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  1. DrDave

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    I am rubbing my hands with glee
  2. DrDave

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    I didn't miss it. I've bought 4 nieuports and 8 figures,,,.
  3. DrDave

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    I order from CSM direct and have never had any problems at all. OMG they're in Latvia. That's next to Syria, or maybe Kazakhstan..... Honestly! They are a well established company.
  4. DrDave

    Scale Modelworld Telford 2018

    And a WNW Handley Page 0/400 its bigger than the Lanc. i think I actually shouted " shut up and take my money" at Richard
  5. DrDave

    Tamiya new Spitfire Mk1

    I'd love to do a really early 2 blader with the flat canopy. Bit different.
  6. DrDave

    ICM 2018 1/32 Release

    I think it will be an I15 and LaGG 3
  7. DrDave

    Display Bases??

    These guys were at Telford last year. Plain well made ridiculously cheap for the money. http://displaybases.co.uk/ then I just glue on a modelscene grassmat or a weedy meadow from: https://www.themodeltreeshop.co.uk/rough-meadow-mat-p317.html they just need cutting to size and sticking down with PVA.
  8. Thanks a lot fellas. Photo posting seems much more fiddly.
  9. Here's my DFW. The scheme is an unidentified DFW, in Jack Herris's book. I used a copper state DFW crew, gaspatch MGs and turnbuckles, Bobs buckles and some aviattic linen patches on her. Paints are all drooling bulldog lacquers.
  10. DrDave


    £269 plus "hannants tax" James!
  11. DrDave


    349 dollars, or 300 quid. Not bad.
  12. DrDave

    Who will I see in Telford this year?

    I will be on the Romsey club stand.
  13. DrDave

    So, wingnut wings at Telford...

    Look at the catalogue on the WNW website.