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  1. Glad the pilot is ok. As for tutors, well yes they are old but i saw them again this summer and they are in great shape. I would love to see them flying the hawk. And since its also a single engine subsonic small jet im sure the transition would be less harsh then lets say hornets. That being said im sure the snowbirds tutor and in better shape than most cf-18! Adding to the last point that the Hawks that we have in canada are not ours.
  2. You sure your wife didnt set parental controls !
  3. Thanks guys for the nice comments. Im really going to try out those scissors on some spare tamiya tape and see out it goes. they are plastic kids version so not holding my breath today i when and applied the RLM76 ( Humbrol 126) to the bottom of the plane using the Black bassing technique. While applying the paint and looking at the profile i decided to try something new, ive always did the mottle on the side of luftwaffe birds by applying the main side color then going back to the light color to apply the pattern. This time i told myself i was going to RLM76 base the side color if you get what i mean. So i applied the rlm76 in a very light black bassing, once dry i will apply the RLM 75 using the same technique and see out that turns out. Now for me this is new discovery, im guessing some of you will be like "Is there any other way" ! Once again thanks for following, your comments,critiques, likes really keep the juice flowing!
  4. Thanks nick. Not sure what you mean by ", assuming you don't want to airbrush?" i will be airbrushing the model, so you mean free and the leading edge ? im going to give them a try and see what comes out. Stay tuned
  5. Congrats to the winner. Just looked at the baracuda site. That ground crew looks amazin!!!
  6. Hi Kev Pm me when you get a chance. I might be able to help out. Ive done quite a few server migration in my career. LSP is quite painfully slow more often than its fast. and i do take into consideration that WIP section is the one where you also have external dependencies of the image providers(photobucket,imagur,ect)
  7. Well here a 2 in one update. ive made some real good progress with this build. Tonight ive made it to the primer stage! first up i completed the installation of the glass and the seat belts. (remember they are custom made i.e not perfect) The next step was to install the wings. Little tape to help with the joints. I must say this has to be the best wing root seam ive ever had! 0 putty , 0 filling of any kind. light sanding to get rid of the Tamiya extra thin that decided to peek out. Now the bottom rear seam well you know what they say when something is perfect somewhere its ugly somewhere else! here it is with glue and mechanical persuasion. I added some plastic card in there before putty to make sure it stays nice and strong So the second part of the update is what i manage to do today i installer the spare canopy to make marking easier. I also had to remove the barrels from the main guns to make painting easier Using some very weak glue i put the panels in place. i will be displaying one side of the engine open once painting is done. And the final part i purchased some Alclad black surface primer, ive been meaning to try it out and im planning to do a black bassing finish just like on my BF110C. I must say ive heard so many bad things about this primer i was not sure how this would go. at the moment im really satisfied. this baby look like a pirate all dressed in black and 2 wooden peg legs! lastly ,while contemplating the paint scheme i noticed this plane has this pattern on the leading edge. and to my disappointment that part is not supplied in the montex mask (K24025) ill be doing yellow 7 JG53(top one in the image below) im thinking of using my kids style scissors to make some out of tamiya take but i feel its going to be a PITA to get right. Any ideas? More soon thanks for looking
  8. Thank you Thanks thor, i think your right about that blue line make sense to be oxigen Thanks Brian Thank Gaz, im really loving that engine, im going to leave one side and the bottom open
  9. Wow looks amazing. What did you use for NMF?
  10. Love egg planes when my first daughter was born a made an egg plane mobile with 4 of them
  11. Hum kinda disappointed that at this price range we dont even get positionable control surfaces
  12. Hey guys dont know if this is old news but just saw a b-17crashed killing 7 ppl on Wednesday https://time.com/5692347/b-17-crash/ Sad news for the victims.
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