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  1. Could I ask you a favour and when the instructions come in , I'm assuming in digital form, could you send me a copy Thanks PS Great work so far !
  2. Got it in one! I built a 32nd F3 about 14 years ago using the Revell kit and a load of Plasticard and filler, and used the Flightpathd decals , and it does resemble that one pretty well perfectly ! and just to complete the set my F3 Lightning is also 111Sq - Why , well I put it down to too many Battle of Britain days spent at Leuchers before it stopped a few tears back
  3. Despite the scale difference that makes some a little reluctant to mix and match 32 and 35th aircraft and vehicles , I've decided that the 2% difference doesn't make enough of a difference to care - so after the Hunter , I built this IBG Tanker to use as set dressing for some of my RAF builds. I'm no expert in these vehicles but it seem to be an earlier version of the boom equipped QL tanker familiar to all of us who built the RAF refuelling set from the early 70s , but looking at the mods needed to build this version I'm pretty certain this later version is on the cards .
  4. I challenged myself to see if I really could build a decent(ish) model is the run up to christmas, I started it on the 1st , and finished it on the 16th , which I guess is some kind of record for me. It's the old and always enjoyable Recell Hunter F6 , this time straight from the box, apart from a Resin seat , and the use of pre cut masks for the camo, only the second time in using them , but what a difference it made to the painting process . Oh and update coming on the F-100F project coming soon
  5. Dirty , Used and still totally lethal.. what a great picture
  6. Some of those in the list are available , albeit it with a effort, Tilad - Flightpath TILAD JP233 - Paragon and other - Ebay is your friend ALARM - CAM did a set years ago - and again Ebay is your only hope - and Flightpath do a set - see above And I agree all of the weapons on the list are needed to do a decent modern GR4
  7. That's probably the least surprising announcement probably ever , but it does open a path to some of the wildest schemes ever flown , the German schemes are truly insane Might spring for another one and a set of MFG-1 markings
  8. Hmmm 12 Squadron.. that's nice
  9. Dave - looks like your right re the rear lower console, the Eduard set looks spot on
  10. Absolutely , and if you REALLY ig deep there's always the old Eduard PE set released when the original revell kit appeared , compared to the modern sets its's tiny !
  11. Dear Mods please feel free to move this thread to a more appropriate location but looking at the Future Releases page over on the Hannants site , there are some really interesting products starting to be announced , and it may be that that a single thread for all these new goodies might be in order So far they're all from Kit-World, and the first one that caught my eye was this 3D Decal Instrument panels Not sure of the colour, but it looks to be an accurate lower panel to the back seaters IP IP Link There are also 2 Gulf
  12. Great work as usual Iain , looking at the base model, the Revell kit looks so basic after looking at the Italeri model -
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