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  1. Wow great job Pain and weathering is beautifull Do you have pics with the lights on?
  2. Amazing result!! Ive followed along your entire build and it was really interesting to say the least,thank for sharing
  3. Love it Great painting skills. Your making me change my mind on my plans to build mine
  4. Hi guys I was reading the Eduard newsletter this morning and on one of the item it said for a limited time this will include a set of Space item number #### I got curious and went for a peek and to my suprise i saw that they have a new product line called Space and they are 3d printed IP's allot like redfox and Quintas https://www.eduard.com/eduard/space-–-3d-decals/?cur=2 There are 2 or more that are 1/32 including a tornado gr4 https://www.eduard.com/eduard/space-–-3d-decals/tornado-gr-4-space-1-32.html?cur=2 Im surprised
  5. Wow again your work is mind blowing. Cant wait to see it once cometed
  6. From the action listing its part of the sale
  7. Hi Guys welcome to my new project ! In the spirit of always trying 1 new thing per build (aka self torture) here is what ive decided to try for the first time, A Dual build! I first went over the top with this idea by building a Academy and a Hasegawa 1/32 F-18, then realizing that just 1 of those boxes is biger then my bench i placed them back in the stach and pick out these 2 build details : 1 X HobbyCraft F4U-1D OOB 1 X Trumpeter F4U-1D HGW VF-17 Decals 1x vector cowling paints will be a mix of humbrol and AK real colors
  8. I was just reissued recently thought id my memory is correct. It was unoptanium for a while
  9. Its kinda of odd that 1/32 F-16s are so hard to come by, like the academy sufa kit is also super hard to get, considering the size and marking options this should be a money printing kit. Imagine if academy stopped producing their F-18A to D !!
  10. Great start. Ive just finished this exact scheme in 1/48
  11. Thanks you for the kind word. Means allot coming form all of you!!!
  12. Ha that makes nore sense when i refer to j&b weld i think of this one https://www.jb-weld.co.uk/originalepadh Clear epoxy sounds like a better choice!
  13. Wow jus wow this is the best(in my personal opinion) HK b-17 ive seen built. You did an amazing job
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