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  1. I'm very interested!!!!!!!! I have the Mk 1/3 kit. (-: Roy
  2. Have a close look at the picture and you’ll see the Italeri logo in upper left corner. (-: Roy
  3. 'reHi I just wondering if someone had any experience on using this tool for sanding/drilling plastic and resin? Is the RPM low enough to avoid melting the plastic when you're using e.g. sanding disks? (-: Roy
  4. Cool scheme. But I still have to decide if I should buy a Lancaster. (-: Roy
  5. Agree! Also my favourite version of the Liberator + the PB4Y-1. (-: Roy
  6. Well, well… I'm very happy with this discussion and I can draw the conclusion that the Revell markings, after all, wasn't that far off. For my P-40E I'm able to use the sharkmouth (check), Chinese roundels (check), I can make it in two-colour Camo with grey underside (check), it will have a tail band, albeit blue instead of red (accepted/check), the number has to be in the hundred series instead of 92, e.g. 104 or 108 (accepted/check), I can still use the flying tiger cartoon (check). All in all very close to the stunning box art painting, which inspired me to start building in 1/32 scale in the first place. Thank you for your contribution to this tread. Great fun! (-: Roy
  7. RBrown, very nice and informative pictures. Which book(s) are they from? Seems like I have to do the '104' or similar. But I'd would like to do one with Chinese markings on the wings, (-: Roy
  8. I really love that boxart!!! The kit was one of my first 1/32 planes. Actually I am starting a new project. I was thinking of building another P-40, but using the more modern kit from Hasegawa. As a tribute to the old Revell kit I would use the same markings as that one. I then started searching for pictures and some more info about the plane, which led me to the info mentioned above. (-: Roy
  9. Hi I wonder if the AVG markings for the old Revell P-40E kit are real or fictious? The plane is from 3rd PS, white 92 and flown by Robert 'Duke' Hedman. I can't find any reference to a P-40E with such markings. In the book 'Eagle Files 04: Tigers over China' by Thomas A. Tullis, pages 56 and 63 show a white 92, but it is a Curtiss Hawk 81-A2. In the book 'Flying Tigers Colors' by Carl Molesworth, the table on page 42 list white 92 as flown by Hedman, but it is a Curtiss Hawk 81-A2. The book is very nice, by the way. So I think it may be assumed that the Revell scheme is fictuous for a P-40E. Correct? Any options about this? (-: Roy
  10. Yes Yes Yes Yes ....... (-: Roy
  11. I'll be there both days and hope to meet many LSP'ers :-) (-: Roy
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