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  1. Here you go. These are AIMS decals and Master barrel Brownings. Colour is Drooling Bulldog Aluminium.
  2. Just in case mate, the centre white is now known not to have been white, just the aluminium. Up to you of course.
  3. There’s a completed builds entry too.
  4. I've bought another one as it was so enjoyable and got the Hataka Polish laquer set for that one. Has anyone heard of any AM deckles coming out yet?
  5. Don't worry Im not annoyed! It was quite refreshing not to bother with refs and just get on with it. The khaki is wrong too... should be browner. Hataka do a laquer for Polish aircraft but I used MRP light Khaki from the Czech range but its too green.
  6. First build I’ve ever done without buying refs you see...
  7. OOB apart from the Master barrel guns. Superb kit. great fit. Paints are MRP. This one didn't carry a radio.
  8. number generator 1 5 all done final pics tomorrow
  9. Fresh scalpel blade quang
  10. It’s just a good controllable way of salt chipping. Apply it over the alclad with a small piece of foam
  11. This Is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable builds I’ve done
  12. Yes its just salt chipping
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