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  1. Id go A-7 because of the more colorful schemes
  2. Amazing work Pete, just catching up on the progress. Im curious, why not use clear epoxy for the water? All the tutorials ive ever seen to make water was using clear epoxy. Your water came out amazing btw Also love the painting on the figure, do you airbrush that or paintbrush? Cheers
  3. Oh glad your back on track. Fyi for the pics to disply inline your link need the file extension, like .jpg
  4. Very nice list. I have an academy kit in the stash, this is a good laundry list of part to get if after a friend finishes a build Cheers
  5. I exclusively use the web browser version. I used the app for 10mins then uninstalled it
  6. ohh is Kinetic going to make a 1/24th F-86 ? id be down for that
  7. yes, so they have hidden and public in the settings, hidden mens direct linking only kinda like google drive, so its unlisted and if you have the link you can see it. That being said photobucket and in the days imageshack(not sure now) was the same. So essentially HIdden pics wont show up on imgur or seach results
  8. Oh that saber is tempting. But shipping to canada is 57$ ouch
  9. So ready to take off with no rio! ?? probably a type-o
  10. Im using imgur, when i go in my account all my uploads are hidden. i have to manually set them to public. if you go to "gallery profile" you can see if they are hidden or public. That being said when you post them on the forums and a person click on the pic tit takes them to imgur page and i think from there ppl can comment. I was on imageshack before and really loved it until one morning they decided to go paid only model and didn't even allow me to get my pics back without paying, so im never going to give them my business
  11. It also takes money to make money, they might not have the cash flow to do re-releases, Other thought dis Revell Germany get all the rights and molds from Revell USA when the closed?
  12. Never seen a B but saw two A's in Canada in 2019. they did a great demo. i really hope we get a B i would love todo an in flight barely weight off wheels
  13. Now thats a great Nose job!
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