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  1. An interesting video showing the construction of the BL755, mainly the bomblets : https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060046307 including some testing afterwards. At the end of the main video there is another short video showing another test drop. Jari
  2. If you want larger scale, but smaller caliber there is this: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10486917 Jari
  3. Here are a couple of drawings showing the radio locations on the P-63 version: Jari
  4. It's on the water with a couple of DUKWs : Jari
  5. The deck crew ate when and where they could: Jari
  6. I too have had a boxed lunch from Elmondorf, opened the box and inside was a sandwich, no plastic wrapping to keep it fresh or anything, unlike the ones we had in Cold Lake which were with all sorts of stuff to eat. Anyway, here is the insides of a Martin Marlin, and yes there is a plate of food there to pick over: Jari
  7. Sorry to go off topic but Kitty Hawk now needs to add a 1/32 F1 to their line up: back on track: Jari
  8. Here is a D and C, plus a drone, note the Mirages both have a little dirt at the base of their tails: Jari
  9. Here is one with Mk-82s: Jari
  10. The pic looks to be the demonstrator since it has the name on the nose instead of codes. It is possible the D/N could carry air to air missiles on the stub pylons but the main role of the D/N is air to ground so aside from one or two Magic/Magic on the outboard pylons that is all what you would see on them. Jari
  11. It had a engine failure over Afghanistan at low altitude, the crew ejected and were rescued and the aircraft was recovered, but written off: Missiles and Scalp: Here is one pulling up for fuel, one tank has a fresh paint job, dent on stub pylon, slats deployed and speedbreaks out: Jari
  12. One could always do a diorama: Jari
  13. Here is one, slightly weathered: Jari
  14. It is a big slab of meat in the sandwich that's for sure: meals being readied: and after lunch might as well take a nap: At least we know where they were: Jari
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