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  1. I can only hope this is true as I have a soft spot for the Scimitar , It just looked so right despite it's less than stellar operational record - bring it on
  2. Pardon the Politics - Sodding Brexit - Rant over
  3. The order arrived to-day - and as usual the sets are superb , the Houchin is next on my work bench - and tje figures are also excellent - well done !
  4. I'm pretty sure that is a valid config , I'm pretty sure I've seen pics of that
  5. I was around when the Beaufighter kit was first released back in the mid 70s and I remember the review of the kit, "accurate but it needs a proper interior" - nevertheless I built the model then and agreed with that assessment and later I recall seeing both here and also in magazines various attempts by modellers far more skilled than I to rectify these issues. But never in my wildest dreams could I conceive of someone being able to print a complete interior for this model turning it from a relic of the 70's into a modern model - I thank you and I can't wait to get started on my late war TFX
  6. I did.t mine came into balance "Just" with the Sea Eagles but I'd add 4-6 ounces(or metric equivalent!) but what matters I guess is how you handle the rear Airbrakes , if you add the revised airbrake piece directly and pose it closed it will tail sit - since it's solid resin, however if you plan to build the operating mechanism and mount it open that you might get away without issues
  7. Where's Aires when you really need them! Great work PS Don't for get some nose weight the so and so is a tail sitter - at least mine was
  8. My little "I enjoyed the film" thread has eh Hmm changed somewhat, Ah well - have fun guys!
  9. And maybe the odd 1st Harriers as well
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