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    Some more pics, looks like CBU-105, they were loaded for patrols over the Gulf in case some speedboats got out of hand: Jari
  2. Finn


    A little wrinkled but still effective, note CBU being carried: Jari
  3. Not hard to tell where the cover is on this Lanc: Jari
  4. Here is a belly view for weathering reference, also note some early tip takes had a shorter inboard fin: Jari
  5. Here is a pic that shows a bit of the lower wing: Jari
  6. It's real, from here: https://www.afcent.af.mil Photos pg2: Jari
  7. In use: already a bit weathered: Jari
  8. I ordered a kit thru Amazon on Dec 30th, it said one left and it was being sold by another seller but fulfilled by Amazon, i got an email a couple of hours later saying the guaranteed delivery date was to be today, Wednesday Jan 6 via Prime 2 day shipping. Expecting it today instead of it arriving i get an email saying the order was cancelled as they don't have the item any more. You'd think they would have told me sooner they didn't have it in stock. I'm just waiting for them to send me a request to review the order and i will tell them my opinion of the matter. Just my rant. In fairness my l
  9. Here is one with small maple leaf and old numbering system while the one behind it has the larger maple leaf and new numbers on the tail: also note the control surface positions. Jari
  10. Just a little bit about the nose gear, when after flying the 104 sits a bit nose high as the fuel bladders are no longer full, especially the forward one so the nose oleo is extended more that normal. After a gun mission i would plant myself with a couple of empty 20mm ammo can just behind the nose gear, open the panel to retrieve the empty casings and links while the a/c was being refueled. I could feel the a/c slowly coming down on my head as the fuel was pumped in but usually finished before the fueling was done. Before anyone comments about other things being done at the same time while re
  11. No 1/32 scale nuke either as they did drop a bunch of practice ones in the early years. Bombs and rocket pods are about the only option, or just a MN-1A on the centreline pylon. Jari
  12. While we are waiting for the next build installment, here is another war story, yes it involves the CF-104. Several times a year at Baden the 104 squadrons would do live weapon drops, Mk-82 Snakeyes and 19 tube rocket pods (LAU-3/LAU-5003). This is what is speculated had happened as the pilot’s version differs in a few areas. After firing off the 4 pods of rockets on the first pass, the pilot came around to jettison the now empty pods, he pressed the Jettison button, the pods came off and his tip tanks as well. Don’t know if he noticed it shortly afterwards or the Range Tower called him to say
  13. Nice work Chuck, as for the ammo bin/fuel tank since most will be covered by the hatch couldn't you just have a small portion of the tank like a lid or cap on top of the ammo bin? It might look better that way. Also will you be adding pylons to your build? Wing pylons were easy to remove so that is why you'll see Cf-104s without them but the centreline pylon was a bit to take off and put back on also didn't effect drag or aerodynamics as much as the wing pylons. Jari
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