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  1. Wow amazing engine. I have 2 trumpy kits in the stach wonder if it would fit! Was this 3d printed?
  2. Id love for hk to shrink down the b-25 altought i must say im not that impressed with the initial 1/48 hkm b-17 at the price the are asking ill stick with the 30$ revell one
  3. Wow, looks great. Now i just have to built one that scheme is way too cool
  4. I built the ki-84 years back and i have to say was a very enjoyable build. Has to be in my top 5 kit/results The only thing i put was the eduard pe set My only redo would be the antena
  5. They look really nice. The link is 1/72 at that scale it really impressive. I would have enjoyed them even more if there was no shameless bashing on competitor, you can clearly recognize eduard brassing and pe as the intended target.
  6. Just built one of those. Nice kit. The left mlg on mine is somewhat bent
  7. So tbis is an interesting discustion. I would like to just talk about your point of ppl looking at you weird for wearing a mask. Ill start with a ski analogy, when ppl started to wear helmets on sky slopes they got the look. I stopped skying for a while and when i dusted of my gear 2 year ago and attacked the slopes the good old fashion way with no helmet i got the look. So it about adaptation. In canada when we see ppl with a mask pre covid was a sign that you where sick and contagious. So the reflex is that if tour not sick you dont wear one. Another point is that Pre Covid, be honest when you saw ppl in certain asian countries wearing a mask all day long you have to admit that you tought is was peculiar So to recap. Humans need time to adapt to new things in general. Some are faster then others. We see new things as odd, or are jugemental. Think electric cars!! Cheers
  8. Great work. Im Enjoying your build
  9. Very cool!! The weathering is perfect !
  10. Wow amazing work. Love the uniqueness. It looks so much like the b&w pic i had to look twice just to check if it was a real one or a pic of your kit in. B&W!! Are you going to build the mirage he flew next? Cheers
  11. They look amazing but way to expensive for my blood. Plus i would not don them justice with my poor painting skills. Do we know if the special edition of the little bird that comes with figures where made by live resin?
  12. Ak real colors makes 2 sky blue 11175 and 76 For the duck i normally use humbrol 23
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