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  1. You can find a listing of F-105Fs here: http://forgottenjets.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/F-105.html a bit of cross referencing should find which ones ended up in SEA. Jari
  2. There is a 2 seater in the background about to get a load of bombs in this pic: http://www.vfa305.org/F105lineup.jpg Jari
  3. Some F-105Fs were used in regular missions, on Aug 28 1965 F-105F 63-8282 was shot down, the pilot Capt Wesley Schierman was taken POW, the back seat was empty. Jari
  4. Chapter Five in this manual gives details, including dimensions and markings of the High Capacity bombs: http://www.lexpev.nl/downloads/britishexplosiveordnance1946.pdf it's 50MB but quite handy for info on British bombs. Jari
  5. The ones in the video are 8000lb bombs, you can tell by the openings in the tail where it meets the bomb body, the 4000lb one had a solid drum with no cut outs. This video shows the back end of the 4000lb bombs were solid: while the 8000lb ones were open, note the cut outs as well: and if you want, an early version of the 4000lb Cookie: Jari
  6. A F-100 pilot: Jari
  7. H How about the wing angle on this Phantom? Jari
  8. I wonder when we'll see the bomb sprues, of course the loads varied, here is a mix of bombs and various size incendiaries in SBCs: https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7811 and this squadron, some went mining and others bombing: https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7140 also note the the stations where they were loaded on are listed plus type/number of Window and/or Nickels are listed in the above reports. Jari
  9. Finn

    Big Bomb

    A Lancaster with a Grand Slam: https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/files/original/1252/16859/PCheshireGL18100160.1.jpghttps://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/files/original/1252/16859/PCheshireGL18100160.1.jpg Jari
  10. Not the best quality but here is a Lanc showing the exhaust staining on the wing: Jari
  11. Nice work as always Chuck but sometimes the panel lines do not line up on the real thing, check below the 8 and to the right: Jari
  12. Here is one in action giving a look at the inside: Jari
  13. Here is a manual on the F-104D that has cockpit pics: http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/en/aircraft/usa/lockheed/f-104starfighter/to-1f-f104d-1-flight-manual-f-104d.html Jari
  14. Here is a b&w pic that may or may not help: Jari
  15. The -106 didn't carry the AIM-4D, the G and F versions, however the -101B did. Jari
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