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  1. Nice motors, if the kit lets you, maybe just have a panel off to show some detail on the other engines like this: also if you plan on going with the Small Bomb Containers the Lancaster carried a lot of the time, PM me as i have a manual on them that will be helpful in scratchbuilding them. Jari
  2. Nice work on the bombs and the rest of the Lancaster. In case you need some more reference material there is this manual: http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/aircraft/uk/avro/lancaster/a-p-2062a-and-c-the-lancaster-manual.html you can download it for free. Jari
  3. A F-4 going out on a combat mission without the inner pylons installed: https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cv63-66/082.htm Jari
  4. A F-8 with wing up, folded and flaps down: Jari
  5. Here is a look at a wing fold on a F-4J: https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cv63-71/124.htm Jari
  6. Before you start loading the F-4 check this manual: http://aviationarchives.blogspot.com/2017/07/f-4bj-ordnancemans-handbook.html especially the forward mounting of the MER with bombs on the belly, pg 10-11 and pg 84-85 (better view) of the manual. Jari
  7. Very nice work on the Crusader, one thing to note is the kit doesn't include the ALQ-100 antennas on the belly of the aircraft, between the main gear doors: better view on a RF-8, also note the chaff dispensers between the strakes: Jari
  8. Nice work on the missiles, one thing to note they were man handled, loaded up, taken down so they did get a bit dirty as can be seen here: Jari
  9. In case someone wants to do a A-6B Intruder, here is the radome of one of them: Jari
  10. You can see two different props here: Jari
  11. Here is one with the vents and extra gear behind the seat: no vents and nothing visible behind the seat: Jari
  12. You might find some useful info in one of these manuals: http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/itemlist/category/1349-p-51d-mustang.html also some pics here: http://images.google.com/hosted/life/d7bf5bf545cd44b0.html click under related images for more. Jari
  13. The only to see if it can be done: Jari
  14. If it were a load training missile, the other launcher would have been prepped as well, at least that is we did it. Jari
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