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  1. Across on Britmodeller , more details of the Buccaneer kit have appeared , along with a lot more info about , and when it will be ready It'll be FAA only with a basic decal set , fair enough , but Jennings what are the economics of producing a set of RAF markings , and yes I know it'll need a bulged bomb bay although the Gulf war nose art markings may be the fav of many building the Buc, I have a hankering for 12 Sq marine strike aircraft in wrap round green grey with a load of 4 Sea Eagles.. ColinR
  2. I love the Voodoo, and indeed all of the Century series, I went so far as to build all of them in 48th years and years ago, long before the Hasagawa 104 became available, so yes , a Long time ago, but one thing that always amazed me is how big these beast are , The 101 is approx the same length as the DC-3! - just ponder that before you start a campaign for it ,and the other of the Century series in 32nd... CR
  3. Blagh.. The one year my wife agrees to open the purse strings a little, so that we have one big expensive present.. and then this happens.. Ah well , wonder when the 1/32 Buccaneer will be ready...!
  4. There you go trying to take more money out of my wallet again .. ah fudge .. Resistance is useless! ColinR
  5. Jets with Roundels , that's what you're really talking about isn't it , to the above list add Sea Vixen, Vampire family, Scimitar jet Provost , Gnat , and so on .. ok ..! PS Sea Harrier FRG 1 please!
  6. Just e-mailed alan myself , so here's hoping As to version/markings , well due to my location I'm tempted by the thought of an RAF 12 Sq toting 4 Sea Eagles.. and yes I know I'm dreaming again!
  7. Wow As one of the very few recipients of the legendary Vac form Buccaneer , which I got rid of for what seemed to be a good reason at the time .. this looks to be a major improvement , which I'd expect seeing as tho' its nearly 25 years since it first appeared Now all we need is a decent decal set , and Xmas has come early for me! colinR
  8. Ebay - I've seen a few turn up there from time to time , and I've also see one built in the flesh , and it builds into an beautiful model
  9. I endured the 2nd trailer up until the point when a Dauntless pilot does a tail slide that wouldn't disgrace a world Aerobatic Championship contender, at that point , I threw my headphones across the room, and vowed to never see this steaming pile of Dog "Leavings!" Hopefully someone with a stronger stomach will manage to sit through it and let us know just how bad it really is! ColinR
  10. First No, I'm not interested, and with a wife in the legal profession and she has pointed out more than once that divorce is more expensive than a 1/32 B-52, but I do have a copy of the old FSM from WAAAAAY back that features the scratchbuilt 1/32 B-52D... 6 foot wingspan .. seriously ...! No.. Just no!
  11. I've just been looking at the the Hannants site - Future Releases, and there are bunch of new 32ns cale releases there - JSAF retirement scheme , Turkish display schemes, and the old favourite , Michigan ANG schemes.. They look very impressive, especially the JSAF ones , Future Releases page JSAF Scheme... Scott - you might want to stock up on AN-101 upgrades for the Turkish schemes! cr
  12. The next project is a follow on from the 333 Sq Mosquito Ialso posted least week, it'll be a 19 Sq Mustang IV , From around the same period as the Mosquito , Feb/Mar 1945, when they operated out of Peterhead as long range cover for the Banff / Dallachy Strike wings, it's the ZM kit , and yes I know the drawbacks of the kit visaVis the Tamiya kit , but after 3 Tamiya Mustangs I fancied a change! Mike , in retrospect I am very lucky to have receive the kit before the fire , I loved building the kit , and it really a hage tragedy that we won't see it again, my only regret is that I didn't buy more of Paul's wonderful models, C'est La Vie! Oh and thanks for the nice words, ColinR
  13. First rule of Tamiya.. if it doesn't fit , you've done something wrong.. a little tongue in cheek , but there is an element of truth there cr
  14. My last entry at the show was my take on the fisher F8 conversion , and for a change I did it in RAF standard Camo , I thought I'd have a rest from Silver .. I was lucky and bought the conversion as a job lit with an HK F4 kit for what seems not to have been a bargain price at the beginning of the year , it was a 2nd Gen set , so no decals - cue a LOT for research into camo'ed versions , and the result is this 263 Sq aircraft based at Wattisham Circa 1954/5
  15. Some of you mght have stumbled across the AD-5 thread m, and seen the first of my pics of this dio I put together for the local model show here in Aberdeen at the weekend , Its based around the my Fisher Guppy finished in the GSB scheme , (complete with worn off paint on the Raedome), I then raided my supplied of generic USN figs, videonation, ZM and others , added some other Verlinden bits and pieces, and a ZM Tug, all secured to a Nautilus carrier deck base. Now I know there some anachronisms in the dio , but really I want ed to give a sense of scale to the Guppy , Oh and its a great build, and if I had ANY skill as regards LCDs and Lighting I'd have lit the rear compartment , it would make a real difference . So on with the pics
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