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  1. Neo

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    But lets say we stay in rhe mind set that KH is making a 190 has a milk cow to fund other non mainstram kits. What other kit could they have used for this. Im saying p-51b/c. But maybe its less work to do a kit that exist because you have reference plus some forum have those "fix list" of a specific kit that you could kust read an implement these fixes in your own molds
  2. Neo

    Not Enjoying the Hobby

    Im having sort of similar issue. My problem is divided in 2. When i do have time to model its late in the evening and i ten to be tired or do sloppy work. My other is that my spay booth is really a pita to setup and i tend to get stuck for ever on painting stage. Im planing to buy a portable paint booth to fix this. In the mean time i sometime start a simple kit(doing a german armor atm) i have a go box with the basic tool and glue, and take model building to a different location so not to be in the basement at the bench
  3. Neo

    Best NMF kits?

    Or a b-25
  4. Neo

    Best NMF kits?

    The f104 is italery new mold
  5. Neo

    Best NMF kits?

    F-104 is a great choice for nmf. Im going to do mine in rcaf .
  6. Neo

    Is there a better phone view?

    If you want the same as the desktop version you can asm the browser to serve the destop version. In chrome hit the 3 dots while on the page Check Desktop site See if its better. You should get a tiny version tgen you can scrool and zoom at will
  7. Neo

    Make the others jealous

    Hope she dosent have access to the forums... Or else your drinks are not the only thing that will be cold
  8. Neo

    We're BACK! with 35% off sale

    Cant seam to find the CF-104 mask you had i think it was a roundel set
  9. Neo

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    So im begining to wonder, what is the real reason the P-51B is not making its way to us. Is there a legal reason? Lack of reference? I mean we have 3 new p-51d that ate selling like crazy Tamiya ZM Revell. You woul think the only other najor variant would sell right?
  10. Neo

    Zoukei Mura in 2018

    Forgive my ignorance but is there that much difference between clear and grey plastic? Dosent it react the same to extra thin and putty?
  11. Just ran into this. Pretty cool video https://theaviationist.com/2018/07/10/check-out-this-amazing-f-14-tomcat-landing-tutorial/
  12. Neo

    Maketar - Status Update

    Hey Alek For the email issue. In 90% of the cases its that you have to add the mail chimp to your valid smtp server. We often runninto this when using in house server to send email. We have ti white list the server has a valid source. Im sure mailchimp has a tutorial or resourse since they are quite popular Hope this helps
  13. Neo

    Maketar - Status Update

    Just subscribed Totally feel you about GDPR i just had to do dome major system changes at my company too. Happy to help you test if you need. I a software engineer. BTW all email from the subcription process and the anouncement of your new website went strait to spam
  14. Neo

    Forum Upgrade

    Ok found this. Seams to work but only on topics updated after the forum upgrade
  15. Neo

    Forum Upgrade

    Oh no. We lost the best feature... On mobile clicking on multipage threads would take you to the page you left off.