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  1. The canopy/windshield and afterburners are the most glaring of the faults of the kit. Build it with open canopy and add resin in the cockpit, and you're halfway there. Afterburners? Aires are good, but you have to spend the rest of your life filing and sanding to get them in place! Ian (32nd Group) worked on replacements, but they never showed up in the marketplace. Stein M
  2. Hi! What do you guys think of Tamiya's AS22, Dark Earth (RAF)? I find it slightly darker than expected. TIA Stein M
  3. Thanks guys! I'll go for the Nautilus jig. If not available, Thierry's solution will have to do. Willl the pattern mount on the upper or lower surface of the main wing?
  4. Thanks Thierry! The link posted above resulted in nothing. Stein M
  5. Hi! What is the easiest way to reduce the excess dihedral of Tamiya's kits? TIA Stein M
  6. Yes, would have thought so, but master Italian modeller Pierpaolo Maglio maintains the "Thunderbird" is the best. Stein
  7. I'm really looking for an Italian single seater with narrow intake and FW100 A/B Can and tail exthension.
  8. Hi! Where can I get this kit? I've looked at the usual sites but no luck so far. Stein
  9. You guys are right! I've re-read the Hannants Hornet info. I mis-read Olimp for being Neomega and no Aires cockpit! F/A-18A-D cockpits on the list though, are plenty. Anyway, my experience with Aires resin are bad. You have to sand and scrape away so much plastic that they're too time consuming to be worth the effort. Stein M
  10. Anyone with any experience with the Neomega burner cans and Aires cockpit sets for the Trumpeter F/A-18E Super Hornet?
  11. Thanks guys! I'm only interested in Hornets and Tornados at the moment. Stein M
  12. Planning to bolster my stash with some modern jets. What are the best kits of 1/32 F/A-18, F-18E and F, and Tornado? TIA Stein M
  13. I've just acquired the HKM kit. Instructions call for Cockpit Grey Green for the cockpit. I've always thought that areas viewable from the outside should be Night, i.e. black. Are the instructions right or wrong? TIA Stein M
  14. Just watched the news on TV. Huge forest fire in Paradise, CA, home of FMP. Hope all is O.K. with Paul and his family! Stein M
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