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  1. At last a reason to pull my last remaining F-18D out of storage , thanks Dave !
  2. Yup it is indeed a vetern of the battle. In fact I remember a documentary on the BBMF , and the ground crew said it still had battle damage patches on it , made from beaten out pennies done at the height of the battle
  3. Pah are we not modellers, we aren't put out off with such trivial matters.. let us hasten to our benches and make A's E's and Rf-86s and not be downhearted , Make the decals and we'll find some way to use them !
  4. Infinity - can we please have a Swift , 1st Gen Harriers / Sea Harrier, Sea Vixen and Scimitar as well please! As my Granny used to say , "If you don't ask you don't get"!
  5. Oh my goodness , that looks superb , I'm having both versions when they're available , my Post War RAF collection is moving on nicely!
  6. Not feeling a lot of love for the F-35 here ! - pity I rather like the all over grey scheme - but them I'm a little odd - so my wife says!
  7. What a beautiful restoration job , and in that scheme its a real beauty
  8. Maybe not - from the Avionist website , a selection of F-35 agressor schemes.. Oh boy..... F-35 Aggressors# Just a taster .. where did I put my F-35 again?
  9. And a Sea Harrier FRS 1 & 2 too Pretty Please!
  10. Steve , on behalf of all of us on LSP , thank you for taking one for the team !
  11. Happy days are here again....!!!! Fascinating pics of a project I'm going to be buying , just as soon as its available , especially since I seem to be in a Post War RAF/FAA groove at the moment
  12. While I'd love to see an IM 1/32 Buccaneer , like Blabkbetty I really wouldn't get your hopes up, Remember its's a big model requiring a huge investment in tooling and despite my love for the beast its really a niche product , operated by the RAF/RN with only 15 operated by the SAAF I think Kits World RE SIMPLY responding to requests from the likes of me with a kit looking for decals and nothing else unfortunately . Remember all the sheet produced by them have essentially been enlargements of their 72/48th scale sheets with little or no apparent changes made to match the actual
  13. For those out there with a Buc model still waiting to be built , and a hankering for a sand finish , I've just sen on the Big H Future Release pages, 2 Gulf War Buc sheets covering all, I think, of the Buc s used on Op Granby , wonderful nose art and all.. Gulf War Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Good Luck all those who waited for these markings.. I'll stick with Green/Grey!
  14. And that is bad? Seriously excellent work so far ..
  15. Or less than I paid fro the rather cruder Buccaneer - so I'm cool with price ..
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