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  1. Scotsman

    Modern RAF Weapons

    Tony , thanks for that link , a most impressive build, especially the Brimstone launcher and weapons, it's just a pity that we have to do this in the first place!
  2. Scotsman

    Modern RAF Weapons

    I've been banging on about this for years , Brimstone, Raptor Pod, revised BOZ pods and so on .. I suppose I can dream!
  3. Scotsman

    Just ‘cause it’s purdy....

    And a beautiful job you did on them too Jennings , I've got a set tucked away for my retirement...!
  4. Scotsman

    Mirage 5 from Italeri Mirage IIIE/R?

    Ah you've met my wife!
  5. Scotsman

    Mirage 5 from Italeri Mirage IIIE/R?

    Mirage 5 ok, but can we PLEASE have a Nesher conversion for the Italeril Mirage , Pretty please... and yes I know Isralacsst did a set back in the early 2000s, but its long Oop And here in the UK , I've just finished watching @12 O'Clock High@, with the Oscar Winner Dean Jagger not thinking! ColinR
  6. Scotsman

    Revell Mosquito.

    Long since OOP , I got one of these sets 10 years or so back and I still have the Paragon PRs and rails and no one is getting them from me! I tried this conversion and never managed to complete it , thank goodness for Tamiya! Mr C - Good luck!
  7. Unbelievable.. After 3 Tamiya F-15s I thoughts I'd scratched my F-15 itch for good.. but I'm seriously re thinking that ..
  8. Scotsman

    Farewell to the Tornado soon.

    You know your getting old when the latest and greatest Wonderplane" you enter service is now regarded as a Has Been.. Its really sad , but the Fin/Tonka has had a decent run for its money , having being in almost continuous operation since 1991 Now where's out state of the Art 1/32 Tornado...!
  9. Scotsman

    Revell super Hornet

    Easy way to overcome any complexities, just add in a GForce cast set .. assuming they step up!
  10. Scotsman

    Resin Merlin or Packard Merlin Engine??

    I really don't think there were any external differences, the internals however were a very different matter . The story I heard from an old Aviation engineer went something like this , RR engineers took the raywcastings from the internals and machined them to fit , fettled being the British term for this work , meaning that the people assembling the engines were highly skilled fitters When Packard started production of the engine, they had to use relatively unskilled people to build then engines so the components had to be finished to much higher standards, making the final assembly similar to car engines, hence the lack of interchangeability for the engine components , leading to the Lancaster 1 & IIIs and spit 9 and 16's .. ColinR
  11. Scotsman

    Revell super Hornet

    It looks as though the long awaited Revell Super Hornet is finally breaking cover - Feb they're saying I know we're heard that before , but to prove it this time we've got the instruction sheet Instruction sheet The only issue I have is that the main u/C legs are multi part , and will need replacing with something more substantial , but other than that , to my inexpert eye , it looks a better option than the Trumpter model... Have it ! colinR
  12. Scotsman

    Is there a good 1/32 jeep?

    It used to worry me , the difference between 35 & 32 , but after a few long nights working on this layout , I thought , "What the hey, " lets stop worrying and actually finish something for once! One of these days I'm going to have to learn to take pics properly with a serious camera!
  13. I've got the Lodel/Revell kit as well, and as soon as the Banff Wing Mossie is complete , then its on to a Dallachy Wing Beaufighter , so any help at all would be SO welcome ! ColinR
  14. Scotsman

    Ol’ Matchbox 1/32 Lysander

    Synchronicity I think its called, there was me clearing out my book shelves yesterday in a vain attempt to find a couple of books I know I have but can't put my hands on, when what do I find, Scale Models International , August 1979, "How to super detail your Matchbox Lysander".. Didn't even know I still had the mag... Tell you what Pup, if you do decide to build the kit PM< me , and I send you it..! ColinR
  15. Scotsman

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    Jennings - that's massively impressive , I just hope Paul gets things sorted eventually