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  1. I ordered my F6 from Ebay - Ok its a risk but there are multiple Chinese vendors listing Lightnings for PreOrder 1/32 Lightning Ebay listing
  2. Can't tell you how much I've been waiting for Iain to post in this thread, I remember when he started posting details of these sets back at the start of the development work, it those days you could still buy a Trumpeter F6 kit for less than a monthly Gas bill, Ah those were the days! Now with there return the chance to do an accurate F6 is too good an opportunity to miss , please Iain get these sets in a state where we mortals can buy them - Please!
  3. Excellent - I am in awe of the speed and precision of this build - beautiful
  4. Ah well there's Xmas stuffed , perhaps it'll turn up for my birthday in Feb
  5. Wow - those are superb-Hmm It's been a long time since I built a big phantom...
  6. Mixed breeds can be ok with a little work
  7. Hope this helps Alan - a direct link to the shop element of the site https://canmilair.square.site/s/shop
  8. That is a heck of an improvement over the kit canopy, great job
  9. And one for me as well - Damm 2023 is beginning to look like it's going to be a very expensive year!
  10. Thierry - Temptation is only a problem when you resist it , when you give in to it it feels SO nice!
  11. I'm buying one - that is all!
  12. We all know that feeling - but your sacrafice has not been in vain - Now could I ask you to start on the Tigger 1/32 F-111 Vac - coz damm I need an injection moulded 1/32 F-111F in my life and I'm not getting any younger
  13. Hopefully the price won't be too out of order, they regularly turn up on UK e-bay for around £60 or so although I doubt it
  14. I rest my case Ivan - you post is a perfect example of why I come here - a perfect response to my rather glib original message thanks for that - and yes a -7 /AU-1 in 32nd would be nice - preferable without the need to use resin
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