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  1. This tread should be turned into a booklet; "How to paint your Zero"..
  2. A very nice build, Dave, and fast too. Must get me one of these when I have finished my ICM I-15.
  3. A very nice model, Sergey, and very well photographed.
  4. Hans

    Do 17

    There are very detailed Dornier drawings in existence of the Do 24 flying boat and the Do 217 night fighter, they look like the Arthur Bently drawings. Maybe the Dornier Foundation or the Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen has similar drawings and others of the Do 17 in its archives.
  5. Looking at the sprues there might be a D 510 in the pipeline...
  6. Thank you Jan. Nice bird, many great schemes to choose from.
  7. Nice! Can be converted into a Miles Hawk Major without much trouble I guess..
  8. Really impressive. Nice photography too, Ivan.
  9. Listed yesterday by the Luchtvaart Hobby Shop as "coming soon" for a little bit less than fourty Euro's...
  10. That is an impressive model, John. I especially like your paint job and the restrained weathering. Looks very life-like to me.
  11. Looks great, Alain. Looking at the size of the original airplane, I wonder how they managed to sqeeze one man in it, let alone two...
  12. That 20 mm quad looks great Danny. Very inspiring. I have this kit as well, still lying dorment in the stash. I am thinking of doing the 1942 multi-coloured camo as she wore in Norway. There is a colour photo on the net, showing predominantly brown and green camouflage colours. I have a colour photo of the ships' other side of the same period in a camo of mostly Schnellbootweiss, sand yellow and black. These two combined should look funny on my model..
  13. That cat is a pretty cool looking character, Eric! It is the cherry on a very nice build, I think.
  14. Did the postwar Spitfires have larger tyre sizes as well?
  15. A Gladiator.. good choice...also earlier I-16 models. We are being spoilt.
  16. That is a work of art, Kent.
  17. Looking at it I think you'll have to cut off the nacelles from the wings, and then make a large number of v-grooves on the inside of the wings lenghtwise, so that they can be formed (or bend) over templates with the correct wing profile. Then glue the templates in place, reinforce the insides of the now correct(ed) wings with epoxy and glassfiber to make them stiff again and place the wings on a flat surface to let them dry. In the meantime keep your fingers crossed... If everything has gone well, put on the nacelles again and modify the the wheel wells.
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