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  1. This could be helpful if you are from Europe: https://www.modellbau-seidel.de/ They selling Tamiya Products and you can order single sprues directly. As far as I could see, the one you need is in stock. Hope this was helpful Lutz
  2. That looks very very promising! This is definitely a must have! Lutz
  3. A P47 on your workbench! This is great!! The kit is really good, ok some small fit problems but nothing you can't fix. In your hands it will turn into a masterpice! I'm really excited Lutz
  4. "Wow" doesn't even come close to saying it! Incredibly awesome paint job and model! Hats off!!! Lutz
  5. Great start! Yes, the prices for accessories have risen extremely, but if you can help yourself like you do, you don't need accessories! Looks great!! Lutz
  6. I can only confirm! Built the "N" and had no fit problems or such things. Really nice kit. Would built it definitely again! Lutz
  7. Are there any announcements about the release date of the Spitfire yet? Lutz
  8. And here also! https://www.modellbau-koenig.de/artikel/89429#carousel-article-details-images
  9. Problem solved! Too bad about the front deck but at least it fits like this! Good show! Lutz
  10. I like your clear and precise way of building and painting John! Everything really fits. Great work and great photos! I'm wondering if the Aires cockpit for the Ki-61 might also fit the Alley Cat Modells Ki-100 conversion kit!? Lutz
  11. The details literally jump out at you. Looks very lively and real! Really good. Lutz
  12. The hand painted cockpit looks way better than any 3D decal in my opinion. I think it's great! Lutz
  13. Hi John! Very interesting choice, you don't see that often. The model is really great and I had a lot of fun building it. I follow you again with great interest!
  14. A really great model with a very convincing finish! Really amazing. Lutz
  15. That's what I called good news!! Bring it on... Allways thought Hasegawa would deliver it to us, but well.... Time to save some money!!!
  16. And I like it a lot!! Wundervolles Modell! Die Metalloberfl├Ąche ist der Hammer, wirkt absolut ├╝berzeugend. Hut ab!! Cheers Lutz
  17. You do not often see planes from " Rosarius Flying Circus" very cool!! Maybe you got some more pictures? Would be great! Cheers! Lutz
  18. Very realistic and lifelike weathering! Very inspiring! Make's me want to start my 105 right away! Very good, love it.. Cheers! Lutz
  19. This is one of the finest Corsair-builds i've seen so far! Very well done! The weathering is spot on! Not to much, just right! Did you had problems with the Eduard set? The cockpit looks good in my opinion. Cheers! Lutz
  20. This is not often seen! One of my favorites! I really love it, great build and the weathering is just right! Spot on! Great work and very inspiring! Are the markings hand painted or do you use some decals? Lutz
  21. You are a lucky guy! I wish we even had a hobby shop here!
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