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  1. Beautiful build, amazing work!!! Congrats on a superior build.
  2. This may be an opportunity for ZM to offer an aftermarket finishing kit. Just enough parts to finish the second one..lol
  3. I'd like to not see the raised area from the decal or I would probably do that. I'll just try the tape method to remove like suggested and sand it down until smooth. Thanks so much for the replies!!!
  4. I have a Hasegawa Dora I built/painted a few years back and I was never really happy with the results. I don’t want to waste the model so I’m seriously considering a partial repaint. The base scheme is mostly ok but I’d have to make a few paint changes in some areas and re-decal parts of the fuselage. My question is what is the best way to remove the decals? The existing decals were laid down on top of future (klear) then another coat of future was applied and then sealed with a clear flat lacquer. I’m thinking of sanding the decals off but I’d like to hear others opinions or techniques. Thanks! Harry
  5. I decided to take the plunge and found a great deal out of Japan. Now all I need is to wait for it to get here.
  6. Thanks! I'm a little disappointed that the oblique cannon is just an add-on barrel and not an assembly, but I would imagine having an assembly would require lots of additional tooling for just one rare variant. I think I'll add this to my list.
  7. Did I miss something? Is PCM back/still in business?
  8. Hi all, Is this kit a A6m5c or just the A6m5 variant, and is it the new tool version? I can't seem to find out much on this release but I am familiar with the nightfighter which is what has me interested in this kit. Thanks!! Harry
  9. I picked one up the other day at my local Hobbytown..
  10. i know the boxes are a complaint but I always tape the ends of the box shut then take a razor blade and cut a flap in the top of the box. It's functional and can be taped shut if need be. I'm certainly excited to see this kit and I hope they arrive as planned.
  11. Man, that's a beautiful Frank!! Great job!
  12. Oh.. Haha.. I didn't look at the date of the last post, I just had to search back a few pages so I thought it had been a while. My bad..lol
  13. hworth18

    WNW Camels

    Just be patient, restocks are on the way
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