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  1. Aviattic figure, Rexx exhaust and Jasta 10 decals
  2. I'm not paying those swine!
  3. There's a dead headless pilot who fell in and wouldn't fall out again! the stains are enamel streaking grime blown with an airbrush
  4. Irish free state air arm, Fermoy 1923.
  5. I asked richard about a staaken at Telford over my my dead body. His reply
  6. I just went went back through my pics and counted and I can't believe it really, but I have done 40 WNW builds! Dont tell my wife!
  7. I'm building at least 10 a year. Most go on the FB pages. Must post harder.....
  8. The placebo effect is a fascinating thing. worth being aware also of the healthy user effect, in clinical trials. The sort of people who take supplements and other remedies are the sorts of people who tend to listen to their medic, and take the statin and watch their weight etc, plus they can afford the supplements evidenced by the fact they buy them. The combined effect of all this is that the supplements appear to have a benefit in self reported outcomes like mobility, achiness etc when there is no pharmacological benefit whatsoever, except for curing heavy wallet syndrome.
  9. One result I do like, is when you take a pic of the finished build and it looks believably real, especially in black and white. I do like to do a build from a photograph when I can, but the finish is the art isn't it? Has to be a personal thing. Why do people weather space ships though??
  10. Yes you can get away without priming them. I generally mist on a fine coat of the Tamiya I'm using thinned with lacquer thinners then spray over that. If black basing I use alclad black or stynylrez primer, on the main airframe. For metal parts I prime with alclad black. if you can see flow in the plastic parts, as you do occasionally, prime it well as it shows through.
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