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  1. Awesome. I'm a 1/24 fan. I have two 1/24 WW1 kits in the stash from BluPrint models (aka Marcos Miniatures), a Fokker E.III and an Albatross. They are in line after the Bearcat which should wrap up this fall. (famous last words)
  2. This is looking great! Love the Phantom. Kayaking? I’m getting into it (up here in Maine). You are in MA?
  3. Thanks for the history! Enjoy the build!
  4. It’s intake/exhaust sculpture night at the Barry house. Man, I planned on this years ago now. It’s much easier than I thought! Just had to understand them better. I used apoxie sculpt. It’s a sandable rock in 24 hours.
  5. Wow. This is scale modeling for sure!
  6. So fine all around! The helmets are cherries on top!
  7. I’d be into a purchase! A kit made with love! (And I love small production)
  8. Motorized. Classic feature, though honestly I don’t think I’ve ever built one. First time for everything!
  9. Mr Hobby Midnight Blue begins! Really more of a trial here (Spraying over Mr Surfacer 1500). The surface is demanding considerable sanding
  10. Basically back working again. Zeroing in on surface details phase now.
  11. Love this. Great job! I just got Dragon's 1/35 Ski Troops today in the mail. Photo Etch baskets for the poles. Geek out cool!
  12. Boy this looks like fun! Great job!
  13. Good to see you back! Looking good so far!
  14. Looks amazing AND you really enjoyed it. That’s “the ticket” . Enjoy your next one!
  15. Outstanding, Kent. So good to see your work. Inspiring as I dig into an Eindecker Vacuum formed 1/24 kit later this summer.
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