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  1. Get well soon, John, All the best, Hans
  2. Mirek, it does look like it will be an exellent kit already. Will the details be 3-d printed?
  3. It had to happen..just after I had started working on converting the ICM kit..
  4. Thanks, Mirek. The 3d-renderings of the engine look very good. Can't wait to see the kit on the shelves Hans
  5. Something more exotic perhaps, a Kawasaki Ki-10? They did one in 1:72 scale years ago..
  6. Great job, Max! I especially like the red trim on the wings. It give the aircraft the look of a sixties' sports car.
  7. Thanks for the review, Ian! Looks like a very nice kit.
  8. The second and third photo are of a Northrop BT-1, another pre-war US Navy plane I love to see a kit of..
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