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  1. mahernandez

    HpH Me410 B2/U2/R3

    I bet ZM will be releasing one. That's my guess from the last Old man's blog.
  2. Just saw this over on the Fly web page under "Soon": 32025 Arado Ar 234 B-2 and S3 32026 Arado Ar 234 B-2N/B-2 Více zde: https://fly814.webnode.cz/pripravujeme-preparing/ Does anyone know if these are retools or just the same molds with new decals? The original kits were 32003 and 32008. Mark
  3. mahernandez

    Proposal for a Night Fighters Group Build.

    How about hypotheticals? When Zoukie Mura releases the 2 seat conversion you can make it a night fighter.
  4. mahernandez

    Lemkits 1:32 Focke-Wulf P VII "Flitzer"

    Nice. Getting those twin booms in proper alignment are going to be fun. I remember the fixtures I used for my 1/72 kit.
  5. mahernandez

    1/32 Su-33 from Tanmodel!!!!!!!

    I hope they do the Su 35 super Flanker after this.
  6. mahernandez

    Coming Soon from Kiwi Resin - Heinkel P.1077 Julia

    It will look nice under the belly of an Ar 234. Just wish there was a conversion to turn the Ar 234 into a C version. Mark H.
  7. mahernandez

    What aftermarket conversion kit would you want?

    At 234 C or an Ar 234 P Mark H
  8. mahernandez

    Decisions decisions decisions

    Number them 1 thru 4, put it in a hat and draw a number. Problem sloved. Mark H.
  9. mahernandez

    Special Hobby Yak-3

    I got tired of waiting for it to hit the shelves in the US so I ended up ordering 2 kits from Hannants.
  10. mahernandez

    New Zoukei-Mura 1/32nd projects TBA

    I think it will be a Ki-45 and a Spitfire Mk I.
  11. mahernandez

    Me 262 HG II plans?

    You might check some RC sites to see if anyone built one. I'v seen a lot of Luft '46 planes built by RCers.
  12. mahernandez

    AIMS Ju 388 J

    John, is there any update on the Ju 388 J? Mark H
  13. Oh love it, a BV 215. That can only mean a BV 212 must be on the list as well. I have a 1/48 resin BV 215. MarkH
  14. At least they got the dimensions right on the 1078. The 1/72 resin kits are all wrong. I love the detail especially on the engine. MarkH
  15. If they keep in line with the smaller Luft '46 A/C they should do a Junkers Ef128 or an Fw Flitzer. It would be nice to see a 1/32 Me 329 though. Mark H