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  1. Saw updates on another website that show ZM to come out with a1/32 Ar 234 and Bf 109G and P-51 B/C all in 2021.
  2. Oh, I really want this now that is has the resin underbelly.
  3. Man, this has gotten so far off topic. Maybe the mods can lock the topic instead of bashing one type of kit over another?
  4. Was also hoping for an Me 410 but the Ar 234 will be nice as well as the P-51 B/C.
  5. I bet ZM will be releasing one. That's my guess from the last Old man's blog.
  6. Just saw this over on the Fly web page under "Soon": 32025 Arado Ar 234 B-2 and S3 32026 Arado Ar 234 B-2N/B-2 Více zde: https://fly814.webnode.cz/pripravujeme-preparing/ Does anyone know if these are retools or just the same molds with new decals? The original kits were 32003 and 32008. Mark
  7. How about hypotheticals? When Zoukie Mura releases the 2 seat conversion you can make it a night fighter.
  8. Nice. Getting those twin booms in proper alignment are going to be fun. I remember the fixtures I used for my 1/72 kit.
  9. I hope they do the Su 35 super Flanker after this.
  10. It will look nice under the belly of an Ar 234. Just wish there was a conversion to turn the Ar 234 into a C version. Mark H.
  11. Number them 1 thru 4, put it in a hat and draw a number. Problem sloved. Mark H.
  12. I got tired of waiting for it to hit the shelves in the US so I ended up ordering 2 kits from Hannants.
  13. I think it will be a Ki-45 and a Spitfire Mk I.
  14. You might check some RC sites to see if anyone built one. I'v seen a lot of Luft '46 planes built by RCers.
  15. John, is there any update on the Ju 388 J? Mark H
  16. Oh love it, a BV 215. That can only mean a BV 212 must be on the list as well. I have a 1/48 resin BV 215. MarkH
  17. At least they got the dimensions right on the 1078. The 1/72 resin kits are all wrong. I love the detail especially on the engine. MarkH
  18. If they keep in line with the smaller Luft '46 A/C they should do a Junkers Ef128 or an Fw Flitzer. It would be nice to see a 1/32 Me 329 though. Mark H
  19. Impressive service from HPH.I ordered the Ta 154 Tues night. It shipped on Wed and I just got it delivered today in San Jose,CA!! Thank you HPH and FedEx. Mark H
  20. Finally i see that the Ta 154 is available for sale on the website. Yeah!!
  21. I only breifly glanced at them but the LG's do have a wire in them for strength. I need to look them over more carefully as I've had some in the past that were like this were either slightly bent or the resin didn't give a full coverage and necessitated major work or replacement. The actuating/retraction arms also have a wire in them. The main wheels are 2 halves you'll need to glue together. They are not bulged but I believe the main gear tires were the same size as an Fw 190 and Ta 152H so I'm sure there are some resin bulged tires out there to use. The nose tire is the same size as later BF 110's or He 111's tailwheels. The nose and main gear doors will need to be cut out but LEM gives you the replacements in the resin parts. There are panel lines on the outside to scribe along but nothing on the inside. It would be kind of hard to cut from the inside the way the 2 fuselage halves are shaped. Mark H
  22. I just got my LEM KIts Huckebein today. I just couldn't wait to open her up and fondle the parts. This is just a quick review and it's a pretty nice kit for a limited run resin kit. Kind of reminds me of some of the Planet Models kits. You've probably already seen most of the pictures already posted on the site. The kit comes in an unassuming small light gray box. http:// Inside the box is one large clear zip lock bag containing 7 bubble wrapped smaller zip lock bags and at the bottom of the box is a CD and a nice little Christmas card. Within the forward and rear fuselage sections are 2 more smaller zip lock bags. http:// http:// There's a bit of flash between the two sections that I just used an Xacto blade to do the initial trim. Will need a little more sanding to get a precise fit. The kit has fine engraved panel lines I hope won't disappear under a primer coat. The whole kits has fine scratches all over the surface that will need to be polished out. I see only a couple of very small pin holes in the front section of mine. http:// The wings and tail are all butt joints. The wings are solid and feel a little heavy. It may need 2 spars to hold them. It was kind of hard to tell the left from the right wing until I noticed the 2 alignment marks on the bottom of the wings for the pylons for the X-4's. There is no nose weight included as far as I could tell. There may be room up front for lead shot to keep her from being a tail sitter. There may be more information in the CD as I haven't check that yet. http:// I didn't check any of the smaller bits yet. That's all for now. Here's a picture of the main body parts taped together and the AMTech 1/48 Ta 183 to show for size comparison and the PM 1/72 kit also to show the size. It's really a small jet. http://
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