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Zoukei Mura Fw-190 A-4


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6 hours ago, CRAZY IVAN5 said:

Well, this just might be my first FW-190. got to see how much it'll go for.


My guess is around   $160.00 


ZM's schedule :
Fw190A-3 Basic
Fw190A-4 SWS
Fw190A-5/6/7 Basic
Fw190A-8 SWS
Fw190D-9 SWS


Still waiting for the basic kits  :shrug:

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1 hour ago, tucohoward said:

Their second G-14 is around $160 though. Not sure why.



Well, I was able to get 2 G14s for about $95 U.S. plus shipping, I'd think the new FW will be around $120~130 range. We'll see how it shakes out. They're also releasing the Ki-100 probably around the same price , that's a buy for me for sure!

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 VolksUSA is showing the Bf-109 G14 not the special Hartman edition, for $130.00. Far the assume the FW-190 A4 will be the same?  

Also what is any difference besides decals, in the 2 G14 kits?  Hartman and one now listed for pre-order. 



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