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  1. Not to mention the total lack of any intake trunking , but I agree that the need to spend 2-3 hours re-scribing the blank belly of the kit was a total pain , hmm Blank Belly , kind of reminds me of me sitting here at home trying to work , with my belly getting ever larger , and blanker! ColinR
  2. So sorry for your loss Jennings .. I've done the lonley drive back from the vet 5 times , and it never gets easier
  3. It was sort of a rhetorical question, I really didn't plan to get rid of anything , at least in the short term, I was thinking about, "Its a Recce Thing" from the Op telic scheme , I have all the bits to build a 4 or 4A - the Nose art is rather nice ColinR
  4. I'm faced with a dilemma, I have a Revell kit , and a mountain of Resin to go with it , do I inload the lot and cross fingers the new kit is substantially better , or hand on , and wait.. Hmmm! (I do mean a lot or Resin, JP233's Alarms, Cockpit, Engines, ets etc)
  5. A good stating point for the Huey Family , bing on the D tho'!
  6. Scotsman


    Mark you are a bad bad man....
  7. Very Tempting, although I've seen it for £60 with free postage from Hong Kong on UK Ebay I've had very good experiences using dawnglocerystore... in the past 4 orders and not so much as a customs inspections , let alone a charge
  8. I thought about it , the $2 surface shipping was tempting, but I've already got a stash that'll see me into retirement , so maybe not this time.,.
  9. The linke worked for me , and man that kit is Beautiful, the marking options are excellent , all in all , th has just gone to the top of the Must Have column ColinR
  10. Glad I hadn't stumbled across these Pics .. I'd never have finished mine!
  11. Well the GSB option looks nice when its done ..... I was one of the lucky ones to receive the 5W kit before the fire .. And I do miss Paul's wonderful products , but he and his family survived a horror that would have destroyed many other people , they and theeir family were saved , and what's a few modelling products besides that!
  12. Just found this video , and I wish I knew how to embed it , but nevertheless , please watch it , its a drone flythrough of the USAF Museum , as a test , how many aircraft can you name..! Seriously its spell binding .. USAF Museum fly through
  13. Nice - Looks like I might have a use fro one of my redundant Storm shadows! I've always liked the look of the two seated , the French Strike Eagle I guess !
  14. I've had to use their services in the past , usually when the carpet monster has been especially ravenous!
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