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  1. Great comparisons, but overall, I'd say the Eduard 109E is just a tad better than the Cyberhobby in overall details.
  2. Another excellent build!! Just out of curiosity, how long does a typical build take to end with this result?
  3. Beautiful model!! Congrats on a job well done!!
  4. I believe MTT is short for Messerchmitt often used the manufacturing plant, like MTT Regensbuerg.
  5. Wow!! What a fantastic Zero! Congrats on completing another excellent build!
  6. This looks to be a nice kit, how does Eduard's 109E compare to Dragon/Cyberhobby's boxing accuracy and buildwise?
  7. Both items were "in-stock" and and shipped USPS priority mail. I wouldn't have ordered them if they weren't in stock. I ordered them on May 31st, finally got order confirmation on June 9th and the package arrived on June 15th... So I stand corrected, it was only 2 weeks..lol No worries though, I did get them, it just took longer than I thought it should.
  8. I ordered some Zoom instrument panels that were supposed to be "In-stock" and it took 3 weeks to arrive. My first and possibly my last order from Kitlinx.
  9. Excellent!! I have a Haesgawa George inbound and I'll get it started after I finish my Revell P-51D.
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