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  1. I'll be there on the Romsey stand
  2. I buy regularly from an eBay seller, ops block models. Great service and good prices on WNW.
  3. Oh yeah... kong hong, hitty kawk. better stick to ningwuts.
  4. It is. It is an FW190a8. Song wang published the profiles on FB....
  5. Yellow house miniatures are Russian and do some figures too.
  6. Copper state and Kellerkind miniatures are both in Europe but the figures are great. I know both proprietors and they are great fellows. https://www.kellerkind-miniaturen.com/1-32-54mm/ritter-der-luefte/
  7. Best stay off medicine, on a modelling forum. Just saying.
  8. The Fokker is not a good starter. If you align things imperfectly it all goes tricky. In fact the easiest build I've done so far is a 2 seater, the Roland c2. The wings are really secure, there's rigging for experience.
  9. Has anyone got a spare set of twobobs 32015 wraparound schemes for sale, part or whole?
  10. Aviattic figure, Rexx exhaust and Jasta 10 decals
  11. I'm not paying those swine!
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