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  1. Sad to hear, the modelling community has sadly lost another great member.
  2. I'm in the middle of a RFM Easy Eight Sherman. The workable tracks aren't bad once you get the hang of them. I glued all the track jigs together so I could do long track runs at one time. The only frustrating thing to me about this kit is that even the smallest parts seem have 3 sprue connections and require lots of cleanup and building the smallest of assemblies is also a negative for me. A 1/35 tank kit shouldn't have 500 plus parts IMHO.. (sarcastic)
  3. Looking great Sasha!! The engine panels are the toughest part of this kit. I look forward to your updates, and stay safe!
  4. Obviously the 190 is still on their radar, there is a pic of a 190A on the wall behind the model in the second pic.
  5. I think I saw on Revell's release page that it is an all new tool, not a re-issue of the old hasegawa kit.
  6. The pics show for me, you just have to give them a minute to load. Nice Job on the Shoki!!
  7. Or you could just build the existing Hasegawa Oscar and 99.99% of people wouldn't know the difference.
  8. Thanks all for your opinions and comments! I have decided to go with the Eduard kit, hopefully it fills what I need.
  9. Thank you so much! Your post helped a bunch. I have ordered the Eduard Brassin kit thru my LHS.
  10. Another beautiful build!! You build these so fast, how long does it normally take you to build one?
  11. Thanks, I've heard that Aries requires lots of sanding to fit.
  12. Thanks, but I was looking for previous experience with the different brands.
  13. i would rather go with Barracuda, but I need way more parts than what Roy offers.
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