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    Normally the rule was no maintenance on a loaded a/c but in war time rules get bent as by this F-4 on jacks with bombs loaded and fuzed: Jari
  2. Finn

    F-4 CBU

    The dispensers carried various bomblets and even chaff so it is hard to point out the official designation unless you read the lettering on the side. I think the ones that were cooled by Freon were the Gravel mines. Here are a couple more pics: Jari
  3. Finn

    F-4 CBU

    Never noticed that before until now, quite obvious on this F-4E: Jari
  4. Finn

    F-4 CBU

    Here is the site where i found the photo, hope it works: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/35mm-slide-vietnam-war-air-force-1831015761 Jari
  5. Finn

    F-4 CBU

    I' m getting a 403 forbidden now I'll try and get it or at least the site address. Jari
  6. Not the standard CBUs carried by the Phantom, i do believe they are SUU-41 dispensers and whatever sub-muntions it has makes it into a CBU-??: Jari
  7. Here is another pic, since it is clean looking, is #15 and doesn't have the Red Devil logo painted on, maybe it is a replacement for #15 that had the tail damage: Jari
  8. Navy LAU-7s had them, just one set: but AF ones didn't, at least at that time period: Jari
  9. LAU-7, the things are clips for the forward fins of the missile: Jari
  10. Here is a seat from a F-4J being worked on, even though it is in b&w the upper ejection handle "yellow" is darker than the lower ejection handle: Jari
  11. The Navy/Marines started out with the AERO-3A launcher and then went to the LAU-7: Jari
  12. Albert, no need to worry about over weathering but even this is a bit too much i think: Jari
  13. A Phantom lost part of it's port main gear during a lading attempt so the barricade was rigged: it took the net but went off the side: The pilot ejected when his part of the cockpit was under water, the RIO tried to eject but only his canopy came off so he unstrapped and stepped out: from another angle just before the net was cut away and the plane sank: Jari
  14. I think this one may be a bit of a hard landing: Jari
  15. A flight of A-4s from the same squadron heading into harm's way with a load of Mk-36 Destructors, of note different intake warning markings, one doesn't have any numbers on the wing, only one has the anti glare on it's nose and not to mention a couple of them need a good wash: Jari
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