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  1. Well my masking shet arrive this morning as promised, A huge shout out to Landrotten Highlander for taking on this , something he didn't need to do , but something that has made a lot of modellers very very happy , thanks so much , and looking at the set , what the hell have I taken on! Bring on the Viggen... I'm ready!
  2. In keeping with my Germian Them this year , I secured this beauty Now do I build it , or hold it for a future profit , I got from Ebay for a pretty decent price for a change
  3. What a beautiful build of an great subject , looks like a Dynasoar and a SpaceX booster had a Liaison..
  4. Bugger ... Just received ... Hello, Covid has finally hit us. Some of our production crew, production manager and general manager are under medication since last week. They are all doing well now and have been prescribed full day rest for several weeks. A decision we were very reluctantly but inevitably forced to make, please be informed that we now have to pause all production activities until the end of May, when hopefully everyone will fully have recovered and be back to their work. We will be pleased to inform you when the production resumes… and pl
  5. Great video , and the Quinta stuff is a real eye opener As fro the music , more ambient I think , to be honest I rather liked it , put it down to playing a LOT of Mike Oldfield over the years
  6. Superb pics - my wife looking over my shoulder just mumbled something about "Bloody Idiot".. Hmmm, she may have a point
  7. and a DM from me as well
  8. Tom's day job is an animator working on he like of Ardman animation projects , so that explains the self building aspects of the films , what it doesn't explain is the mind numbinging brilliant modelling techniques ,
  9. Beautiful build , and it must be nice to work in an Operating Theatre , so clean organised and neat unlike my overstuffed slum!
  10. All Tom's modelling projects are awe inspiring , check out his channel, the 1/72 Bleriot is a thing of beauty and wonder...! Tom's modelling Channel
  11. "Crumbs chief that's brilliant" - Superb work , and a brilliant result!
  12. Very nice build - excellent model
  13. Well spotted , I really should have noticed that earlier since I've got the Op Telic GR4 sheet , along with the book ,
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