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  1. Here is another manual, this one is of the B-26B/C and JD-1: https://www.docdroid.com/5LmQt6n/douglas-b-26bc-and-jd-1-flight-handbook-pdf lots of interior views. Jari
  2. In case someone wants to do B-26K here is some useful info: https://www.docdroid.com/oiHN1it/douglas-b-26k-illustrated-parts-breakdown-pdf edit: it could even carry torpedoes: https://www.docdroid.com/oiHN1it/douglas-b-26k-illustrated-parts-breakdown-pdf#page=324 Jari
  3. A bit more than artwork, the F-105C: Jari
  4. I haven't seen any pics but it is possible they did have some AIM-7s in the rear wells for two reasons, if in the forward well then the c/l tank would have to be jettisoned in order to fire it. Second, having the wings and fins of the Sparrows hanging down where the ground crews normally crawled under the fuselage would probably result in a few cuts and bruises. Jari
  5. Here are the squadron reports from the time period: http://www.recordsofwar.com/vietnam/usmc/VMFA-232.htm the chronology ones give numbers of munitions used during that particular period. Click on the date and then the PDF icon to open the file. Of course any operations in the North, or close to the border would requires some air to air weapons, a pair of Sparrows in the aft wells seemed to be common. Jari
  6. Some upper cockpit and canopy details: Jari
  7. Finn

    Early LGB

    More info about other historical USAF aviation can be found in previous issues: https://www.afhistory.org/air-power-history/2019-air-power-history-archive/ 2020 issue is not up as a pdf yet but the others are. Jari
  8. An interesting article about early testing and combat use of laser guided bombs, as well as EO ones: https://www.afhistory.org/wp-content/uploads/APH-Winter-2019-Issue-1.pdf Jari
  9. Not in the stowed position but may be of use, mention is made of straps being used to hold the guns in the stowed position: Here are the guns inside: Jari
  10. Looks like pilot's last flight or other cause for celebration: Jari
  11. How about some Fs in 'Nam, one waiting in line, note the insignia, just a star and 3/4 of a bar: is it the lighting or this one has no tail codes: Jari
  12. Gun bay, strike camera and bomb loading: Jari
  13. Here is one without any insignia on the wing: Jari
  14. Thanks Ben, never saw that panel open before. Also i just noticed something in the first pic, there is no insignia on the fuselage side or on top of the wing. Jari
  15. According to the info here: http://25thaviation.org/history/id910.htm the radius was about 100 nautical miles without tanks. If bombs don't suit you how about napalm: Jari
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