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Pick a jet, any jet


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Yakovlev Yak-38U.


Everyone will want one.  It will sell like hotcakes.  It is a license to print money.  Authoritative 2D references from which to make your 3D design are plentiful and free.  AirCorps Library probably has a whole set of factory drawings for free download!  And if in the extremely unlikely event it doesn't sell well (Lordy say it ain't so), the hundreds of hours spent in research and design and big bucks and many hours spent in making test prints will be more than compensated for with the knowledge you made a really cool design easily re-scalable to 1/48, 1/72, hell even the wildly popular 1/43, thanks to the magic of 3D printing.  Yep, once it's all done, kick back and sip on your favorite very expensive Bourbon with the satisfying certainty you didn't bother wasting any time or any of your family's hard-earned finances designing a commercially viable model with any actual market demand.


And to get you started, I promise if you complete this amazing project, I will buy precisely one.  But only if includes decals, Quinta offers an IP, Aerocraft does a canopy, and SOW does landing gear.  And keep it under $100.  You gotta make it worth my while.


And also, how about a 1/32 scale Hindenburg.  It's never been done in that scale.  The market for it is wide open!  Imagine the New Jersey diorama possibilities. Oh, the humanity!


The Yak-38 U!  It's a guaranteed GOLD MINE.  License. To. Print. Money.




On a more serious note, your Viggi is truly wonderful.




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