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  1. A really great model with a very convincing finish! Really amazing. Lutz
  2. That's what I called good news!! Bring it on... Allways thought Hasegawa would deliver it to us, but well.... Time to save some money!!!
  3. And I like it a lot!! Wundervolles Modell! Die Metalloberfläche ist der Hammer, wirkt absolut überzeugend. Hut ab!! Cheers Lutz
  4. You do not often see planes from " Rosarius Flying Circus" very cool!! Maybe you got some more pictures? Would be great! Cheers! Lutz
  5. Very realistic and lifelike weathering! Very inspiring! Make's me want to start my 105 right away! Very good, love it.. Cheers! Lutz
  6. This is one of the finest Corsair-builds i've seen so far! Very well done! The weathering is spot on! Not to much, just right! Did you had problems with the Eduard set? The cockpit looks good in my opinion. Cheers! Lutz
  7. This is not often seen! One of my favorites! I really love it, great build and the weathering is just right! Spot on! Great work and very inspiring! Are the markings hand painted or do you use some decals? Lutz
  8. You are a lucky guy! I wish we even had a hobby shop here!
  9. Hi Dave! Here is something that might help you! https://www.modellbau-seidel.de/ This Shop selling nearly all what you need from Tamiya. They got a store ( frequently closed because of the lockdown here!) but they're Onlineshop still open. The sprue you need for the clear parts are in stock as far as I could see. Lutz
  10. Very impressive work!! Outstanding paint job and weathering! I'm speechless! ...and very good pictures by the way...! Lutz
  11. Hi Eric! Your Fi-103 looks beautyful! Great paintwork, very well done! Like it a lot! This little bird is not often seen. How was the fit oft the kitparts? Cheers! Lutz
  12. It is not the quantity that is decisive, but the quality! And these are superb models! Hats off!! Lutz
  13. Same here! I bought some Decals years ago and they had a lousy quality! Very bad customer service or should I say none at all !? I would not recommend them! A waste of money if you ask me!
  14. I will try it on the prop blades of my Ki-84 that is on the bench right now. let's see if it works! Cheers! Lutz
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