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  1. Thanks, Quang, those are very useful. The biggest problem with the kit is the propeller. So far I haven't found any useful drawings or photographs in order to scratch a more accurate one. Hans
  2. What Ernest said. I was a real shock to me to read that there is no cure for the sickness.
  3. That is a masterclass in modeling, Katsuya. Thank you for sharing your build. Hans
  4. Next will be the propeller, engine, fuselage, wings and tail feathers...I guess Special Hobby is planning a new tool Willow..
  5. https://www.seawings.co.uk/ModArt-Emily 1-48 Stefan.htm
  6. Jay, looking at your work I can't help thinking at times I am looking at a 1:1 Corsair.
  7. A guy on the Seawings site has scratch built one in 1:48 scale..No pressure from our side of course..
  8. Truly impressive work Tom! Now what do you think of the Japanese Kawanishi "Emily" flying as a follow-on?
  9. That is a beautiful model, Meindert! The ugly little duckling has grown into a beautiful swan. You can be proud of your effort. Best, Hans
  10. Very impressive, Ben! That is a skill I would like to master myself one day.
  11. Hans


    People are suffering from cold turkey, perhaps?
  12. Brock, the two books I have -and I think the only books ever published on the Willow don't show a scarf ring for the rear cockpit, only a blind flying hood. The best book on the type in my opinion is the Arawasi eagle eye series no. 2, with scale drawings of the aircraft and details and drawings and photos of the cockpit as well as many period photos and a walkaround of the only extant airframe in Indonesia. The text is all English. The other is the no. 44 in the "famous airplanes of the world series" by Burindo Co. Limited, also from Japan. This is I think a more of a general history book on the type -text is all Japanese- with many, sometimes fuzzy period photos, some drawings and a few color profiles. Both books can be ordered from Arawasi in Japan (google Arawasitoppage), the Arawasi book at $ 25 an the FAOW book at $ 12. Friendly people and excellent service. Alternatively, the Aviation Megastore from Aalsmeer here in Holland has the Arawasi book in stock. Hans
  13. Hi Brock, welcome on board! As far as I know these are the only aftermarket sets for the Willow. It is quite an old kit, but a great canvas to work on. Best, Hans
  14. A new engine and wheels would also be very welcome.
  15. Impressive paint job, John.
  16. hi, Peter, perhaps you can use very thin expoxy to harden the foam? I know boatbuilders use this method to get a hull quite quickly as opposed to the classic methods of hull construction. Hans
  17. One of the editors of our IPMS (Holland) magazine, Peter Booij, who is a member of this site as well, has been to the Revell press conference for the year 2022. He writes in the latest magazine issue that Revell is doing very well financially and that they are planning to produce kits from new molds in the future. Design and production of the new kits will be in Europe. The metal for the moulds will be cut in China.
  18. Thank you for the line-up, Nenad. Personally I would welcome an IK-2. I read the Kagero book on the aircraft.
  19. Great build, Olgerd. The varnished "plywood" looks like the real deal. Really well done! Hans
  20. Good to see you back, John. Best, Hans
  21. Looking very good Nikola. I like your approach to the paintwork. And of course, welcome to the club!
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