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  1. And a Kate is planned.
  2. http://www.infinitymodels.cz/2020/10/04/aichi-d3a-val-1-32/ after all these years...
  3. “We are mold and plastic products manufacturer, our factory in Guangdong PRC and our head office in Hong Kong. Plastic watch and scale model kitset molds and production are our mainly business. -- We built up website on 2020. -- The high quality of WW1 (World War One) aircraft scale model kitset tooling and production for New Zealand market from 2007. -- 1:35 tank and 1:72 Star War product's model kitset molds and production for Japan market from 2002 -- We are doing plastic watch molds from 1998.”
  4. ICM would usually follow with another version about 2 months after so pre Xmas I reckon.
  5. I got friended on FB by Mingwo, who is working on the WNW Taube molds over in China. Photos on FB as I’m having a problem uploading.
  6. Lukgraph are working on a resin Wapiti and Infinity are doing the IM Wyvern.
  7. Based on what’s selling well and their work in smaller scales, I think we will see a PO2, I15, Heinkel 51 and 70 perhaps and some more interwar RAF stuff- Gauntlet, Fury. I hope the Cr32 is a given. I’d be all over that like a nervous puppy on a newspaper.
  8. Yes on it’s entertainment output and we don’t even have to put up with adverts the licence fee is a bargain just for strictly and gardeners world!
  9. Free UK shipping on two or more.
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