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HK A20 Sprue shots


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Right folks, where did that week go? Anyhow, with grateful thanks to Neil at HK I was provided with a copy of the new A20 kit to build but before I do here are the sprue shots for you to peruse. 

To head off the are they releasing this that or the other, Neil has told me that the next version of this will be the A20 K . This is the G model. 

I am in no way a Havoc expert per se, and I must also point out that the photography is with my phone under my living room lights so its not perfect in any way.

A first for HK, the kit has stressed skin rendering which is both subtle and not overdone.


On with the show. 





Note the wing to fuselage attachment is HK's very successful bayonet solution. It means that the wings are easily removeable for storage or transportation.



Internal detail is nice, a few ejector pin marks but they will likely be hidden anyhow. 




Wing texture is outstanding and rendered really crisply.




Note, the wing internal structure and locator pins look like they will serve to form a sturdy structure. 




Bomb bay details. The marks accross the bottom of the bomb bay are structural moulding NOT ejector pin marks. on the subject of which there are a few on the Bomb bay firewalls.

Again, not sure they would be seen.


End part 1

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Looks outstanding! And for those that don't want to look it up, the A-20K is essentially the same as the A-20J, with the difference being the engines. The A-20G and J used an R-2600-23, while the K used an R-2600-29. Both the J and the K had a bomber nose, rather than the gun nose here.


Another neat part about the A-20, which harkens to us modelers, is the plane was build very modularly like our model airplanes. Not modular like a B-17 or B-29... the fuselage was build in two halves with much of the internal structure, then joined together, just like our models.


- Dennis S.

   Mount Juliet, TN USA

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engine nacelles. difficult to see the detail but its subtle and looks like it will take a wash well.




Cockpit details 








NOTE! weighted wheels.




Nose area detail. Note there is currently a full glass nose for the RAF versions in development which will be included in the kit. 




Pretty standard 50 cal renditions. The MG barrels aren't too bad but the build will definitely benefit from brass barrels. 






upper turret detail






One of two engine sprues. cant be seen well in this photo but the cylinder moulding is lovely and crisp. That said, close look it appears that some of the cylinder head mouldings may have a few sink marks. This may not be an issue in subsequent copies. 








Engine nacelle parts.




clear parts 




Superbly clear and free from defects 






so there you go. I have no instructions or decals options although there is a hankering for an A20 with invasion stripes. 


Wish me luck! 




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Looks like an absolute home run! For as few releases as HK puts out, they have made some wise decisions (regardless of accuracy issues). The first to kit a 1/32 B-17 series, the first to kit a 1/32 Lancaster series, the first to release a 1/32 B-25 series, scaled down their B-17 and Lancaster to challenge Revell and Tamiya, respectively, and have recently scaled down their B-25 to challenge the old Revell release. And now, the first to kit a 1/32 A-20, which I have to imagine they will eventually scale down, too, to challenge the old AMT kit. Several wise decisions that have led to some outstanding kits.


If you are providing feedback at all, I noticed some sink marks on the nose gear well sides, too. If you're going to mention the ones about the cylinder heads, these would be worth mentioning, too.


Looking forward to adding one of these to my stash, which will hopefully hit the bench shortly thereafter! Pacific scheme for me :-)


- Dennis S.

   Mount Juliet, TN USA

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