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  1. I believe MTT is short for Messerchmitt often used the manufacturing plant, like MTT Regensbuerg.
  2. Wow!! What a fantastic Zero! Congrats on completing another excellent build!
  3. This looks to be a nice kit, how does Eduard's 109E compare to Dragon/Cyberhobby's boxing accuracy and buildwise?
  4. Both items were "in-stock" and and shipped USPS priority mail. I wouldn't have ordered them if they weren't in stock. I ordered them on May 31st, finally got order confirmation on June 9th and the package arrived on June 15th... So I stand corrected, it was only 2 weeks..lol No worries though, I did get them, it just took longer than I thought it should.
  5. I ordered some Zoom instrument panels that were supposed to be "In-stock" and it took 3 weeks to arrive. My first and possibly my last order from Kitlinx.
  6. Excellent!! I have a Haesgawa George inbound and I'll get it started after I finish my Revell P-51D.
  7. Another excellent build!! Are the MRP "test" Japanese colors available?
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for either CED48256 or CED48258 Zircus Rosarius decals. Captured Allied aircraft in Luftwaffe service, more specifically the P-51B Mustang.. Please PM if you can help. I prefer US, but will consider overseas if the price is right. Thanks!! Harry
  9. This is incorrect. I was an avid 21st Century collector and they never produced the 190A in 1/18 scale (only the D model). Merit International was the company that bought many of the old 21st molds and actually produced the 190 as a new kit after 21st Century's demise. I would not be surprised if the Me262 is the old 21st Century mold though with maybe a few Merit/Hobby Boss tweeks.
  10. Congratulations on a fine build!! One of the best Ki44's I've seen.
  11. Either Tamiya or Airfix. I have built multiples of both 109E kits and both build up the same.
  12. I built the new tool Airfix B Stuka and it's a great build, engineered well and fun to assemble.
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