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  1. Yup thats the one, great reference wip
  2. Dodnt @Out2gtcha build one of these in yellow a long time avo here
  3. Ih thats tempting,ive actually never built a tank before but i like the size of this one
  4. Very cool nerf! I would definitely paint it Man 3 Lancaster's!! Thats allot!
  5. I use Alclad light sheen allot( not the aqua one) works great, but not the Strongest if you want to use it as a barrier coat for weathering. For complete flat the best ive ever used is humbrol flat clear its amazing, the gloss is garbage(many times it would not dry), the satin yellows but the flat is brilliant for some reason
  6. Wow thats some cool stuff. Years ago i made my own 1/48 parachute with steel wire clear tape and a light bulb. This looks much easier.
  7. Oh ive bren wanting one, dont know these guys hope its good. I was really hoping for Airfix to do one in 1/24, Well beggars cant be choosers
  8. Looks nice love the skin texture Note the wing to fuselage attachment is HK's very successful bayonet solution. It means that the wings are easily removeable for storage or transportation This is very similar to Monograms 1/48 B-17 from the stone ages
  9. Loot time!! Scored some rare Bandai kits, and the new Grogu kit from a Canadian hobby shot, at a great price. I also got super lucky and won bids on 1/6th storm troopers, was a killer deal but shipping wreak it, im still super happy about it. last pic is a bunch of tools i got this summer from Lucky model, the tape in the black packaging is scribing tape cant wait to try it out looks very cool and flexible. The mini Dremel pen is noce but you have to modify it to fit any standard 3mm bits
  10. Just saw this. Such a tragedy From this angle im also concerned about the b-29 and ground ppl https://youtu.be/_VTh-dG5U6Q
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