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  1. WOW what a crazy looking bomber, well executed!
  2. nice, hope mine turns out as well as yours
  3. what a unique subject, cool build!
  4. I have a spare nose from the G model kit if you want an extra
  5. I miss playing and seeing live music the most. I went from weekly gigs to everything closed and miss it greatly. However its been great bench time, wrench time and quality time with my loved ones.
  6. thanks guys! Its gonna be a NOLO build, one bang seat up front and an empty pit in the rear. I've got the fuse halves all glue up, still fighting with the intakes though and to be honest its zapped my motivation. I've been working a lot on my Corrado lately in the garage. BUT I did finish my GT40 Click the pic to see the whole album
  7. I wish my 1/32 Phantom was going together this well
  8. does it get better with each build Jennings? lol
  9. thanks gang! This was an OOB build, but yes....PE railings would add a LOT and also simplify assemble and seam clean up dramatically! I had to get a tender into the collection as my Grandfather flew PBM's out of Trinidad in the late 40's/50's, so anything PBM is pretty much a must build for me lol
  10. oh jeez, forgot I started this..sorry gang I finished it, its not great but its done. The kit and I fought every step...part of me wants to do it again to really show this kit who's boss lol Yes I know one side of the flag is backwards, the were printed that way...facepalm
  11. great shot indeed, note the disabled turbos
  12. thx Jennings! Got some more work done, fitted the cockpit tub and IP into the fwd. fuse. Canopies are drying after a future bath at the moment. I need to sort the fit of the front, rear and lower fuse parts now....the intakes are NOT playing fair lol also got the stripes painted on my GT40 build
  13. wo whooo progress! Rear fuse to wings joined, filled and sanded Nav lights added Cockpit painted up to get stuffed into the fwd fuse, only 1 seat to paint! panels seat
  14. ty Marcel! Im in the not so exciting process of sanding out the seams now in prep to mate the wings to the rear fuse half. I'll get some more pics up when there is something worth looking at lol
  15. yes! plus the kit has the markings for the bird Im modelling, saves a LOT of time. While the kit assembles into manageable sub-assemblies, positive locations for these assemblies are lacking especially after removing so much for the resin bits. I added some resin stub blocks to help locate and provide a stronger glue joint for the nose to wing/fuse joint. I've also been adding tabs along major seams to provide more gluing surface and strength.
  16. Starting with a German SC500 bomb half from my spares I set about creating the dorsal fairing found on the QF4E/Gs. It was the right length and general plan form, so after some liberal sanding and filing I glued it on. Once on it was apparent that it was WAY to tall so I lobbed half of it off and capped it with some sheet. I also got around to adding an antenna on the fin cap with its mounting "band".
  17. Thanks Ron! Its a sad fate for such a great bird, but at least they went out with a bang! lol
  18. Thanks Fanes! I've been lurking while working on non LSP stuff. Using some sheet stock and cut bits from the kit intakes I added some further details. currently working on the dorsal spine fairing
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