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  1. engine start of the Kermit Weeks A-16 , and count the cylinders!!!
  2. £900,000 classy - hmm... This is getting perilously close to political. so I'll leave it here ,, apart from saying yes it rather swish! - Paging Jennings....
  3. I just posted this because it ties in with what I've also been seeing , another F2/6 sold for close to £200 not that long ago, and yes it does suggest that there is a pent up demand , and a shortage of supply .. Now off to fondle my F1/3 , with ALL the extras including a T5 conversion.. DSG/DG RAF aircraft forever!
  4. I keep an eye on Ebay like most of us do from time to time , and this one caught my eye , I know the Lightning F2.F6 is rare , but oh man , this is proof that the kit for all its faults really needs to be re-released... Overpriced much? And no I'm not the seller or one of the bidders!
  5. All together now. ."I believe it when I see it - or I have it in my hands"
  6. Well it depends... Rear fuselage plug Forward fuselage plug New lower fuselage- Revised wing veins Revised rear cockpit , And a load of other detail changes Your choice! as me how I know.. go on I dare you!!!
  7. Scotsman


    Pains me to admit this is my Local airport, Dyce , one of the only airports still operational during the Lockdown , with flights to the islands, and helo operations to the North Sea platforms, but it looks like someone wasn't paying attention!
  8. It's A typical Iconair product, well moulded, beautiful designed , and a pleasure to work with!
  9. Woo Hoo .. thr one day I give The Modelling News a miss, and this turns up, typical As fro the kit , yup I forsee multiples of this one in my life .. bring it on .. As fro the F3 yes I do detect a wiff of one in the parts layout , but I agree with you Tim, as someone who scratchbuilt an F3 from the self same Revel kit , it really is a non trivial task , I did it , but man I'd like full kit of it , and remember Italy flew the F3 fro a few years , so perhaps.. just perhaps!
  10. It certainly does .. wow , thanks for that pic ,
  11. me too along with a Phantom.
  12. Have a look over on the Brutmodeller Rumourmonger forum , for a review of thr D558 , D558 pics It looks excellent , And I've got my confirmation e-mail as well!! AS for the Viggien itself , I saw it a couple of times at Leuchers, and it alwasy reminded me of a European F-4, the same mixof brutality , thrust , and a downright disregard of aerodynamics!
  13. I'm in the same position as Chek, the Buccaneer is pretty accurate , if a little crude in places , but buildable , even by someone who's never tackled something like this before! Alan did say that the basics of the Buc kit had been around for something like 20 years , and it was only recently that he added the missing pieces to the fuselage ,(wings!) to make it a viable model and what came out wa something like a resin Vac form if that makes sense . I was looking through my copy of "Last of the Phantoms" last night , and there is a pic of a 19SQ FRG2 being prepped fro a sortie while based at Valley , and there's something about the Green/Grey camo'ed Brit Phanto that calls out to me on some very direct level, and I was so looking forward to Alan's take on FGR2 , and hopefully we will see one some day either rom HKM or IFA , who ever it is, bring me the kit and I'll buy it , its relly that simple!
  14. Nah canna be Scotland, there's a distinct lack of wild Haggi running running round the mountains!
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