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  1. Scotsman

    I love Scotland.

    Gus , yes the dispute is still running on , I suppose as out American cousins might put it I have some skin in this particular game since my Grandfather used to run the Salmon fishing crew out of Cove in the 50's and 60's and my Father and Uncle had a small crab/Lobster fishing business with a boat there , all gone now I'm afraid.. There's book covering the local history of cove and one of the pics shown my Grandfather carrying boxes of Salmon up the road to the village , taken in 1929, so I guess my roots really do run fairly deep here ! ColinR
  2. Scotsman

    I love Scotland.

    Nope that's Cove Bay , a small fishing Village south of aberdeen, Pennan is a fair way North of where I am , close to Fraserburgh, in the middle of the old Banff Stike Wing /s stomping ground. When they were filming Local Hero Burt Lancaster apparently stayed at Gleneagles and was flownto the set every day by helicopter , the same one use the in the film, and the beach where they wanted to build the refinery was on the west cost 80 odd miles from Pennan , Movie magic at its best! Its a great film , and one of my Wife's favourites
  3. Scotsman

    I love Scotland.

    you're welcome!
  4. Scotsman

    I love Scotland.

    Nice Iain , However if this thread gets as far as the Alexander Brothers, Andy Stewart. Moira Anderson , Bill McCue , Jimmy Shand or even God Forbid the Krankies , I promise I will get my claymore down from the wall and pay some of you a visit And for non Scots - just plug those names into youtube for hours of Tartan Twee!, the 1960's never made it this far north - Trust me on that ! My neck of the woods.. about 3 miles south of Aberdeen itself ColinR
  5. Scotsman

    I love Scotland.

    Gazz, I'm really not anti-German , or indeed anti anything , as far as I know , I just find it fascinating that a piece of music so redolent of all that's best in the part of the world where I was born was written by non Scots , that's all,. Tge Wikipedia entry on "Highland Cathedral" tells me that is was written as recently as the 1980's for a Highland Games in Germany , and the two gentleman who did it , did a superb job.. There are many versions of the piece , but this is-one of the better ones, Andre Reiu , who my wife loves , does it superbly , BTW this was Filmed at his Glasgow concert in 2017 , I know because if you know what you're looking for , I'm in this clip somewhere , and yes I has tears running down my face Highland Cathedral
  6. Scotsman

    I love Scotland.

    Wonderful tune, pity it was written by a pair Germans.. still under the right circumstances it can raise the hair on the back of my neck ColinR Aberdeen Scotland!
  7. Eduard are weird bunch when it comes to releases, how many sets have they released fro the Revell 1/32 Tornado, zinch , how many for the Airfix 1/24 Spits/Hurricane/Stuka.. it seems that if a kit is too old , or too big they seem to ignore it I'll put big bucks of the fact that as soon as Italeri release their GR-4 Tornado we'll be up to our ears in stuff for it ... Like I said .. weird!
  8. A beautiful build there Paul, I just hope I can do justice to the set in the same way you have done ColinR
  9. Mine arrived this morning , that's really good time from the US, not to mention the fact there were no customs charges, now all I have to do is prise t from my Wife's clutches, other wise wait until Xmas!
  10. Makes two of us Scott , Unfortunately my loving wife has decided that she's keeping it from me until Dec.25th .. then its mine.. that's what I get for letting her know its on the way ... Ah well Great things come to those who wait ! ColinR
  11. She sure is Pretty.. , I might have to watch the post carefully in the coming months in case my loving wife decides the confiscate this one and hold it ransone until Xmas...! ColinR
  12. Scotsman

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    another closer look
  13. Scotsman

    Revell repop of Italeri Mirage IIIE

    As far as I know IIIE -> Mirage 5 -> Nesher -> Kifir So yes it can , but its a long road!
  14. Scotsman

    The Cat is Back........F-14 Tomcat

    Superb build, all that time and reference certainly wasn't wasted! ColinR
  15. Scotsman

    1/32 F-100F

    Nope , its one of the great "Lost Kits" , like the Tamiya F-16D's , Late Model E's ors the Trumpeter Devastator, The 100F was promised, back when it seemed Trumpeter were releasing a new 1/32 kit seemingly every week, but those days are long gone as is I think any chance of an F model 100 - sorry to sound negative , but them's the breaks