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  1. Yes, yes, I am truly an evil man.More pics as i progress will follow.... P
  2. Building the Guppy.... Here's the first pass of the cockpit and radar room, I'm not real good at painting this sort of stuff, my hands shake too much! The basic colors are medium gray and matte black, I tried pre-shading all the gray stuff for the first time with black and then shot the gray from different angles to try and leave some shadow effects to add some depth. Rubbed away some of the paint to simulate wear .The overall effect is OK, I'm going to have to play around with the technique and stop being such a dinosaur. Next up are the seats. After much head scratching I asked Brian Morris, who actually went to APS-20 radar school what color the scope screen should be when it was not powered up, he sent some pics , it's sort of a translucent red-orange so I removed the black paint from the lens with a cotton bud and some acetone and applied a drop of Testors stop light amber, it is surprisingly accurate. The scope for the right seater up front will get a rubber sunshade, so you won't see it, but the aft cabin one remains visible.
  3. I don't see why not....But poor Susy is gonna kill us all...All the variants look alike to her and she gets flustered trying to keep them straight. Born a blonde! I am a dead man.Oh, well. The kit is up on site now for pre-orders, thanks for your support! P
  4. Oops...Sorry about that! My casting tech quit a week ago so I've been doing double duty, Back in the saddle again! I will try to get it up there by tomorrow, Jennings said he's almost done with the decal art, can't wait to see it....This thing is so ugly it's beautiful.I don't know why I'm drawn to the oddballs but it runs in the family.Can you imagine if they'd actually built a Skyshark done up as a Guppy?!!!! Oh, my. P
  5. Yes, it is very strange, makes me wary of spending a bunch of money printing decals for the Guppy, although who could resist its charms? Maybe it's Skyraider fatigue...I don't know. We will soon know! Paul
  6. Yeah, that China Lake website is deadly.....I get lost in it for hours.There's a couple pics of an F9F-5 Panther named Rudolf due to the red nose , it has four Zuni pods hung under the wings and looks the biz...I'd love to build it someday just 'cause it looks so badass with the Zuni's under it.
  7. Any of them will work, but the easiest is kit No.02252 A-1D / AD-4 Skyraider. I keep waiting for my kickback check from Trumpeter but alas, the mailbox remains empty! The aft cabin and such would indeed allow for all sorts of Electric Spads and fun things. I will make that as well as the APS-20 radome available as parts , so happy to know I''m not the only guy out here crazy enough to want to build all those versions. The AD-5N with that big radar pod under the starboard wing and the searchlight. sonobuoy pod opposite would be a killer model..... I had planned to do full conversions for the AD-5N /Q and EA-1F but the Navy AD-5 kit has been a total flop sales -wise, so I'm gonna just finish up the Guppy and move along.Funny what will sell and what won't, I can never tell. Jennings says decal art will be done very soon for the Guppy and so I will put it up for pre-order later today, the kit itself is done and I am trying to make time to do sort of an online build but my painting chops are not what they used to be due to essential tremor which has gotten so bad I am trying to arrange surgery to at least get my right hand quieted down enough that I can keep working.Many hoops to jump through before they will do it, but I hope by December to git 'er done! Wish me luck! Paul
  8. Awwwww....c'mon....You know you want to spend six months with lead wire and magnifiers wiring up that thing...I'm putting a couple pages from the original manual in the instructions to sort of show where things go and some of what you could do....As Derek would say: "Are we not model makers?" Or, you could just paint it all black and slam the lid on it. Decals for these two ships will come in the kit. Hard to make it out in this pic but there's a cartoon of a pelican on the cowl of the gull gray ship, and the GSB ship carried the name " Mama Bear" on the cowl. Fin flashes a re white and red, and note the fibreglass of the radome showing through the paint...tan or gray. This is going to be a real sleeper at contests.
  9. Thanks guys..... I did indeed make the cut lines on the aft cabin inside and out so a couple passes with the old No.11 and it will open right up. For what it's worth , you don't really have to glue down the back cabin cover at all if you really want to display the hell hole. First one of you who wires and plumbs that whole thing gets a gold star! More soon, Paul
  10. did someone say Guppy? Just waiting for the decal art, the model is done and in production, though since my casting tech left us i am back at the casting bench and working my tail off....have to build one, but have to find some time! The general idea.... The APS-20 radome is hollow cast to save weight... Even the rubber gasket is cast onto it....the two little goodies are the side mounted sway brace mounts. The metal aft cabin cover with portholes in clear resin plus some formation lights. The cockpit assembled with seats.... More .... And, still more....this thing is a detail freaks dream. Black boxes, on a steeeeeek... Lots of unique Guppy goodness... Up for pre-order in a day or so....
  11. paul fisher

    Skyraider Cowling.

    Yes indeed, I will also be selling the big APS-20 belly radome for those who wish to do up an AD-3W or AD-4W as a separate item, and I have target reel fairings too. The metal aft cabin cover is also used on the EA-1F Electric Spads, so if you get adventurous and want to do one I will make the part available.I will post some pics as soon as i can. Paul
  12. Any of them will do, The AD-4 / A-1D kit No. 02252 has the least armor on the lower wing, saves a little sanding but it's so thin it can be cleaned of with a sanding stick. The Guppy is in tooling now and will be available very shortly, I will try to take some decent pics later today. best, Paul
  13. paul fisher

    USMC Skyray Release

    Ok Gents... The way the decal thing is going cost-wise I will most likely do sets of masks on a sign up basis, but first I want to know what two USMC ships are the most wanted....there's no point in doing the wrong one.Very often I find that the one I personally like the best is not the one that you, the customers want the most.Call it a character flaw....I like the oddball stuff. Please pick your favorite two and throw them up here and we can see which ones will be the most popular.If I can get enough people on the list I will proceed.I figure we need at least 25 buyers to make it work, although I have to get some idea of the art needed so Montex can quote me.
  14. I'm curious about the general consensus regarding painting on simple markings using masks. There are some great paint jobs for some of my kits that are simply not practical to run in water slide decal form due to the costs and the demand for 500 sheet print runs. Think more navy and Marines Skyraiders, Marines markings for the F4D-1 Skyray....Some nifty high viz markings for the F9F-5 Panther, Ted Williams F9F-2 Panther from Korea....Civilian marked Meteor F.8 ( The Reaper! ) and Meteor T.7 in Rolls Royce colors....Even some of the more obscure but beautiful paint schemes applied to the two seat Hunters. I can get really good masks made up in relatively small batches by Montex, this would open the door to some very nice LSP's that otherwise are not possible. Do tell! Paul
  15. paul fisher

    Fisher AD-5

    Hi Dennis, Yes, just write in the notes section of your order that you want one USAF and one Navy and we'll fix you right up.