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  1. Well since the books ended at Season 5 more of less, then the lack of subtalty in story telling is only to be expected.. As Paul ans storm are minded to sing ,"Write George, Write like the Wind" , Well he didn't , and so we reaped the rewards!
  2. Superb wok , and it looks like another order will be on its way soon, I have the Lodel boxing of the Beau, but these resin parts knock those Vac form Pieces into a cocked hat - as we say north of the border PS .. who said you could look up my profile pic.. white hair , check facial hair check , expanding waistline , charming welcoming demnor for all non scots Check! ColinR
  3. Just stumbeld acoss an article entitled.. This Breathtaking HD Footage From Aboard USS Shangri-La Aircraft Carrier Was Originally Filmed In 1962 Well for once the results don't lie... follow Link For the whole story and the link to the acutal film - the quality is something else.. ! colinR Actual link fixed
  4. Scotsman


    I've had an intrest in Spaceflight almost since I can remember , (I was 11 when Apollo 11 landed , so that probably explains it). anyway , I have a small library of reference books covering Apollo /Geminei etc, intrestingly at the beginning of Apollo they had to agree on just how they were going to land on the moon. Thanks to Von Braun the accepted method was Direct Ascent , (see Destination Moon for what it would have looked like), but that approach was finally passed on because in the words of an engineer, "It would be like backing an Atlas back on to the pad" Now every time I watch SpaceX I recall those words, and I sit there amazed that yes they do indeed back something larger than an Atlas on the the pad , every dammed time.. As I said in my comment on the first flight of the Stratolaunch aitrcraft at the weekend , We really are living in the future!
  5. Ditto , after paying HMRC's ransome at the Post Office this afternoon, I'd just like to echo what others have said, the quality is fantastic, and as an aficionado of Resin upgrades , the fidelity of the parts in this set are so much crisper than what I seen in sets from other manufacturers Steve , if you produce any more bits for the Beaufighter , I'm in..! ColinR
  6. For Brits of my generation it feels increasingly that we're living in the world of Thunderbirds, With this beast flying, and SpaceX landing 3 rockets back on the pad/barge earlier in the week, it seems the future is noW ColinR
  7. If you have ANY intrest in the F-4 , or it you just like beautiful videos .. spend 8 mins watchign this one , The JSDF 302 Sq is retiring its F-4Es soon and they made this video , and frankly it contains some of the best camera work I've ever seen , freeze frame in places and you have the a masterclass in detailign a Japanese F-4 enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=480&v=wfc7qBVplxQ colinR
  8. Not only Legal, but positively encouraged! - especially after the odd dram or two ! colinR
  9. We are modellers, not assemblers.. grinding, sanding and Fettling is the breath of life! ColinR
  10. I managed to fufill an ambition , and I finally managed to find an HK Models Meteor, and an increasingly rare Fisher F8 conversion for fairly decent £100 I don't know if I'll build it , and hang on to it for the time being , we'll see
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that the the Gotha UWD should be being flown by Dick Dasterdly. & Mutley . seriously - that's a real aircraft?.. I know my lack of interest in anything pre 1939 is fairly profound .. but that's just tipped the scales from ordinary into weird.. and as a brit I know something about weird things with wings! Seriously , I know how much Wingnut has changed the the landscape for WW1 modelling , and how they have turned what was a niche interest into something that dominates Large scale modelling these days ,And those of you with an interest in this area really have never had it so good, and I'm so pleased for you .. But now can I Please have a 1/32 Vampire/Swift/Blenheim/Beaufort/Buccaneer/Sea Vixen.. etc Please!!!
  12. The prices do seem a little low, especially with free shipping , but then again I bought 2 Trump A-1s for £39 plus shipping , approx 1/2 the RRP in the uk, so those prices aren't entirely out of the ball park
  13. Not for the first time , I am SO glad that WW1 subjects hold no interest for me , (I also don't have a fraction of the skill that these models need, and anyway , life if too short to rig an HP/400!) and with that I'm running for cover!
  14. Now that's what I see when someone mentions German Tornados, A beautiful scheme !
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