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  1. So they where right the correct way to paint models is black basing Argument over
  2. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Not to worry its not written off. It just not to what i was expecting. I have completed the build. Pic are in the lightroom queue
  3. Nice. I was fortunate that the montex mask set includes both inside and out
  4. On my badger Airbrush it also allow me to unscrew and pull my needle out without removing the handle since the needle sticks out the back
  5. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Thanks guys. So the issue i ran into is that the thinner i used to whipe away the wash was too powerfull and ripped trought the clear and the paint. The main clear coat was Alclad klear gloss. After doing one wing the clear was getting attacked so i stopped and applied tamiya x-22 then tried again. I had the same issue. Im using MM enamel thinner to clean the panel wash that id Tamiya panel line accent brown. Followint Brian suggestions im going to get some mineral spirits and give that a try next time. My main pet peave is that the panel line wash ended hup more a sluge where all the paint got stained it does give it a dirty used look but thats not what i was going for. So the cockpit is now way too clean for the outside. Ill post some final pics soon. I have stab counterweight and boarding lader left to install Cheers
  6. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    here we are i dont have a picture of the front but that is where most of the damage from the wash is, the yellow looks really dirty and there are 2 spots on the shark mount that the paint was damaged all the way down to the base coat, so i strategically added some dirt with tamiya weathering pastels
  7. Neo

    Dragon BF 110 D

    Small update. Ive had a good set back while applying my panel wash 2 weeks ago. I got some damage to the paint job and it really killed my MoJo. This week i decided to push ahead and finish it. Final alclad semi gloss went on. Then i added all the bits. She is now standing on her legs, wings installed. Last night i make some streache sprue dor the antennas and installed and painted it. Ill post some pics from my PC later today Cheers
  8. So ive been using a Patriot for a very long time. couple years back i got a great deal on a sotar 2020 and i love it, this year i was hesitating to go with a Badger Krome or Iwata HP-CS after tons of reading i was pretty convinced to go Iwata, but then there was the badger anniversary sale and it was too good to pass up. I now have Patriot 105 for primer and clear coats Sotar 2020 for small detail job since the brush is physically small and fine point Krome for everything else Im really LOVING the krome, it took me a little to get used to since the nose is longer (tip to cup) but its a really good brush. i just painted my entire 1/32 BF-110 with it using the black basing technique. Essentially the Krome is a Patriot sized Sotar one thing that i dont like is that Badger replaced the Metal lid buy a silicone cap that has a huge hole, since i use enamels it just dosent do it. So i got Patriot style caps that i got from Badger directly and i cant complain no more. Apparently they did this based on feedback that the metal lid would fall off in some angles and was hard to achieve a perfect seal. Unrelated to witch AB you end up with i did get a G-MAC - Grex Micro Air Control Valve and is a game changer for me, not only for air control but also holding my Airbrush Hope this helps
  9. I would love to update my hasegawa hornet. Would that fit ? Im keeping my academy for a twin seater.
  10. Correct me if im wrong but that plane looks like its painted gray and bot nmf
  11. Wow thats a nice lot. How much did it cost?
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