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  1. I know I'm just trying to lighten the mood around here. Geeze.it's like a morgue lately.
  2. Been waiting since the end of April. Does that help??
  3. Many years ago a plastic kit toy manufacture in(we'll stay PC here and just say somewhere east of North America) was asked if they could make a plastic kit of a Centaur. The company agreed and said they could,but also wanted to know what a Centaur was. The response was a short flippant "You know, half man half horse..This is the finished product they received. Now I have no idea why they decided to name this so called Centaur "TARDY" but it does seem quite appropriate.Perhaps they were thinking "Centard" They just went ahead and marketed it as the "Man Pony".Or at least tried to. One last note..My daughter Nicole has seen this and calls it 'The Man Pony From Hell."
  4. Not happening.....love to see a Beau though.
  5. Patience has it's rewards. And in these times we all have to be .
  6. Lovely...Way to go Lukgraph.
  7. Same here very much,tracking a couple ..Seems like they traveled farther , visited more places and stayed longer than I have.
  8. Gentlemen...Just reveived the order in the post this morning. All I can Say is...
  9. Now that Canada Post has opened the Dam it's been like Xmas over the last few days. Got the WNW order yesterday,Fedex no less .The Tiger Moth just this morning YAAAAY! ,Pheon Decals post war Snipe sheet. And Revells new 262A1-2 which I have waited the longest for.. after looking at it it seems to be very very nice. So might be set for the winter after all. Cheers Bill.
  10. Great news indeed..I like his decals. can't wait.
  11. I hope someone does some Civilian decals or even masks..I like everything about the kit,except the markings choice. Sorry if it sounds negative,no disrespect meant.
  12. Tiger Moth? And I still haven't received mine yet.
  13. Hey Troy...did not use any Trump cockpit parts..way to big for the Has. pit, used a combo of Eduard PE(for the Has.) Verlinden,(an old set) and CMK I did use the Trumpeter engine and seriously regretted it afterwards...use the Has, engine and try to detail it yourself,you will be happier LOL. I actually hate that decision now. We all learn from others mistakes here,Know I have. The Trumpeter pit and glass are oversized ,too wide... you can see in the pic ,windscreen is the wrong shape .Gives you an idea as to how "fat" this area shouldn't be. Had to cut up the main gear doors as well as they are too thick to use.used thin sheet. And whatever you do don't forget the pitot at the tip of starboard wing (use the Has.right size)and paint it steel with a red body because if you don't Martin will phone you at home. Thanks again Troy..appreciate it. Bill. nice semi gloss to gloss finish.
  14. Thanks Kag..and Brian...Do appreciate the comments.
  15. Thanks my friend..the base? purchased from Eureka 1/32 aircraft carrier wooden deck,out of Australia,resin,bout 25.00. It's quite nice but you do have to paint it.
  16. Hey!!! No punching below the belt....I'll get around to it,trust me.
  17. So nice... Can't believe my eyes sometimes Peter.
  18. Glad to see you getting into this kit..have been pondering if I should pull the trigger on one(probably will on what can be seen)..really like this aircraft mostly for the myriad amount of colour schemes it was finished in....Will be watching and following along. Cheers.
  19. Thanks Wolf....certainly not a Tamiya kit. be great if they did one though.Still waiting for an early Spitfire.
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