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  1. So exited about this draw. With 9 prizes and 22 modelers, im really loving these odds!!!
  2. Man ive been working on mine for 8 months...... holy cow you built this one fast@!@
  3. Man cutting the SIX out of the foil must have been crazy hard
  4. Slow progress is happening on this one I finished weathering with ramiya panel line brown, and the applied a light sheen alclad coat. The clear is getting old and i had to thin it quite allot vs the normal ready to spay. It went down super smooth. The only down side it that it made it more shinny then normal. I think im gona pass a lite micro mesh sanding to knock the gloss down or i might just spray a mist of humbrol mat over it Pics soon
  5. Omg... Amazing. That second pic looks so real GĂ©niale
  6. Humm didnt get the email. Last year i got a krome
  7. Wow that's more then my lifetime builds
  8. Oh that makes sense. Omg you are lucky to have those beauties in your garage!!!
  9. Good stuff. But the fork is not square at the top, won't that make a bigger difference then the paint? Also was are those 2 beautiful cars in the background
  10. Dibs on the turkey sandwich
  11. Looks amazing. Great job. Can't believe you had that much bad luck and still hit the deadline with an amazing result!! What a great spirit
  12. My best purchase of the year where all the parts needed to build my custom paint booth
  13. I'm an enamel guy too and I have the same feeling about acrylics. I mostly use humbrol really love that paint. I woul love to give MRP a go but getting my hands on some bottles is complicated and expensive. I did a small trial or Mr color acrylics lacquer and liked them but I have the same issue availability. I just found a hobby shop online in Canada that sells AK true air color that is acrylic lawyer I will be tring them as soon as they get here. The acrylic lawyer seams like the new way to go these days. Cheers
  14. Thanks K2 for organizing this amazing raffle. Thank to all LSP donators. All address exchanges have been done. Will ship out soon !! Merry Xmas to all
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