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1/32 Sea Fury from DBMK just announced at Telford


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23 hours ago, vince14 said:

I spoke to DBMK at Telford - they hope to release the Sea Fury by the middle of next year.

That makes sense since I'm partway through building my Fisher Sea Fury. 

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I'm ALL about an IM F.3!!


I have a FM&P Sea Fury and have quite a bit of experience with resin kits so I'm GTG there, but damn.......


IF (REALLY big IF I know) they eventually decide to come out with a two holer Sea Fury I will have a good base for a project I have ALWAYS wanted to do ever since the Fisher Two seat Fury came out, but never ever dared hack into a model that expensive, and as this point very rare......


Critical Mass!!!!




It would take as much or MORE work than likely any model I've made, but it's a long standing dream of mine.


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