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  1. Radu did a terrific job with the Revell P-51 so if he's been involved with the Hurricane, I'm in as well. Can't wait to see it!
  2. Beautifully done!! YOU did a great job with a terrific kit.
  3. Beauatiful work, Mike and a terrific subject. You did a very nice job with the faded paint and very clean overall. I saw your comment about 'less and more' on the weathering and I tend to agree with you. Your work looks SO GOOD!! Chris
  4. The tape should arrive this Friday evening so I'll happily do a comparison between the ZM and Tamiya tapes, as well as some DIY tapes I use for various purposes. We are coming out of the aftermath of Hurrican Ian (up here, it was only various periods of rain) and the weekend should be gorgeous so hoping to get outside. But will try and get the comparison up over the weekend. Chris
  5. That is what I intend to do - but if I heard it was good stuff would get the 5 pack rather than the 1 pack. I'll let you know the outcome! Hope you are doing well. Chris
  6. Hi all, I see that SprueBrothers is carrying ZM tape as well as the usual Tamiya tape. The ZM tape is about 1/3 the price of the Tamiya tape - but is it worth it? I tend to think you get what you pay for. How does the ZM tape compare to the Tamiya tape? Any thoughts? Thanks, Chris
  7. Thank you Maru and it is wonderful to share a birthday with such a wonderful person as you!! We had enormous fun at PIMA touring the museum there and hanging out at Nationals. Sorry for this late response but I do hope you had a TERRIFIC DAY!!!! to one of my favorite people! And thank you EVERYONE for the birthday wishes! This year is getting better, and this helps a lot. Cheers everyone! Chris
  8. Sorry, I'm still trying to learn Lightroom...
  9. Congrats! Anything else would not have served as justice. Its and indication, as you know, of your impact on the hobby...
  10. Just awesome!! Love the work!! Looks like so much fun!
  11. Happy Happy Birthday Kev! Hope you have a great one, and your Wednesday present is a good one!
  12. Woody, Happy for you and grateful for the terrific products, services and friendship you've given to our hobby! Glad you are not disappearing completely. I'll have to see what I have in stock so as to replenish before everything disappears. Any hope you might sell your bits to someone else to continue the lines? Chris
  13. That is one large aircraft!! Glad to see you getting out. Take best of care. Chris
  14. Oh Mike, I am so sorry to hear of Mariana's passing. You are such a wonderful person I am sure you brought so much joy and love to her life. I can only imagine the wonderful memories you two share of your life together, and I hope these special memories keep you well in the coming days and weeks. Take care of yourself and family, mate. Warmest and most heartfelt wishes, Chris
  15. Mike, I am so sorry to hear about Mrs C's ills and am hopeful the surgery is successful. Definitely keeping you and the Mrs in my thoughts. Chris
  16. HIGHLY recommend if you are planning on using the Tube to get yourself some Oyster cards - Tube passes basically that work on the busses and the tube, and the water taxi on the Thames... Beats carrying around those bloody tickets! Oh, and download the Mapway apps for the London Underground. The free app is terrific - you tell it where you are and where you want to go and it tells you what line to take, which Tube car to take and where to stand on the platforms. VERY useful. There are a LOT of apps, of course, look for the MAPWAY one. Also suggest a trip to Cambridge (about 45min by train). The US Cemetery and museum there is worth the trip, plus Cambridge is cool with the Universities there. Chris
  17. Hoping you have a speedy and complete recovery. Chris
  18. Excellent job! Looks amazing - love the weathered finish. Chris
  19. Here is a different one for you: The L-1049G Super Constellation. Unmistakable aircraft!
  20. Tolga, just amazing - your finish is absolutely sublime - not overdone, not underdone. Just perfect. Great job! Chris
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