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  1. thanks Kev! Sorry I couldnt make it
  2. nice work Kev! I was there sat as well, further down than you though. Great to see a Mossie!
  3. oooo cool, the Ontos is such a neat looking "tank"
  4. wow that looks really good
  5. I built and detailed it, enjoyable but a lot of work. click pic for full build pics
  6. yeah definitely an A model and very well flown
  7. Thanks Maru, I was an official car that pre-runs the stages to ensure they are ready for the competitors. It was a blast!
  8. Nice! I love this event, got to drive 00/0 in 06 in my Quattro
  9. outstanding all around, fantastic result!
  10. I was just reading that as well, the ship is in amazing condition! Such a cool discovery
  11. awesome Max, I need to get back to my '110G build eventually. Im still rebuilding my plastic mojo
  12. yeah same here until I found a review of the US kit online stating it was less expensive and had lower parts counts due to no engines and (possibly) no stand.
  13. my new tool ROG SR-71 kit arrived today! Had to get the euro boxing as I had to have the engines damn is this box BIG
  14. for the conical barrel tips, try flaring some of your albion tubes with a nail, tack etc kit looks really nice, especially in this scale!
  15. fantastic show, as was Mando'
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