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  1. This tread should be turned into a booklet; "How to paint your Zero"..
  2. A very nice build, Dave, and fast too. Must get me one of these when I have finished my ICM I-15.
  3. A very nice model, Sergey, and very well photographed.
  4. Hans

    Do 17

    There are very detailed Dornier drawings in existence of the Do 24 flying boat and the Do 217 night fighter, they look like the Arthur Bently drawings. Maybe the Dornier Foundation or the Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen has similar drawings and others of the Do 17 in its archives.
  5. Looking at the sprues there might be a D 510 in the pipeline...
  6. Thank you Jan. Nice bird, many great schemes to choose from.
  7. Nice! Can be converted into a Miles Hawk Major without much trouble I guess..
  8. Really impressive. Nice photography too, Ivan.
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