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  1. $20 from me, in Houston, Texas. Thanks for all you do.
  2. Just now watching this project ! It looks amazing so far! I can harldy wait to see as you apply the foil skin on this beast. GM
  3. I love seeing a different scheme than usual on the Fisher Sea Fury. You did an amazing job !! Your other builds are beautiful as well...very sharp, crisp paint jobs. Please keep sharing your builds with us ! GM
  4. Paper, he says....lies !!! Hahaha You did a tremendous job on this build...best paper model I've seen...It looks the real deal !! Congrats ! GM
  5. Thomas, Yikes...I did not know about the catapult hook...I appreciate you pointing that out ! Also, the cowl flap and gun barrels I plan to add before the next show here in Texas. Thank you, everyone, for the comments ! GM
  6. Wow, that looks amazing...I suddenly want one for myself just from seeing yours ! Welcome to LSP !! -Gabriel
  7. Hello all. I did the best I could with my little pocket camera...and here's what I have. ...and this is the build thread I started almost two years ago: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=30510 The aircraft was modeled to be clean and lightly flown. The finish is blended Tamiya acrylics and all overcoated with Testors high-gloss lacquer. After the lacquer dried I carefully sanded the "orange peel" away with 1,500 grit and sequentially polished the clear coat all the way up to 8,000 grit. As everyone probably already knows by now...what a great kit ! I hope to build another on in the near future. Questions and comments / critique ( whether of love and disgust) all accepted ! Thanks for looking -Gabriel
  8. Goodness...that's a flawless build ! ...and a beautiful color I'd say. You did an awesome job with the photo-taking as well. Congrats !! GM
  9. Thank you everyone for the compliments ! The model itself is BIG and looks very impressive inside of the display cabinet. Even if it's an expensive kit, remember, you don't need to spend money on buying aftermarket items, everything you could want is in the box, just add a few wires to the wheel wells and landing gear. I highly recommend this kit if you're still thinking about it ! Plus, it could be many years until Tamiya, Hasegawa or Trumpeter make a 1/32 kit of this bird....and they'll probably cover the surface with rivet holes that you'll have to fill in later - Gabriel
  10. Looks great!! I really like Doras....and this particular scheme is awesome. Everyone should have a bit of colorful red and white stripes in their collection of grey and green aircraft ! haha GM
  11. ....aaaaaand 8 months later, on this semester's break, I finally finished most of her! Just a few bits to add here and there and I'll try to get some better quality photos of this plane. I love the Sea Fury and honestly I think I just want to build another one of these kits before I start anything else...regardless of all those hours spent filing, sanding and polishing.. More pics to come later...hope you like her ! GM
  12. ...oh and at one point I did try the decals on the wings, but again, still undecided if I want decals or paint. Here's the model in its partially assembled state. Nothing is permanently glued on, I just tacked things together with a dot of CA here and there and put it in the display cabinet until I can finish it. Almost all of the model has been painted and polished. GM
  13. Well, I know it's been about a year or so since a decent update, but once medical school took over I had to abandon the hobby I'll finish her one day ! Maybe over the Christmas break. Here is a pic of the fuselage with the paint all polished up. Rather than doing a gloss coat and weathering over it with flat, I decided to go for a full-scale painted on look. I laid down the color and coated it heavily with Testor's clear lacquer gloss, let it cure for about 3 days, and then polished it all up to 8,000 grit. With the paint this shiny I can add the decals directly on...or I might try painting on the markings as I had stencils made for this model... It's been nice browsing the forums lately and seeing all the amazing work as is usually done here ! GM
  14. Ya know, i've never been!...only seen and heard what I can on Youtube. My dad restored radial-powered warbirds (Corsairs, B-25, T-28) for almost 30 years, so I have an idea of the sights and sounds, but he told me those planes are different animals... I MUST go to the races one day soon to see for myself ! GM
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