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  1. Yes the early B's had the AERO launchers. Some more pics can be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usmcarchives/albums/72157661156860429 Jari
  2. They were found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usmcarchives/albums/72157713686151448/page6 scroll down a bit, 1966 is the only date given. Jari
  3. Finn


    Didn't get the glory but it did it's job: Jari
  4. Marcel here is a view from bellow of a A-6E with a load of LGBs: note how the inner wings are more weathered compared the outer wings which are normally folded so they get some sun. Also note the chaff/flare load. Jari
  5. Here are a couple other inflight close up pics: Jari
  6. Here is another one: and one with one white tank: Jari
  7. FM104 is being restored at the BC Air Museum: https://www.bcam.net/ scroll down for a few videos of it. Jari
  8. Also note the position of the insignia on top of the wing, at the wing fold: Jari
  9. Finn


    Nice view of the top of the seat: http://www.vfp62.com/IMAGES_13/Plourde/C. Sittle.jpg Jari
  10. Finn


    I found it here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/USNavyintheVietnamWar/photos/?ref=page_internal mainly a mix of USN events in SEA but there is at least one other VFP-63 photo there. Jari
  11. Finn


    The cockpit of a photo Crusader: Jari
  12. Even with close air support loads they did carry air to air loads as well: SUU-7 dispenser with nape: Jari
  13. My guess that support on the back end of the MER was in case the MER had to be punched off with bombs still on the forward stations. The MER would not rotated and punch a hole in the belly of the aircraft because of the weight at the front. Here is another view of the a/c heading out: with a clear view of the stabs for Jennings Jari
  14. Never seen this before, possibly a support when heavy stores, in this case a pair of BLU-27s, were loaded on the forward stations of a MER: Jari
  15. Just needs a few aftermarket bits and pieces and it will be ready to go: http://www.c-7acaribou.com/album/bcphotos/bc_09.jpg Jari
  16. And for those interested, slat wing F-4Es in SEA: Jari
  17. I do believe it was what each squadron configuration was decided upon, some had c/l tanks others had the wing tanks: also with a c/l tank you had room on the outer pylons for additional weapons: Jari
  18. Going by the luggage on top and the panel behind the canopy unscrewed i guess they used that compartment to put your bags in if no luggage pods were available: Jari
  19. The Eduard MERs are too short from all accounts, you'll have to add a spacer to get them the right length. In case you want to drop some control surfaces: Jari
  20. John if you want something different, go with a D with a pair of GBU-8s and Mk-82s on the c/l: Jari
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