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  1. Neo

    Make the others jealous

    Do you have the item number?
  2. Neo

    Happy Birthday MARU!

    Happy bday Maru!!! Wish you the best for this year and years to come
  3. Neo

    Another Corsair: Tamiya's F4U-1D

    Wow i really love this scheme. Great paint job I need a set of those mask's
  4. Neo

    Loosing that “Loving feeling”.

    Please read all before rolling your eyes Its the same thing with your better half, when thing fall into routine there just not exiting anymore. You have to find new approches and new ways to make the "interest" come back (believe me im working hard on my words here). But i find the human mind works the same way for so many different things Find a way to spice thing up, i started my first armor project, then while doing that think about why it was not exiting before. For example i realized that at much as i like Details in my cockpits it really KILLS my mojo. Solution OOB cockpits and more fun time. i realized that while building a half track
  5. Neo

    RAF P-39D

    Wow thanks guys did not expect such nice comments. will follow up soon with more progress
  6. Neo

    Zoukei Mura in 2018

    I have yet to buy and build a zm kit but i must say most of their subject touch a sweet spot for me. Unfortunately the cost has kept me at bay until i really need one. I kinda feel bad for not supporting a company that is building all the kits that fit me so well. Like the p-51 skyraider with filding wings, the ho229 their amazing 1/48 f-4 the list goes on
  7. Neo

    Zoukei Mura in 2018

    Part 3 says American water cooled. Bf110g-4 sound's german to me
  8. Neo

    RAF P-39D

    HI Guys thank you for the kind words Its summer time here and ive been enjoying the outdoors. ive made some good progress on this beauty leveraging late nights and rainy days! i free handed the Camo using Tamiya paints. Ive never used them before and im not convinced i like them yet! This is my second time using masks. i like the result but comparing the effort vs decals i think ill do decal in the future. Im glad i did the masks since some makings are not available otherwise. ive done some small touch ups by brush to the insignia im working on the landing gear now. Ive also going to have to respray the white on one of thee lower wing insignia. Thank you for looking
  9. I have a somewhat different view. My stash is about 40 kits. But 90 was purchased second hand at a smoking deal. If not i got them with clerance or coupons So for the same budget i would probably have 15 kits in my stash and some of witch i woul6 have never gotten because retail was just too highr and could not convince myself. Like 1/32 tbf and tbm, 1/24 typhoon ect. Now this is funny since i do this all the time My wife said; "You look in the boxes so often, and when you actually bild the thing, you have already built it five times in your head"
  10. I keep them . The only one i give away are when ppl ask for one. I build a double detolf that gets me plenty of space for about 120$CAD With extra shelfs
  11. Neo

    Is 6,500 kits too many?

    Picture or it never happened
  12. Neo

    On to 1/24 scale./ Fovard March.

    U have a g6 on the brach and im loving the 1/24th scale. I have 2 typhoons i cant wait to get to
  13. Neo

    Re the A-10 fan disk set back...

    Chuckz4 has a extremely detailed build here of the a10 Look for" kicked up a notch"
  14. Ciuld we pissibly have sub forums in that section? I.e painting. Weathring Photos Ect Lot easier to find what your looking for Just my .2c