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  1. Ive used a sheet long time ago on my 1/48 b-25 i really like them. Had no issues. Nice and thin conforms really well
  2. From over here in Canada its been painfully slow for at least a month. If i run 2 tabs i can do 3 to 6 pages on ARC before one load here.
  3. Hi kev Since the last crash forum has been really slow for me. Could be the database indexing issue
  4. Great work. Love the paint job I have this exact setup waiting for me those decals and that kit. Did you use the zacto model intake ring or strait oob?
  5. Nice ill be watching. This is a so ugly its pretty kinda bird. Ive been wanting to get the trainer version. I really like the white and orange scheme. Cant wait to see your build
  6. Omg that is one good looking cockpit.!! I really need to learn
  7. Does that pilot come with a beer can to put in his hands?
  8. You know they put that there so SWMBO will watch it with you
  9. wow im shocked at how basic the cockpit is in this thing. Even the Trumpeter kit is a bit better buit no where near Academy F-18 witch is about 10 years older! another shocking point is that i dont believe there is an AM pit for the Trupmeter kit considering the OOB lack of details
  10. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Here is a small update i've painted and finalized the engines, i used some Mig pigments and oil staining from their armor engine weathering kit. im pretty happy with the results. although i did not check how easy it is to leave and engine cover off this kit! The exhaust are painted using alclad exhaust Manifold i really love the look. as for the cockpit, ive did some detail painting but there is allot more to do before its done. i did attack the IP but im really unsatisfied and i think im goin to strip it down and start over. I would really like to find a detailed tutorial on how to pain instrument panels has this is always a pain point of my builds and i feel i could use a better technique More soon!! Thanks for following along
  11. I would ask in the traders board. Bot too long about there where 3 or 4 of these for sale
  12. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Thanks for the tips. Do you have a link to the hyperscale ref? I also have the 1/48 and other 1/32 manual just for refs
  13. So here is my entry for my first LSP Group Build the kit is the Dragon BF 110 E-2 trop, with Montex mask BF 110D Shark mouth and the rest will be OOB. I don't believe i have ever built a Axis subject up to date but ironically i will have 3 of them on my bench in the coming months , i have this one , a 1/35 sd.kfz and a trumpeter 1/24 BF109 that i want to get going. i stated building this kit in my living room watching the kids since there are many sub assemblies that can be done requiring no paint. thus far i have basic cockpit, engines, gear bays built and i must say im really happy with the fit so far. last night i manage to get my first round of base coat going and im ready to start detailing the cockpit and weathering the engines More soon
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