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  1. The RAF Marking Red does look strange in the bottle but really good when sprayed. At least I thought so when I used it. Much redder. Jay
  2. Lynn Ritter, noted 109 authority, thinks that the Cyberhobby Emils are the most accurate 1/32 109 of any type A-K, so there’s that. I have built two and they are very good. Jay
  3. If this was such a lucrative segment of the scale model world why hasn't it already been done?
  4. As much as I have enjoyed WNW kits, I have never figured out how it was profitable. In fact quite often it's speculated that it's not, but is subsidized by PJ. If true there might not be any interest by another company to buy the molds and start producing these kits again. Most of their kits are not particularly popular subjects. It's often stated here that we are but a small percentage of scale modelers. That most modelers are casual and just want to stick some parts together and be done with it. Most model companies have models for those builders. Cheap and simple. WNW never has had anythin
  5. A little more progress on this thing and some lack thereof. Master barrel for the rear MG-15. Love their stuff. Now I will also have to use at least one of their MG-17 barrels on the most protruding of the nose guns. Snapped it off for the third time and couldn't find it this time.Masked and painted swastikas on the tail. Dragon does not supply those on the decal sheet. Noticed the S decal on right side is crooked so was able to remove it and will use mask and paint to repair. Installed the Quickboost exhaust so now I think I am ready to finally attach the wings. Maybe not quite as I want to d
  6. They are for the Revell 1968 Hemi Dart. An accurate Hemi Dart is my Holy Grail of modeling. The Revell kit is a good starting point, I’ve started it about 5 times so far. I find car models to be the least realistic of the genres so it’s been a challenge.
  7. This one is coming along. Due to the size I have been painting it with the wings off. The fit of the wings is very good so should be able to install them later with a little touch up. Did add a thin shim to the front of the right wing but that was all that was needed. The wasp decals on the nose were a challenge. I did have to sand and paint in spots but I think they are ok. A combination of MRP and Mr. Color paint. Jay
  8. Really nice work, Antonio! I like it a lot. Jay
  9. Been wanting to do another one of these since I built the nightfighter version a few years ago. Found one for $50 at the Nats so figured it was time. Probably will go with kit markings as I like the wasp, but will probably go with masks for the rest of the markings. Most of the riveting is done with my usual beading tool method. Just a few things left that need to be done after more assembly. I have been working on the cockpit as well. Airscale decals for instruments and placards. They make a huge difference. Eduard PE belts. The rest is just the kit parts. Was hoping to get the fus
  10. Looks great, Mike. Looking forward to this project. Jay
  11. Lynn is noted authority on 109’s. He has published books on them and the 109 Lair is his website and is a friend of mine, so I respect his opinion. Personally I am not as concerned as a lot of people are about accuracy as long as it looks good to me. We all want different things from a kit. You like detailed wheel wells and for me that’s the one area on this kit I have never used any AM. Nobody ever looks at them. Jay
  12. Almost forgot about accuracy. It’s not too bad. Per Lynn Ritter the only accurate 109 in 1/32 is the Dragon E-4. Jay
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