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  1. On 1/30/2020 at 1:15 AM, chuck540z3 said:

    I really like the extra detail you are adding to this model, which sets it off from the rest.  Great job!




    Thanks Chuck, very appreciated from a superb  modeler like you, we are working both for NAA  aircraft at the moment :) cheers


    On 1/30/2020 at 3:16 PM, John1 said:

    Amazing work!  If anyone wants to take the easy way for these markings, Fundekals includes them on their P-51 stencils sheet.   

    thanks  John  for the info,  there is a new Alclad decals  in the market, coincidence? ;)




     I have not update since it's been boring stuff and not much visual, lots of sanding and filling rivets/panel lines... still more to sand and prime ahead but getting closer to the paint phase,  most of the "silver" paint has been striped using superglue cleanner, I find out by accident, it works fine and does not damage the plastic,  the wheel bay will be closed since is the position  depicted in the image I'm rendering, so that excuse me from losing my mind  with those pipes and wires detailing :lol:

    also  a big shout to my friend Mathieu who kindly  sent me  stencils made  in the silhouette   for "Ferocious Frankie"  markings, cheers 






  2. 10 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

    I like that.  What typeface and point size?


    Thank you.



    no idea Mark I didn't make it myself,  just  reworked  the one used in Olivier's build,  the  alclad sheet I posted needs to be reduce to a 15% to  make it 1/32 scale, hope it helps, cheers mate!


    10 hours ago, Landrotten Highlander said:

    talking about attention to detail :blink::thumbsup:

    thanks  mate, sometimes it is possible lol, cheers


    today I  finished the decals applying..  some YZC formers and dark washes, next will be the plumbing fun :unsure:




  3. 37 minutes ago, Uncarina said:



    Amazing. I have never seen anyone attempt to replicate this. And there are a multitude of Mustang builds out there! This is truly something special. Way to go!


    Cheers,  Tom

    thanks for your kind words Tom,  although I'm not the first in doing this, I was inspired by Olivier's "Misurii Armada" wheel bay in 1/48 and also I've seen in other builds, thanks for comment anyway mate! cheers ;)  



  4. 18 hours ago, spyrosjzmichos said:

    Beautifully done work Antonio.

    Really impressed with cockpit!

    thanks man, I appreciate it, cheers

    18 hours ago, Scale32 said:

    Impressive work so far Antonio. I'm looking forward to seeing how the pilot turns out!


    Cheers Bevan 

    thanks Bevan,  I printed a pilot last year, it came out quite well in 1/48 scale so in 1/32 scale   will  have even more  resolution detail,  cheers



    14 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

    Very nice.




    Thanks Master Mark B) cheers!


    6 hours ago, Thunnus said:

    Great work Antonio!  The cockpit looks smashing and you're breaking new ground with your 3-D printed pilot!

    Thanks John,  yes, glad that this technology is finally affordable for our poquet and  hobby :). cheers 


    1 hour ago, LSP_Kevin said:

    Very impressive work, Antonio!



    Thanks kev, glad you like it man! cheers


    Tonight  task, I decided to replicate the Alclad stamps on the  undersurface wing visible through  the wheel bays, I printed  it on transparent decal with my ink printer,  manage to complete one side, tomorrow the other ^_^.

     thanks for watching, cheers

    if anyone want to print his own here it is
















  5. 21 hours ago, R Palimaka said:

    Such excellent work Antonio, and exquisite attention to detail. This is a beautiful build, and we're all learning something about Mustangs. 


    Looking forward to seeing more!



    thanks Richard for your words,  I'm following your  awesome Mustang build, cheers!;)


    20 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

    Good show, AntoniO!




    Thanks Master  Mark , I 'm glad  :)


    7 hours ago, Uncarina said:

    Great work as always, and the NAA photos are very helpful.


    Cheers,  Tom

    thanks Tom,  yes. those footages are pure Mustang gold indeed!B)



    little update, today I recreated the canvas cover for the landing gear tail, used some milliput  putty, some very useful reference pictures by Laurent Boulestin,









  6. On 1/20/2020 at 4:02 AM, Uncarina said:



    Truly my pleasure to contribute in any way to your great work!


    Cheers,  Tom

    thanks Tom, always a pleasure mate!



    On 1/20/2020 at 11:06 AM, dodgem37 said:

    A clothes pin stuck on with chewing gum.  The epitome of a field modification.  American ingenuity, you gotta love it.  Great photo.




    thanks Mark,   pure High-tech :lol:


    So today's update,  the kit I bought is the "silver color plated" version which I did not know at that time, I personally would not recommend it  as  surfaces need to be sanded to let the glue make its work...    I used a spare non fin tail  from my previous Mustang

    the fuselage halves  have been closed



    I decided to sand and  engrave the fasteners on the cowling since tamiya represents them raised,  this operation was done with the binding tool n6,  the cowling piece is very thin and easy to go through.. so careful is needed!

    also the small panel next to the windshield  has been deleted as not in use for this early model.






    Also been working on this, applying  putty about the 40% of the front wings to delete the rivets and panel lines like in this  very  nice diagram by John Terrell showing the procedure used in NAA in order to maintain the laminar flow characteristics of the wing.








    thanks for watching, so until next one, cheers




  7. On 1/16/2020 at 9:12 AM, PeterOlsen said:

    Hi Antonio, nice cockpit, I'm enjoying your progress.



    thanks Peter, glad that you like it and are follow it, ;)cheers

    On 1/16/2020 at 10:16 AM, dodgem37 said:

    That's spectacular.


    'I can't say less about your work,  truly  inspirational mate!'

    Thank you, Brother.  I was in Madrid, Malaga, and Sevilla with side trips to Cordoba and Granada over the Winter Holiday.  Love Spain.




    Thanks Mark,  glad to hear that you had fun in my country, I'm sure you enjoyed tapas and the sun of the south B) cheers

    On 1/16/2020 at 11:28 AM, Scale32 said:



    Cheers Bevan 

    Thanks Bevan ;) 


    So, the other sidewall is done now, hoping to close that fuselage halves pretty soon and move to the wheel bays which will be the next big task, thanks for looking, cheers





  8. 10 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

    This is out-of-sight!




    Thank you Mark, I can't say less about your work,  truly  inspirational mate!;) cheers


     been working on the right cockpit sidewall, again Terrell's sims as a guide, used Barracudas cockpit resin  and placards decals,  added some white punched decals to represent the NAA inspection stickers also, cheers









  9. 6 hours ago, MikeC said:

    Thanks, that's useful info on the seats.


    1 hour ago, Uncarina said:



    Thanks! Just the clarification that I and my planned D-15 build needed.


    Cheers,  Tom


    Thanks Mike and Tom, glad that this stuff is useful, John is a devoted Mustang expert, cheers

    talking about seats, yesterday I decided to change the back cushion color  in to yellow, also wanted to use the Barracuda decal for it :) 






  10. 2 hours ago, Uncarina said:



    Exquisite work so far! Regarding the Terrell simulations, which I love having as a resource, weren’t the early seats more of a bucket design, while the later seats had more of a minimalist design? I’ve always been curious about this in his D-5 vs. D-30 simulations, which have them switched.


    Cheers,  Tom

    thanks Tom,  yes there were 2 type of seats used on the "D" model the Warren Mcarthur model  and the Schick  Johnson, I can quote  some explanation from John Terrell himself written in the Mustang SIG forum time ago:

    The more I have looked at photos, the more it seems that the metal SJ seat only became prevalent, or at least more prevalent, in later D-models, past the D-15-NA era blocks. It seems that P-51D-5-NA's and D-10-NA's, if at least mostly, were fitted with WM seats. I don't recall seeing much, if any, photos showing WWII-era P-51B's or C's fitted with anything other than a WM seat, though a few of the P-51B/C's flying today are fitted with a metal SJ seat to the stock seat posts, while others have a WM seat (of which there are multiple types) installed to the stock seat posts.

    You really start to see metal-SJ seats on P-51D-20-NA's, D-25-NA's, and D-30-NA's, though I believe you can also find WM seats mounted to these blocks as well. If I were to model a P-51D-5 to D-15, I'd be more inclined to model it with a WM seat, and if I were to model a P-51D-20 to D-30, I'd be more inclined to model it with a SJ seat (without looking at actual photos of the individual aircraft before starting).

    and some reference pictures,

    first the Warren Mcarthur seat




    a view of a P-51 D-5NA cockpit with the WM seat




    Secondly the Schick  Johnson seat 







    SJ seat visible in the 339th FG D-20 picture



  11. On 1/12/2020 at 2:18 AM, Gazzas said:

    It's a knockout!

    Thanks Gazas, much appreciated   :) cheers

    On 1/12/2020 at 2:54 AM, AlbertD said:

    I really admire you guys who go the extra mile with detail. It looks fantastic. 

    thanks  Albert, it's all for the Mustang passion B) cheers

    On 1/12/2020 at 2:43 PM, TAG said:

    Cojonudo! :punk:

    jejej, gracias  Tag, rock duro!

    On 1/12/2020 at 3:30 PM, bdthoresen said:

    How sweet it is! Excellent work!


    THOR    :ph34r:

    Thanks Thor,  glad you like it,  kind words! Cheers

    On 1/12/2020 at 3:41 PM, Sepp said:

    Niiiice! Following this one, for sure :)

    Glad you like it Sepp, hopefully will keep it going ! cheers


    Progress from last session on the seat, printed some dashed lines on white decals and some barracuda leftovers also, hope you like it, 

    until next, cheers








  12. 20 hours ago, Uncarina said:

    Your build has just started but it’s already a valuable reference. I am taking notes!


    Cheers,  Tom

    Thanks Tom, glad you find it interesting and useful, cheers


    14 hours ago, Gazzas said:

    That interior looks excellent, Antonio!

    Thanks Gazas,  hope it is worth it although  won't be much visible when he canopy is on lol, cheers


    progres from today is the Instrument panel,  used as reference guide  the amazing work of John Terrell simulators, they are so accurate.

    Used mostly the Revell kit decals which are for the D-5 block,  it's been a labor of love,  had to cut each one independently to transfer to the panel, neck hurts but I'm satisfy ;) 

    next is the seat, cheers







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