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  1. Congrats if you got the last one, those are HTF..
  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Great job all the way around!
  3. I always thought the Revell was leaning more towards a K-4 with their G-10 release.
  4. I wouldn't mind a cheap A6m2, a hamp or a A6m3
  5. Photobucket has been doing crap like this for years. It's one of the many reasons I stopped using them.
  6. Welcome Kurfurst! I recommend you build the kit and have fun with it. I found an aftermarket 1/32 Zero decal set on Ebay if you want to build something different. On a side note, i've built the Zero kit and I have a couple of the 21st prebuilts and they are nice. the pilot figure is especially nice and the working landing gear that has the correct rake is another plus. Here's the Ebay link to the decals: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Eagle-Strike-Decals-1-32-The-Beginning-of-A-Legend-Early-Zero-Zens-11-21-32025/123907193566?hash=item1cd971bade:g:5L0AAOSwMJVdfZJq:sc:USPSFirstClass!74033!US!-1
  7. I'd go with the new tool Airfix kit. The kit really goes together well with nice, tight tolerances on all the joints.
  8. The first Tamiya 109E kit had issues, but the Trop kit is the correct one with the fixed nose. I have built all 3 and honestly, side-by-side you really can't tell any difference. I really like the new tool Airfix kit just because of all the part options it comes with.
  9. Beautiful Job!! The A6m5C turned out great!!
  10. I'd prefer to see a Dora than another A8.
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