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  1. Either Tamiya or Airfix. I have built multiples of both 109E kits and both build up the same.
  2. I built the new tool Airfix B Stuka and it's a great build, engineered well and fun to assemble.
  3. I'm pretty sure that most of the Hasegawa 1/32 molds besides the new tool A6m5c and George are over 20 years old. But I think the Hasegawa molds still stand up to the newer molds when it comes to accuracy and build.
  4. Amazing work!!! Congrats on a superior build!!
  5. I got mine off Ebay, but I haven't seen any available recently.
  6. Tamiya could produce another P-51, but it would have to be a "B/C" model.
  7. Very nice! Like the in-flight configuration..
  8. Wow! Excellent job on that Tony! Congrats on a great build!
  9. That's a good lookin B-25, Great job!
  10. Beautiful job!! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Congrats if you got the last one, those are HTF..
  12. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Great job all the way around!
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