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  1. Man, this has gotten so far off topic. Maybe the mods can lock the topic instead of bashing one type of kit over another?
  2. Was also hoping for an Me 410 but the Ar 234 will be nice as well as the P-51 B/C.
  3. mahernandez

    HpH Me410 B2/U2/R3

    I bet ZM will be releasing one. That's my guess from the last Old man's blog.
  4. Just saw this over on the Fly web page under "Soon": 32025 Arado Ar 234 B-2 and S3 32026 Arado Ar 234 B-2N/B-2 Více zde: https://fly814.webnode.cz/pripravujeme-preparing/ Does anyone know if these are retools or just the same molds with new decals? The original kits were 32003 and 32008. Mark
  5. mahernandez

    Proposal for a Night Fighters Group Build.

    How about hypotheticals? When Zoukie Mura releases the 2 seat conversion you can make it a night fighter.
  6. mahernandez

    Lemkits 1:32 Focke-Wulf P VII "Flitzer"

    Nice. Getting those twin booms in proper alignment are going to be fun. I remember the fixtures I used for my 1/72 kit.
  7. mahernandez

    1/32 Su-33 from Tanmodel!!!!!!!

    I hope they do the Su 35 super Flanker after this.
  8. mahernandez

    Coming Soon from Kiwi Resin - Heinkel P.1077 Julia

    It will look nice under the belly of an Ar 234. Just wish there was a conversion to turn the Ar 234 into a C version. Mark H.
  9. mahernandez

    What aftermarket conversion kit would you want?

    At 234 C or an Ar 234 P Mark H
  10. mahernandez

    Decisions decisions decisions

    Number them 1 thru 4, put it in a hat and draw a number. Problem sloved. Mark H.
  11. mahernandez

    Special Hobby Yak-3

    I got tired of waiting for it to hit the shelves in the US so I ended up ordering 2 kits from Hannants.
  12. mahernandez

    New Zoukei-Mura 1/32nd projects TBA

    I think it will be a Ki-45 and a Spitfire Mk I.
  13. mahernandez

    Me 262 HG II plans?

    You might check some RC sites to see if anyone built one. I'v seen a lot of Luft '46 planes built by RCers.
  14. mahernandez

    AIMS Ju 388 J

    John, is there any update on the Ju 388 J? Mark H
  15. Oh love it, a BV 215. That can only mean a BV 212 must be on the list as well. I have a 1/48 resin BV 215. MarkH