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  1. its like a walkaround of the real bird in a museum, no more superlatives to use Peter, its out standing.
  2. she is still hanging in the entry way to the Air Zoo
  3. Bravo max! Looking really good
  4. lovely work as always John
  5. looking good! the wiring behind the IP "should" be visible on the completed cockpit, quick easy addition
  6. well done! I actually like 1/144 for large (aircraft count) dioramas/vignettes. They are a LOT of fun, relaxing and cheap!
  7. do i smell a model build coming up Max? Great story, love to read about us going down the rabbit hole of history, it always starts with a spark.
  8. i think the follow on link to the rifle scope "upgrade" is even cooler
  9. Bought one of my dream cars from my youth. 1993 VW Corrado VR6! Built to the 9's with cams, header, exhaust, intake, chip, coilovers, etc (yes I am changing the wheels). No rust and runs amazing!
  10. no they are not pressurized by the engine, they have a static pressure setting. On the ground they are almost fully compressed in all the pics i looked at ages ago.
  11. dont forget the shell chute on the bottom buddy, killer work as always
  12. gorgeous ride for sure, and what amazing condition!
  13. have you see the restoration video's online from Kermits team?
  14. love it! Any chance to kit it?
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