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  1. That sounds about right , just finished doing that on my one , I just shot a coat of primer over most of the joins and it seems ready to head to the paint shedin a day or so
  2. Great work Mark, how was the underwing / fuselage join for you , I had to spend a few sessions to fil and seal the joint - bit of a pain , but just about there now
  3. Wonderful job Mark , wait until the wings/Tail and Canards are on m it,s frigging heavy, My motto has always been "Build in Haste , Fill at leisure" it really does go together really well, the just remember to clean the jointing surfaces the tolerances are Really tight , but I suspect you know that already!
  4. ABFT (About Flipping Time ) It's a decent kit that just needs some love that doesn't require PE Laminations everywhere (Obligatory Flightpath reference)
  5. For those of us who are pack rats , there's the old World Air Power Journal Summer 1993 , 57 pages on the Viggen and yes I have the complete set and No you can't borrow them
  6. Wow... just Wow.. I just know I'm going to have one of those at some stage!
  7. Looking great Mark, I've about 3 days behind you , working to detail the pit before trying to put it together , the only weakness of the I feel is the Instrument panel , , the printed one using Decals looks ok from a distance but there are better options these days . Keep up the great work, a real inspiration ColinR
  8. Ok so the Borders/WNM Lanc is looking too expensive, well work no more , the solution is at hand How much for this monster model well €629.99, $629.99, £569.99, AU$999.99, CA$799.99 so the article where I've shamelessly pirated this from ...(1/200th scale or there abouts) https://drivetribe.com/p/legos-titanic-is-the-second-biggest-DMbBfuJkT2W2Fta_NJMczA?iid=dxAhp1_fTuWEu7sTRyoofA I'll leave aside the argument as to whether LEGO is "real modelling", and just marvel at this beast ,
  9. Well it seems that those original pics weren't CAD after all
  10. Some more pics from the kit - available at the modelling News https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/09/preview-border-model-bombshell.html Might I suggest the price makes a little more sense ?
  11. Mark that is some beautiful work ,
  12. Well mark looks like you nailed the seat this is a screen cap from a video , Brilliant work Mark If anyone is interested , here's the whole thing - 12 mins of pure Viggen goodness
  13. Not to derail the topic , but wouldn't a Tamiya Quality Hurricane be wonderful
  14. I'm sure the real experts will be around soon , but as far as I know , no the Sea Hurricanes stayed in the Atlantic, with the various Merlin engined Seafires being deployed with the fleet carriers in the pacific ,
  15. In the good old days of the Airfix 1/24th scale superkits there were pieces in the kit to allow you to leave out the engines during the build, perhaps Tamiya should take note
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