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  1. Great Work! I built this as a kid. A few weeks ago I bought Kenner’s AT-ST on Ebay as a mod project. Looks like a similar road ahead to shed the toy. Especially the guns. The interior could be fun but not required.
  2. That's the sense these planes give me. The Century Fighters era must have been a great era to be a wide-eyed kid. New planes every year, practically. x planes galore. Mach 3 bombers. My childhood in the 70s gave us the f-15,16,18 and the A-10 which was pretty good. It's been a long time since something has inspired a generation. I don't know what kids think of the F-22 or the F-35. Stealth (I imagine) is frankly not that exciting to them.
  3. Extremely nice model here. Photos too! congrats!
  4. Where does the time go? I can’t believe Im still on the exhaust/intake vents! I guess it might be little side projects like a 1/72 scratch Arado 231 or mocking up how BIG a 1/24 F-102 would be on my shelves!
  5. Awesome. I'm a 1/24 fan. I have two 1/24 WW1 kits in the stash from BluPrint models (aka Marcos Miniatures), a Fokker E.III and an Albatross. They are in line after the Bearcat which should wrap up this fall. (famous last words)
  6. This is looking great! Love the Phantom. Kayaking? I’m getting into it (up here in Maine). You are in MA?
  7. Thanks for the history! Enjoy the build!
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