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Zoukei Moura Bf-109 G-14 a Non-Hartmann Build 1/32 Scale


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Hi Everyone,

      Been a while since I worked on an LSP...   So, I decided to jump in on this kit a week or so after I received it.  I'm a minimalist when it comes to unseen detail.  Moreover, I hate it when I do interior parts and have difficulties closing it up.


For those curious...   there are all the parts you need in the box to turn out a G-6 Trop.


I have no problem with Hartmann.  But I have chosen a different scheme:



Thankfully somebody from the IL-2 skinning forums has saved me the trouble of color interpretation.




I have some HGW belts on the way...   but not the new ones they just released.


I started with the engine...   skipping all of the parts that aren't required to to keep the propeller and exhaust stubs in place.



Unlike every other 109 model I've ever built, the heat shields are attached to the engine block.  Pretty novel.




However, I was to discover today that I needed to add two pieces of tubing which will pass through the firewall and support the engine in it's place.


I started the cockpit today.   There are some decals to help make it more detailed.  Sadly, detail painting is not one of my strengths. 


I was surprised that there was no PE with the kit.  Thankfully fit is excellent and you never have to guess about correct angles.  Here is my miserable painting so far.






You may notice something that looks like an ammo belt...   And, it is.  But it will never be seen.


Anyway....    that's where I am now.


Happy modelling!


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3 minutes ago, Dpgsbody55 said:

Me 4 :popcorn:.


BTW, I've seen pics recently that suggest those exhaust shields were attached to the engine, as depicted in this kit.






That's interesting to know.  It's really nice to be working on a quality kit instead of trying to bash together a Revell mess.

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Hopefully there’s a way to get the exhausts in to position after painting. My kit arrived yesterday and like you I wont be doing the included scheme. I might go Italian with mine.  Pretty sure the stuff is in there to do a G-6 through to G-14 to my not so exacting standards of super accuracy.

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Welcome back, friends!

     Earlier I wrote about the need to add two more parts to the engine so that it can be cemented to the firewall.

They are indicated by red lines.  Also notice that I painted the exhaust stub area black.



Decals...   Decals are what turn this plain cockpit into something more interesting.


There are red indicator lights next to each switch.  But they aren't very visible.  But they really shouldn't be...   unless there is a problem.  Notice the area with the red bracket overhead.   That area is very softly molded, making it difficult to distinguish the wires in the bundle.  Note here that instead of using silver paint, I'm trying the Nightshift way by using a light shade of gray.



The oxygen system has it's own gauges.


This is a poor photo of the throttle.  It too has a decal.  I'm gonna have to dig out the wife's Olympus.  This phone is clearly limited when it comes to detail shots.




The seat and floor.   I was given some great photos of a chipped plywood seat bucket by Martin.  But I didn't use the idea as I was feeling too lazy and didn't want to have to explain it every time somebody asked about it.




And finally...

The IP


Sadly, I didn't get everything to line up correctly before it dried.   I just couldn't see it correctly until I applied the matte coat.    I used UV gel to give the indicators a glassy finish.  I imagine it won't be noticeable once tucked into the fuselage.


The kit gives you various ways to finish the IP.  You can use the large decals like I have done.  Or, you can use smaller decals which cover each lens and control separately, or you can paint the whole damn thing by yourself.  Either way, you end up with some left-over gauge decals for another 109 project.


The seat belts haven't arrived yet.  So I will turn to the U/C and wings to keep moving.



Happy modelling!


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Saturday part II.  Went a little further on the interior while leaving room to add the belts....    and started on a wing


The engine bearers and tubing attaches to the firewall at 6 points.



Here it is dry-fitted.




I have never done a wing like this before.  Everything fits to the inner framing.  And goes on in panels and pieces.  Even some of the control linkage is shown.  I have decided to do the wings complete according to the directions.



ZM has done an admirable job of keeping ejector pin marks out of the way.  But I guess it was inevitable.



I must admit that I am a bit worried about getting it together smoothly.


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