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  1. Windows 10 is focused in thecstart menu. Click the window start menue. Then type firefox it will come up click and go
  2. Yeah was tempted by a b-25
  3. LoL me and you brother!! At work we started a project that required mac development.. so when i told swmbo that i was training myself on using a mac i got punched!!
  4. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Alright i have a big update today ive masked and painted the darker RLM 74, on the wings with pae and on the fuselage with blue tack. i was not really happy when i unmasked the rear section of the fuselage so i decided to wet sand it back down and free hand it. Im still not happy with it but i decided to go on. the next part was to apply the Montex mask. I think my set was a bit old as it had some shrinkage to it and had a really hard tome to get it off the backing paper in one piece (using tape over to capture all thee parts). overall im happy with the result. the next step is to pain the nose guns and install the nose so that i can apply the shark mouth mash and paint it, i must say im really nervous about that mask! tonigh i hit the "A" with some yellow and unmasked the last part. you can also se the touched up rear
  5. Wow this is one of the most amazing figures i e seen! Even swmo was impressed!!
  6. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Thank you thank you , the technique is growing on me i must say thank you. Just got the RLM74 on today! Thanks Ha ! So i see i sparked some interest on the paint booth. So i built it in january, from having it in my mind for at least 3 years. I will do a full article on it at some point to share the design and maybe get some hints from you guys to improve it.
  7. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Update TIme so black basing.. im not entirely sold i like the effect i got on the yellow. im somewhat liking what it has done on the light grays but im pondering if its worth the effort and hand cramps!! i do have to say i did master my new Badger Krome by motheling and using this technique ! and i feel tons more confident now with my airbrush. Here is the bottom that i mentioned was done in my previous post fuselage wing And last night i spend 1.5hours applying RLM 75 on the uppper surfaces left wing rightw And as a bonus here is a sneak peek at my custom paint booth that i built in January. more on that soon under Thanks for following ! Cheers Neo
  8. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Thanks Ray i will try that next time for sure
  9. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    So i spent tonight painting the underside of this big girl. It started out pretty badly, i was getting the same orrible spray pattern. So after thinning and thinning still not better. So i swapped out to my other airbrush and thing got better. The down side is the the other AB has a bigger nozzle hence making the paint really too thin. All that aside i manage to get a nice black basing coat on. Pics to come soon. I did find the culprit of my airbrush issue. After tearring it down i found a small fiber of paper towel sticking out of the nozzle.(actually took a magnifying glass to see it.) So hopefully next time it should be fine! Cheers
  10. Its about time you got back to foiling!! Cant wait to see some progress
  11. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Thanks for the comments Fanes& mozart For the yellow black basing i watched dogs models video technique. I think for the wing section my main problem was that i had real trouble mothelling
  12. Wow that looks amazing. Looks expensive!! I kinda wish i had gottent the limited edition b wing a while back that had light kit in it too
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