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  1. Just a size comparison, yes the Mirage F1 is closer to the camera: Jari
  2. I'm guessing this one had a little tanking problem and thus the "kill" marking: Jari
  3. There is always room for a sharkmouth: Jari
  4. They would probably need more plastic for the external fuel tank than the a/c itself, well almost : Jari
  5. Getting readied for a mission to Libya back in 2011, a GBU-16, Phimat and extra countermeasures: Jari
  6. Looks like the backseaters are just along to take photos and selfies: Jari
  7. I guess this crew doesn't know about it as they seem to be looking how to climb in: Jari
  8. Here is a larger pic of one of the above, you can see 510 in the background is overall grey as well: Jari
  9. No data but here is a not quite head on view of a Hornet about to launch: more pics can be seen here showing various details and such: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Blast_deflectors_(aircraft_carrier) Jari
  10. Jeroen here is one from the 1980 Cruise Book: Jari
  11. Probably for those who don't want to be jammed: Jari
  12. Finn


    They did use them in combat, 1 was lost: 13-Oct-73 TA-4 Ran Ofri\Yehuda Shefer Egyptian SAM, Ofri killed at ejection, Shefer recovered Jari
  13. Finn


    They also had TA-4s that had a designator in the back seat: edit: a bit more info here: http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-4f-laser-spot-tracker.html Jari
  14. Finn


    I think they carried a Shrike for a just in case if needed situation. You can make out the tail fin of another Paveway I on the i/b pylons of #401 & 410 while 402 has 6 Mk-82s on the right side so no LGB on the middle pylon. Also note parts of the bottom of 401 looks to be grey, probably a build up of dirt and grime that just got a quick wipe down while the nose gear doors are still white. One last item they all have chaff installed, the blue under the tail. edit: here is 401 with Snakeyes and LGBs: Jari
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