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  1. Great work on this one! I do have to say the intake design on this kit is smart! Having the seam in the corner vs runing down the middle of the side walls is so simple yet as been missed by most kit manufacturers!! Fun fact even the new trumpeter kit did it the old way!
  2. Wow they look great. Last year i was super tempted there were allot of used comercial display case for sell cheap, due to shop closing with covid.
  3. They are the best thing you can buy. I have Trumpeter sigle blade and DSPIAE The DSPIAE are insanely amazing, but were quite expensive, so i got the trumpeter on for cutting clear sprue and other damaging cuts. I do have to mention that luckymodel now has the brand and they have the best lrice ive ever seen https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=DSP-ST-A3.0 At 30$ this is a no brainer. I had xuron sprue cutter before for 10year, after using the DSPIAE it fel like i was cutting steak with a plastic knife... That being said its the same feeling i had when i initially got the xuron compare to what i was using before.. so i guess this is my second revolution!!
  4. Any update on this build?
  5. Im curious, i does the Trumpeter Cat compare to lets say the Hasegawa Cat in 1/48? Because Hase was the norm for F-14 dor so long , and ive built 2 of them and well lets just say that its far from an easy build.
  6. Great start ALF love that all your builds have personal history and that you share it with us. Fun fact this kit is kinda like the classic airframe kits, the part number are in the instructions 1st page like you posted. Its also shoing witch on is e(a) sprue Cheers
  7. Omg where did you get the razor crest, ive been hujting for 1
  8. Oh boy oh boy... Good thing the shipping is ridiculous because that's a baller price
  9. Dont really need the decals, i would probably do mask. but not a bad idea about the runner, if they sell it
  10. Yep, now that i got the original git with the barrel conversion!!
  11. Tamiya 3 step polish will bring this back to gloss
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