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New Kotare kit for late 2024 announced


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A P-40 would be good.  An interesting conundrum: I saw @nmayhew's build which @Archimedes mentioned, and he's depicted Neville Duke's Kittyhawk Mk I which is of course a P-40D, given that it had four guns.  I think I'm right in saying that very few of these were produced before production switched to the 6-gun P-40E or E-1 (the latter having certain British-specified equipment, thus a Kittyhawk IA).  The conundrum is that Kotare and before them WNW have/had a tendency to depict Aces' aircraft, but for a limited production run this would mean either a limited set of marking options (if they stuck to the 4-gun D) or alternative parts for a D/E/E-1. 


I know it's only speculation, but a whole new P-36/P-40 series would be really good, I'm gonna start saving my pennies now, just in case.

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9 hours ago, Archimedes said:

Another mocked up Kotare box top just for you @mark williams showing Darryl Legg’s earlier, highly energetic style. We can but hope!



I'd save up and get Kotare P-40D/E/K/M/N or something.... :) Unless you'd want something less complex to build the GWH looks good for the earliers ones.

That painting is really nice, what particularly catches my eye is the sharpness of some specific parts vs the blurryness on GA-V. I really like that :)

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On 11/18/2023 at 6:57 AM, thierry laurent said:

Actually a lot of best selling single seat fighters are only covered by so-so kits, resin models or conversions. Just to name a few:


Early Albatros



Early 109

Early 190

Early Stuka

Hawker biplanes 


Early Hurricane 



Early P-51



Late Corsair 


Hawker Fury RN


And I did not even consider jets for which the situation is far worse and you still have many reasonably early cold war small topics: e.g. Sabre or early MiG families.


Accordingly it is quite easy for them to select mainstream topics without being in competition with existing premium models. Without even considering more exotic or forgotten topics (e.g La-5/7, Twin Mustang, Firefly, Fulmar or Defiant fighters), the list here above could keep them busy for at least the next 20 years! So, no worries! Obviously some other actors such as ICM or GWH will surely not stay inactive in the meanwhile but the amount of possibilities is still quite large...:D


C'mon, where's the Fairey Albacore and Barracuda in this list?

Really!  :o

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12 hours ago, Wayne Bull said:

Yeah i agree this is a great game to play and it is fun but they are stretching it a bit 

Hi Wayne - Kotare’s ‘teaser announcement’ was published about a month ago. Up until that point they were updating their FB page roughly every week to two weeks. They last posted there on November 12th about the Sold out Mk1A so they are probably about due another post. But who knows how long they will take to actually make the announcement of what they will do next? <_<


Hope fully sooner rather than later and then we can have a whole year of speculating how unbuildable/fatally flawed it will be :D


Kind regards,


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This thread is definitely getting a little boring and reminds me of all of the old WnW speculation threads of old. 


Look I've had the inside line and it's a Wellington Mk.Ic with full trellis/ canvas details. How exciting as I've been dreaming of this kit forever.


Regards. Andy 

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Some of this jaunty thread has been about probable, possible or wildly unlikely kits from an esteemed producer. Tisn't a thread to everyone's taste.


Archimedes link to Nick Mayhew's (LSM posted) P 40 Kittyhawk build reminded me that exceptional finished models say more about their builders than about their producers, imho. We know verisimilitude when we see it. We see it more often because masters kindly share their approaches and techniques.


One hoorah for the next superb kit; three cheers for so many generous master model makers.




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