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  1. Am I the only one who thinks that the the Gotha UWD should be being flown by Dick Dasterdly. & Mutley . seriously - that's a real aircraft?.. I know my lack of interest in anything pre 1939 is fairly profound .. but that's just tipped the scales from ordinary into weird.. and as a brit I know something about weird things with wings! Seriously , I know how much Wingnut has changed the the landscape for WW1 modelling , and how they have turned what was a niche interest into something that dominates Large scale modelling these days ,And those of you with an interest in this area really have never had it so good, and I'm so pleased for you .. But now can I Please have a 1/32 Vampire/Swift/Blenheim/Beaufort/Buccaneer/Sea Vixen.. etc Please!!!
  2. The prices do seem a little low, especially with free shipping , but then again I bought 2 Trump A-1s for £39 plus shipping , approx 1/2 the RRP in the uk, so those prices aren't entirely out of the ball park
  3. Not for the first time , I am SO glad that WW1 subjects hold no interest for me , (I also don't have a fraction of the skill that these models need, and anyway , life if too short to rig an HP/400!) and with that I'm running for cover!
  4. Now that's what I see when someone mentions German Tornados, A beautiful scheme !
  5. Watched it , and to be honest loved every minute, My wife , bless her , nearly destroyer her tablet by an inadvertent spray of tea, at the line , "We've blanked the faced of the young men at the front in case they ever get a girlfriend in the future" The build of the Hellcat , (for those who didn't see it , one half of the program covered the build of the prototype 1/24th Hellcat for Telford ) was fascinating , and I shudder to think of the responsibility of being handed a box full of bits , incomplete instructions , and being given 2 months to build the first display kit of a hugely important model.. So no pressure then! Colin (Still trying to find my missing mojo)
  6. This really does appeal to me , as the son of someone who worked on the railways for 47 years , Its sort of in my blood, so much so that come retirement , there may be a complete redesign of my work room! There's something about the recreation of a real world environment that appeals to me on some deep psychological level . ColinR
  7. Thanks for that David, as ever , you get what you pay for , I've seen the kit online for around £50, less than half of the Trumpeter kit , but it really looks like a resin Pit is going to be needed , and the quality of the plastic doesn't hold out much promise re the long term robustness of the Undercarriage .. Paging GFactor!!! But you know the model might look rather fetching in Blue angels colours.. Just saying ...
  8. As usual Jennings those decals look beautiful, Its not a subject or scale that immediately appeals, but they really are nice.. I do have an IL-76 story though , 20 or so years ago I was at a petrol station one Sunday afternoon, it was early Feb I think, and there I was filling the car when I heard the howl of 4 engines trying to cope with a nasty cross wind, (Aberdeen In Feb is cold and usually windy), the noise got louder, and then appearing over top of the filling station appeared an IL-76 basically hanging in the air trying and failing to make any kind of headway . The man standing next to me lookup and said, (and I'm paraphrasing), "What the heck is that ", "That is an IL-76, a Russian Air force Transport" "In that case what the hell is he trying to land in Aberdeen?" A good question , and one that was answered a couple of days later when a colleague who had contacts at the airport, He told me it was flying into Aberdeen to pick up drilling equipment , and fly it back to Azerbaijan , the fun part being that nobody in the cockpit of the 76 really understood English , and the control tower basically told them to get on with it , after they'd ignored multiple instructions .. But they made it - Just!
  9. It was trying something different that got m into this state , I was going on building a bunch of decent 32 aircraft , and I thought I'd try something different .. and that's then the trouble started!!! ColinR
  10. AAH Nostalgia .. I'm sitting here rembemering those markings the first time around, back in 1970 , god I'm old! Still love that scheme tho'
  11. Kent I'm where you are at the moment , since Sept I've been working on a project that never seems to end .. 40 wheels on the trailer alone.. Seriously , 40 wheels , 10 bogies complete with plumbing .. what on earth was I thinking!!! I've just about had it with it , but I'm afraid to put it to one side because I know its unlikely I'd ever finish the dratted thing.. So I sit in my work room look at the array of kits I've dreamed about building , and I really can be bothered starting .. I've been like this now for 2 months , and I'm just about ready to decare myself an Ex-modeler! AARGH..! ColinR
  12. How did I miss this news, PLEASE do the observer cockpit as well, I've been planning a Dallachy based Beaufighter for SO long.. This year might turn into the Year of the Strike wing for me!!!
  13. At the risk or thread derailment, after checking out the E-bay auction for CE Brit Phantom, I stumbled across an Auction for a CE IAF Peace Jack Conversion also in 1/32 , sitting at a nice round £2100, and the Aerodynamix Buc for £300+ , I won't tell you what I swapped mine for but it was a LOOOOT less than that ! And at that point gentlemen, ladies, its time to bid E-bay , and 1/32 conversions a fond fair Well Harold - Time to hit the RTV again! ColinR
  14. Repeat after me.. Airfix Don't do 1/32 Aircraft , never have , never will.. they decided, so I read years ago that too many manufacturers were in 32 already , hence the interest in 1/24th .. so no luck there .. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings!
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