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  1. I wonder what this means for black box/ avionics. Arent they they owners of that? On the topic of them closing, i never ordered from them either their sales had nothing in stock until the day after the sale ended where it fealt they found a new full warehouse, or when they did their shipping to canada was by far the most expensive ive ever seen, like i was going to get a blakbox f-18d cockipit it was 45$usd of shipping...
  2. Wow great finish. Really love your paint work Curious what clear coat did you use before the tamiya wash? Wenever i use the tamiya wash i somehow always manage to go trought the clear coat while wiping it off
  3. From the research i had done back in the day the bigest PITA of the kit is the intake its really bad, nit in shape but in buildability. If you dont mind putting intake covers i think the rest was ok, well at least for me.
  4. @BloorwestSiR Luckymodels mentions on checkout that air mail is suspended and will ship surface. I use surface for all the kits i get from there, but AM is normally free air mail and its really fast making them a great souce
  5. Best soure for am is luckymodel they have free airmail on am stuff. They have paused canada for covid. But when that comes back they are the best
  6. Knowing this was the hasegawa kit, imagine what you could do with a tamiya kit!
  7. Wow. Tbh anything painted this good would look amazing!!
  8. Hasegawa A-7E loved it Hasegawas F-18F Revell B-25 pita to build but the only game in town. Built my first ever diorama with it finished in bare metal foil
  9. Hi chuck. With all the pain your having cleaning the landing gear, isith there an am replacement abailable? Appart from sac of course
  10. Oh very nice. Congratulations for your sponsor zone. @LSP_Kevin will Damiens vendors board threads be moved to the dedicated zone would be nice histirical data
  11. I was gong to say Kitty hawk did 2 of them https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kitty-hawk-kh80127-f9f-8-and-f9f-8p-cougar--675115 But they are f9f cougars
  12. Its been a long time since i havent ordered so much paint!! im gradually switching from humbrol to AK paint. and there was a 20% off sale after xmas so i went a little crazy im really enjoying these pains, not as amazing as mrp (got some recently for my su-33 project) but all off these cost me 120 canadian pesos (shipping & taxes inc) (3.47 cad each) from greathobbies.com i also grabbed a set of weathering pens to give them a try
  13. Im somewhat in between for the cO2. From what i can see from looking atound the . montreal area the best way to got at this is to get a 20lbs tank and swap it out when its empty. Apparently refilling your own is more expensive. How long does it last is my curiosity, like my compressor with a tank on it would cycle trought many time during one session. Im assuming the quantity is different? If i was to put the tank in the next room, can the regulator stay open all the time and just add a secondary pressure valve on my desk?
  14. Ive just started the Kinetic SU-33, so far im really impressed Academy F-4 series is apparently really good too. but i have not tried it. academy ROKAF T-50B "Black Eagles" was an impressive kit built it a while back really enjoyed it OOB Hasegawa F-104 (super fun build) and now the kinetic F-104 (apparently even better)
  15. I would love to have a nice tomcat in 1/32 But i would go for trumpeter. Especially since zactoman made some beautiful resin for it
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