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  1. DrDave


    £269 plus "hannants tax" James!
  2. DrDave


    349 dollars, or 300 quid. Not bad.
  3. DrDave

    Who will I see in Telford this year?

    I will be on the Romsey club stand.
  4. DrDave

    So, wingnut wings at Telford...

    Look at the catalogue on the WNW website.
  5. I like to use marmite. Applied with a ripped sponge. Very controllable as it's so goopy plus you can sort of see where it is under the paint before scrubbing at it. cheap, and tasty!
  6. DrDave

    Aircraft/military museums in Southern England?

    HMS Victory is unmissable, but you really cannot miss the associated Mary Rose exhibition. Its truly amazing. Historic Dockyard is a really great day out. Walk down to the harbour entrance too and have a pub lunch at the Spice Island Inn
  7. That's lovely Danny. I've been meaning to do a similar display with mine. How did you do the base?
  8. DrDave

    Making an Gloster Meteor F-3 from HK's kit...

    How about kits world decals all yellow yellow peril speed meteor?
  9. I'm sure a bullet weighing a hundred or a few tens of grams falling at terminal velocity certainly could kill someone. It would certainly cause a depressed skull fracture or even penetrate the skull. Sagittarius rising has an account of a girl on a farm being killed by falling bullets from a gunnery practice.
  10. DrDave

    WNW Albatros D.V Spinner..

    Having a lot of experience modelling the type too, I think there are variations in spinners. Not surprising given the hand made nature of the part. There are photos that do show the knuckle and some with gaps around the edge when seen from the front into the cowling. What I have not seen, is a switch of spinner shape on the same airframe when the prop was damaged and changed, but then again I wonder if pilots and units preferred a certain propeller brand and stuck to that when they were replaced.
  11. Hubris. It comes from being obsessed with the subject.
  12. DrDave

    Not Enjoying the Hobby

    Get a really good fitting kit that you have no references on and do it OOB in a kit scheme. Try the ICM Polikarpovs. Cheap and effective.
  13. DrDave

    Best NMF kits?

    The Trumpeter F100 is good in NMF. Surface detail on the italeri f104 is a bit mushy for natural metal but foiled ones look great.