted. Simples. Loads of fun, honestly.
  2. Fluticasone nasal spray is called Flonase in the states and is over the counter
  3. I get a type 4 reaction with allergic rhinitis after using CA. I now use a thick zapagap which is less volatile and put a blob on tape inside the spray booth with the fan on. It’s OK for a bit of work, but I used CA for a resin build once and was ruined.. avoid the thin volatile quick stuff if you can.
  4. https://ibb.co/sRG1GhD https://ibb.co/TPr3XXk https://ibb.co/SX5g6MV https://ibb.co/kJnVv3Z https://ibb.co/mF7ZYQs https://ibb.co/TTm3fjy https://ibb.co/z6j3J27
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