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  1. Got an email from Richard, just ordered two. Now this will be a good Christmas.
  2. "WNW guys are going to kill it" I would imagine they would, but it could be years in the making, have you heard anything about a time frame Martin, Very curious.
  3. Thanks so much, really appreciate the comments.
  4. Thanks Steve, hope you can use them.. cheers.
  5. Hey, thanks for that I'll check it out.
  6. Well I was going to build an RCAF P-51A... and I was going to build another yellow winged bi-plane.. But this has been on the shelf just screaming at me so... Going to be a desert vignette with sand and a camel and a pilot with a map looking lost and mayhem and merriment will definitely ensue. Oh! and it's the right scale.
  7. Thanks Martin , isn't that a photo of winter in Cow Town?
  8. Thank you so much, I know there are new 109 full meal kits coming, But armed with what you can do with the Has. kit one can build a very decent model from it, I also know there are many of them in everyone's stash out there, and absolutely no need to abandon them for new ones arriving on the scene. if you can pick one up on the cheap don't hesitate. Cheers.
  9. Lovely paint work Milo, wish I could get my hands on some MRP . like the look.
  10. Thanks Brian, Troy, All of ya ,you guys are the best.
  11. Thanks so much for the comments, appreciate it very much. and a special thanks to Martin and N.H.71 for all the great pics. Cheers.
  12. Changed a lot on this Has.Revll kit, You can see here on the WIP. Took too long as we had a serious amount of interruptions, but got there.
  13. Finally.. long time on this one. Post a few more to RFI this eve. And thanks for following and your support
  14. I will have to pick one up, looks like a really nice rendering, in light of what is currently available .
  15. Sorry , Embarrass myself much? completely forgot about finishing this up, so much going on it slipped through the cracks. I'm on it, and working on an RCAF Allison Mustang 1945, which will show up forthwith. Thanks for the tap, talk soon.
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