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  1. I've been trying to find cross sections of the new boats for a build with no luck, some real low rez ones is it. I love the 'Cup boats and have loads of paintings of them in my house
  2. just arrived, holy crap this thing is huuuuge!
  3. oh thats just beautiful
  4. couldnt resist at that price...one on the way
  5. WOW That is outstanding, beautiful finish
  6. I enjoy this, thanks for doing it. My first AB was a knock off Iwata, then it broke (my fault) and I bought an actual Iwata..what a difference! Now I do own a cheapo Siphon feed that Im trying to learn...maybe a better one would work better lol and be less frustrating
  7. WOW what a crazy looking bomber, well executed!
  8. a lot of cool ideas in that ^ pic
  9. nice, hope mine turns out as well as yours
  10. what a unique subject, cool build!
  11. I have a spare nose from the G model kit if you want an extra
  12. I miss playing and seeing live music the most. I went from weekly gigs to everything closed and miss it greatly. However its been great bench time, wrench time and quality time with my loved ones.
  13. thanks guys! Its gonna be a NOLO build, one bang seat up front and an empty pit in the rear. I've got the fuse halves all glue up, still fighting with the intakes though and to be honest its zapped my motivation. I've been working a lot on my Corrado lately in the garage. BUT I did finish my GT40 Click the pic to see the whole album
  14. I wish my 1/32 Phantom was going together this well
  15. does it get better with each build Jennings? lol
  16. thanks gang! This was an OOB build, but yes....PE railings would add a LOT and also simplify assemble and seam clean up dramatically! I had to get a tender into the collection as my Grandfather flew PBM's out of Trinidad in the late 40's/50's, so anything PBM is pretty much a must build for me lol
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