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  1. It looks like there were two types of windscreens used on the Devastator , but we shall know more when the kit arrives in the shops, or when sprue shots are published on the net.
  2. That looks really nice, but I'll patiently wait for the pre-war version with the wooden propeller.
  3. That seat is a model in itself, Derek!
  4. Thanks, Quang, those are very useful. The biggest problem with the kit is the propeller. So far I haven't found any useful drawings or photographs in order to scratch a more accurate one. Hans
  5. What Ernest said. I was a real shock to me to read that there is no cure for the sickness.
  6. That is a masterclass in modeling, Katsuya. Thank you for sharing your build. Hans
  7. Next will be the propeller, engine, fuselage, wings and tail feathers...I guess Special Hobby is planning a new tool Willow..
  8. https://www.seawings.co.uk/ModArt-Emily 1-48 Stefan.htm
  9. Jay, looking at your work I can't help thinking at times I am looking at a 1:1 Corsair.
  10. A guy on the Seawings site has scratch built one in 1:48 scale..No pressure from our side of course..
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