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Zoukei Mura Fw-190 A-4


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On 9/30/2023 at 9:50 AM, Onspring said:

Now hold on a moment.  What we don’t do is make wild speculation at the ‘cost’ to the builder ie US modellers.   I’ll make a nice and reasonable guess - let’s see now…around £50.00 That’s my guess.

 Volks is selling it for $130 so my 'guess' of $160 was closer than your $60.

Not that that proves anything whatsoever  :shrug:

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5 hours ago, CRAZY IVAN5 said:

Well, it looks pretty nice to me, though I don't know a lot about 'em. I think I'll wait for the "Dora" and the Ki-100 to come out[ might be awhile].


This one has been ten years in the making, so I hope they don't take that long to do a Dora.  (Read as "I hope I live that long!!")





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