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  1. Wow, paint scheme, amazing, paint work insane, ammo belt hagging from the wing, perfect
  2. Im about to start a 1/24 typhoon... if dday starts in December that would be perfect
  3. Im loving all these new 1/16 targets. Not sure witch one but ill get one
  4. I just score an amazing deal on a dewalt milter saw and makita table saw... like ridiculously cheap 250cad for both!!! Not new but in great shape
  5. My gut feeling is telling me that someone is doing very deep measurement/analysis of specific airframe maybe even some cad work then selling this to multiple companies. To me this is the only explanation. We have had new F-4 in 1/48 all at once, new f-14, then new ah4, new p-51d ,mosquitos, ect It got to be some ahared data somewhere making this happen
  6. Ive been using mr color leveling thinners with them no problem but following the comments here i might grab dedicated ak to see the difference
  7. this one has been my desktop background for a very long time
  8. Oh i remember following this build on ARC Great model. Shame for its destiny. I just move and unoacked 17 boxes of built models, my a7 and su34 are know in queue for the repair bay
  9. Nice, we really are missing the S-3 in 1/32 and 1/48(the ones that exist should not) Going to get some popcorn
  10. SprueBrothers has 20% off trumpeter this weekend brings the F-35B to 149 in cart
  11. This one is gona make it home some day
  12. Oh my thats terrible hope he gets better soon!
  13. I went to the store on sunday and got 2 brand new shiny red fire extinguishers! Considering the lastest events 1 for the garage and the other next to my paint booth
  14. This is great, really makes it easy to find information
  15. Nope not a repo, havent heard of any manifestations either, if there was jokes on them they burned my tesla charger! Also speaking of EV's the jetta had a classic hood battery vs the a7 had trunk battery, i can tell you when the battery in the jetta started burning i knew, also damage is much worst, if one of the cars was an EV..... Cant imagine the blaze
  16. Thanks you for the insight, tbh this is the main assumption from our part but i dont want to falsely accuse anyone, previous owners seamed like really nice folks. So really hard to tell. But with the time frame of the move vs incident if this was targetted it could not have been us.
  17. Its what they call a 1.5, its 19x13.5ft But the a7 is 16.6ft by6.3 So with the freezer in there dosent leave much room unless i do car only
  18. Unfortunately cameras in my case only made insurance pay faster cuz it was clearly a crime. A good friend of mine got his truck stolen last week in another oart of the city, cameras too but its not stopping perps
  19. Yeah seriously. And with all the new gun control laws in Canada, a man cant even have fun! all kidding aside, just had some dude run up to my front door drop a large brown bag take a pic and take in an extremely fast walk..... at like 9:45pm..... Was like WTF ran to the door..... was Amazon delivery... I think I'm still on edge
  20. yeah the A7 was too big for the garage unless its bare
  21. Thanks, everyone for the kind words and support !! The only other theory is that the target was the previous owners, this is a nice neighbourhood with tons of fancy cars, if this had happened where I lived before jealousy would have made sense, here it makes a lot less. A theory is that one of the kids who lived here before had a red sports car so maybe it's an idiot who was late to the party and thought it was his car vs mine. We are super quiet ppl don't see anyone wanting to get at me or try to murder my family in the process. Police were present in the first day , but i think they have more important cases to work, they said there would be active patrols by my house for at least 3months, my cameras have not spotted a cop car since the event! The previous owners even called me saying they would gladly talk to the police if it would help, they still haven't been contacted and its been over a month, and ive been unable to reach my assigned detective. i know i know their busy, just wished for once i could get attention from them apart from getting pulled over because my wheels are wide or my window tint is to dark
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