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    Model building: WW1, WW2, Korean War, 50's military planes, civilian planes with airliners in particular, helicopters.

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  1. A340 Pilot

    1/32 P-51B, P-40B instead of P-51H?

    Apart from the very shallow cockpit of the Trumpeter P-40B, are there any other serious flaws with this kit to warrant another 1/32 kit? Stein M
  2. A340 Pilot

    DayGlo Models Fiat G.91

    I've got this kit and requested the Italian decal sheet. 3 times! No sheets received! The review also mentions the missing decal sheet. Anybody have received the Italian sheet? Stein M
  3. A340 Pilot

    How about a F-82 follow on to the Spad? :-)

    It's an Air Force thing. Paul might just as well do an F-94 or an F-89! Nope! I'm looking for some FJ's. Definitely an FJ-4! Stein M
  4. How far away in the pipeline is the Guppy now? Stein M
  5. A340 Pilot

    Cessna O-2A interior colors

    As I thought! Tnx, Jennings! Stein M
  6. A340 Pilot

    Cessna O-2A interior colors

    Hi! Received my kit recently. The instructions calls for Green Zinc Chromate interior in the cabin. Wouldn't Dark Gull Gray FS 36231 be more appropriate? Stein M
  7. Found a set of AMS prop blades in my stash, however the Navy wheels are out of stock at SB. But they will appear soon I hope!
  8. Guppy pre-ordered! And a Trumpy AD-4 heading my way from SB! Stein M
  9. The AD-5 turned out to be flop saleswise? That's a shame! I'm already trying to source another Trumpy AD-4 kit for the Guppy version! Stein
  10. A340 Pilot

    Mossy rocket rails from SKY GRID

    I'll scratchbuild my Gee set based on the Tamiya 1/32 Mossie. Just enlarge by a factor of 1,333... We're modellers after all, aren't we? Stein M
  11. A340 Pilot

    Skyraider Cowling.

    Way to go, Paul!
  12. A340 Pilot

    Skyraider Cowling.

    Hey Paul, will your corrected Skyraider cowling be available for separate sale? I've got another Trumpy AD-4 in my stash. Stein M
  13. A340 Pilot

    Navy / Marines AD-5 Skyraiders shipping now...

    My kit arrived yesterday and the package evaded Custom's radar. Great!
  14. A340 Pilot

    Navy / Marines AD-5 Skyraiders shipping now...

    I second Peter! Blue it must be! Stein
  15. A340 Pilot

    Navy / Marines AD-5 Skyraiders shipping now...

    Mine's on it's way, too! Mine will be a VA-65(?) bird with Willow Green trim outlined in white. There's a photo of it in "Skyraider in Action".IIRC. Stein M