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  1. Latvian, Belgian, Lithuanian, Chinese and Soviet decals are already available. I just got my Belgian and Latvian decals in the post and they look great https://www.lfmodels.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_39_94&sort=20a&page=2&zenid=jh5jo6aoqgoo9amt8ihu07sqc1
  2. Tell us more mate. I’m thinking about one.
  3. For me, the dspiae circle cutter, which is now paying for itself in masks, and the ICM Gladiator, the nicest surprise outstanding well engineered great fitting kit of the year I think.
  4. Keep practicing mate, that’s all it takes. Weather from a photo.
  5. I’ll be doing a couple more gladbags. It’s a superb kit.
  6. Whoops yes you’re right, only 10! in mitigation the cataract laid me off modelling from June to September. on the shelf are a 3/4 done Italian Nieuport, a 3/4 done re8 and the ICM gladbag, which is all finished air the canopy
  7. 11 this year. It bad as I had 3 months off with a cataract
  8. In urgent need of the canopy masks soon!
  9. As it happens, I have two kits so I have cobbled replacements together for the 72sq bird. The decals look great on, but even with solutions they will barely budge once they touch plastic. They are so thin, they look painted on. So if you can get it dead right first time, no issues.
  10. Sadly, I must report that the ICM decals are very thin and grabby indeed. The wing serials are stretchy too.
  11. Belgian decals already Out https://www.lfmodels.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_31_65&products_id=2641&zenid=9iofuo24dsll2t7jc0l8slru54
  12. It’s not a turnbuckle as such, but a metal fastener that threads on to the RAF wire. Some can be seen, some cannot.
  13. They are in the stock kit. ICM have done a stunning job on the Mercury.
  14. His book also says ring sight inside the windscreen, apparently.
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