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  1. Well done Sergey its not an easy build this one... you going to do the new CSM Russian Nieuport 21and 23 ?
  2. There’s a couple of enamel washes called fuel stains and engine grease That are goopy and just the job.
  3. It’s Tamiya smoke thinned, sprayed heavy and then blasted with airbrush airflow. Once that’s sealed, blobs of fuel stain enamel wash have the same treatment. Once tacky, drag a dry brush over it, which creates that dragged out greasy stain look.
  4. Finished as the aircraft of AM Larichev, 34th Reconnaissance aviation Otryad. North Caucasus. Begemot Nieuport 21 decals which are terrific.
  5. It’s because 3 versions are in the same kit shave off the wrong ones
  6. You can tell from the sprues that they are planning a 501 and 510. Separate nose cone, spinner and prop sprues, extra upper wing blisters and slots in the lower wing for guns.
  7. Course you can. cheers all.
  8. That is absolutely fabulous!
  9. All finished. A quick and very pleasant build. I had no references at all apart from some google pictures. Very reminiscent of a good quality special hobby kit. These are the kit decals. Alclad airframe aluminium is the main finish. I will definitely do another. Some after market would really improve it. I used a WNW wooden prop as the kit prop and spinner are awful. That's not strictly right for a 500, just a 501. I used a spare ring site and copper pipe for the exhaust. The radiator bath is PE separate slats and was a bit of a pain. A resin nose cone and radiator bath and some cockpit extra details such as throttle quadrant would add a lot. There's no Pitot in the kit either. Well done to Dorawings on a lovely first foray into 1/32
  10. Exactly. Sadly the ICM decals are thin and grabby.
  11. That’s good. The sea gladiator has all the parts from every release.
  12. Cockpit looks realistic then! i might see if I can make a spare wnw prop fit the spinner.
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