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  1. Thank you. Eduard 190's has good instructions with color schemes. I've used them to order some I need.
  2. What color scheme have you used (RLMxx)? I build 190A-3 and choose Mr.Color's paints.
  3. We need to enjoy the work we do. Few of us can see the finished model in your home. In this place we see all the stages, not just the finished result. I think many remember this model with this detail. This is cool! Your work inspires me. I build in 1/72 scale and try to do the same. This is Eduard MiG-21MF
  4. I'm at a loss. These political images are not visible on the third page. But Chuck's images are available to me from the first and second pages. I just need to click on preview. I'm not offended by these political images. Everything is good. Let's end the discussion and continue building models!
  5. Yes, these pictures are only on my mobile phone, but they only show up on the first and second page. I will look for a solution. I ask you to remove the flood.
  6. On the first pages, images are replaced with political slogans. I don't think it's appropriate here.
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