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  1. That looks like a nice line up. I kinda feel in the navy and air superiority are somewhat close in topic. Maybe a change of order would be good? Cheers
  2. Oh im nit saying it wont be nice but this is more then to top level Tamiya, ZM 1/32 including the hk b-17. I almost forgot the new amazing airfix 1/24 scale beauties. Kinda feel more r&d goes into those then a car kit. But jist my 2 cents. dont get me wrong it Looks amazing
  3. Lukymodel has it for 249usd. That is way to rich for my blood
  4. Wow amazing job, i almost bouth one of these not too long ago, really interesting subject. I really really love your paint job, what metalics did you use ?
  5. Wow these are very cool. Are they for the kinetic kit? I have one of these in the stach waiting for some attention Have a $$ in mind? I could see foil adhesive beens used dor the tail part Cheers
  6. Wow your not kidding about the price! Its almost 100 canadian pessos.!! I have the red xuron one, was i life changer when i got it. But at 20$ im sure they are no where neer these
  7. @LSP_Kevin curious to see how that aibrush performs
  8. After hunting for this gen for more then a year ive finally got a sheet of VFA-195 decals at a resonable price ! making my Kinetic boxing of the F-18 the next candidate for my bench (still waiting on hobbytownusa to ship my paint) im super happy these decals are sooooo cool
  9. Look good For you battery pac you could use magnetic tape stuck to the door. It should be enough to magenetise againgts the batteries
  10. Yes you are correct. i belive they plan to restore it to its original color probably using non stealth absorbent pain
  11. Just saw this in my news feed First F-117 to go to a museum. https://amp.desertsun.com/amp/3579152001 Funny it arrived naked!!! Cheers
  12. Hi Chuck Love the work on the lights. I do almost the same process, just did the 1/48 hasegawa f-14 wing light. I do 1 extra step from the ones you mentionned, once ive put the clear red or green, i also paint the entire rear with chrome to simulate the reflector behind the lens. Then i CA ect like you mentioned. Let me know what you think of thid. Great work as usual Chuck! Can't wait for the next update Cheers Just notice after posting MikeMaben mentionned the same thing
  13. Like chuck demonstrated. Sanding from rouph to smooth. Js a great way to do it. In most times for seams i apply some tamiya surface primer with a buche on the seam before sanding. That way i find it easier to level out without going too deep in the plastic. For the fine scratches mr surface 1500 black is a dark magic product. Another tric that was not mentioned that might be a good route for comple model smoothing is using a polishing head on a dremel at low speed with tamiya corse polishing compound. Done right the plastic will come out like it just had the bes
  14. I would say 90% of the time i paint off sprue. The parts that do get a on sprue pain job get the same treatment as dennismcc mentioned above Main reason like mentionned by others is parts clean up and tests fit. I also like todo most assemblies/dry fit unpainted since tamiya extra thin makes a mess on painted surfaces
  15. Wow. Ive recently built one of these but yours is in a class of its own. Amazing paint job Wow
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