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  1. Just being helpful, here ia another large image of a TER-9: and a video of one being loaded on a A-4 during the war: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/85796 Jari
  2. One of each so you can have whatever type you want i suppose: Jari
  3. Sunward has it on Pre-order, available August 20th: https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/border-models-avro-lancaster-132-scale-with-full-interior-bf010/ Jari
  4. Further looking around there were some straight edged ones: but angled versions seem to been most common: Jari
  5. Some were white but most were natural metal: Jari
  6. Except for being reversed a nice video of F-4 with B-61, and a look at the B57: Jari
  7. Another thing to note, the tips of the nose section of the TERs, MERs and other leading parts took a beating from the elements when flying around at several hundred knots: Jari
  8. It should be angled: the same for the Mer, some walkaround pics of the MER can be found here, scroll down a bit: https://peterhamann.com/2014/03/08/aerobonus-148-scale-us-navy-triple-ejector-rack-ter-7-aa37b-5-and-multiple-ejector-rack-mer-7-aa37b-6/ Jari
  9. One more: note the covers on the noses of the Sidewinders. Jari
  10. A pair on a Thud but some smudges on them from handling: a view of the seeker: Jari
  11. Another thing, note the difference in markings of the AIM9Es, especially the yellow warhead stripes: Jari
  12. Here is a F-4E with missiles: the AIM-9s are white, the launchers look white compared to the pylon. edit: here is a top view which has the rails looking like grey: The entire video is here: https://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675043092_366th-Fighter-Wing_Da-Nang-Air-Base_F-4E-Phantom-II_pilots-prepare-to-take-off the missile views start at the 4:05 mark. Jari
  13. John here is a drawing from a manual of the i/b pylon: Note 5 gives the airframe numbers which had that panel which i think to allow for electrical connections to the forward stores like ECM pods, before they went to Note 6 a small door. Jari
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