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  1. Sweet i was so disappointed when they released the 1/48th version... this is the perfect scale for rotor wings
  2. I like that black he111 never seen that scheme done before Alao that ki84 is one kf the best hasegawa kit ive built
  3. So last month i was on medical leave and i started to build a TBM-3. im alsmost done with the interior. Weird part for me is that i started back to work on the 9th of march... and now im back home!! the good thing is that im a software engineer (im a manager now) so me and my teams are all working remotely. For us productivity drop is about 20% but once we get our pace it should be back to normal. Although having 2 young kids running around makes things challenging! So no etra bench time for me !! But the TBM will progress
  4. Well im isolation with my family theses days, not sick but for spred prevention... Id be happy to just meet anyone right now!! Very cool meet Jennings. Btw you guys watch "Hunters" on amazon prime, it al pachino hunting nazi in the us. Its good
  5. Thanks for all the hard work kev. I totally understand the feeling. I left my admin group build moderator position on another forum couple years back too Hope youll still be around building in the wip section
  6. This looks amazing. I really like the clear cover ove some panel looks so real. Question how do you work on such small pieces? Magnifying glass? I was thinking of getting those small USB microscopes l. Doing PE get challenging and im not doing part anywhere near the size of the precision you are
  7. Its my youngest daughter birthday today!
  8. Looking great. Question, do you have a step by step of how you did the rear paint with the came and the metal? It really looks stunning and i have no idea how to do something like this. Cheers
  9. Came across https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca Over xmas break. Super good service and good prices too. I ordered mr surfacer and AK paints from them.
  10. Neo

    Bandai K2SO

    Wow Thanks everyone!!! i was not expecting such reactions!!
  11. Neo

    Hawk T1

    thanks Brian Once i figured out to spay water constantly on the model it wasn't so bad Thanks Kagemusha, ironically is also sure hard to photograph! Thanks Stokey! Thanks Alain, the only part that was challenging was the tp vent that i ended up installing upside down! Thanks Ray
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