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  1. Dennis, they do use US bombs as well, in this case a mix of UK and US: http://www.lancaster-archive.com/pic-lanc-groundcrew6.jpg Jari
  2. Here is another pic, a bit small: http://www.6bombergroup.ca/428Crews/images/summer88-32.jpg Jari
  3. Tom if you plan on adding a bomb load to your project, this site gives info on the number and type of bombs as well as where they were loaded in the bay: Bomb Aimer's Briefing No 428 Squadron listing but it gives you a general idea how they were loaded also some will also indicate how much Window (Chaff), normally loaded in the Bomb Aimer's compartment, and Nickels (propaganda leaflets) was in the a/c as well. Jari
  4. Use the + to increase the size of the image, then right click to open that larger size to make it more easy to read. Jari
  5. 428 Squadron Operations Record Book: https://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.lac_reel_c12302/131?r=0&s=2 you can scroll thru the pages to find other missions KB.864 was on. Jari
  6. Chuck you can find a few photos here: http://www.c-and-e-museum.org/marville/photos/pma439sqn.html of 439 Squadron CF-104s in Marville France. Jari
  7. Hope you have your rivet tool handy Chuck: also note even though the CF-104 didn't have the inflight refueling probe, the stencil for it's location was there, even when they went camo some still had it. Jari
  8. Too bad there is no 1/32 Mk-43 nuke available to put on: in this case a practice version. Or you could just put a nice shiny MN-1A on the c/l: http://silverhawkauthor.com/images/site_graphics/Aircraft/Aircraft---Canada/Canadair-CF-104-Starfighter--Serial-No--104743---Spangdahlem--Germany--1970.jpg Some NMF CF-104s in Cold Lake did have the gun, the one i did my CF-104Armament Course on did. Jari
  9. The caption from the video: In May 2020, the French Air Force started flying NATO’s air policing missions in Estonia, contributing four Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft. The mission lasts for four months and sees the French deployed to Ämari Air Base in Estonia, supported by Spanish and UK pilots situated in Siauliai Air Base, Lithuania. Jari
  10. French Mirages scrambling, nice belly view of one: Jari
  11. I think the numbers are the firing/drop sequence of the rockets/bombs. Jari
  12. Even though the wings are usually folded while on the deck, this Skyraider has quite a few marks on the outer wings: Jari
  13. This display just shows bombs and bullets: of course not every load was photographed. Also note the two different types of props. Jari
  14. Very nice work Jeroen, if you still plan to go with the early cruise this pic from the Cruise Book shows the fuselage speed brakes were open on deck: Jari
  15. Pg 69 of the Ordnanceman's Handbook shows where the TER cable is hooked up to, and a bit further the MER hook up, which is mostly hidden. Jari
  16. Great work Albert however just a couple of minor points, the Zuni rocket pod cable would most likely be connected to the bottom of the TER, not the side receptacle. The TER could carry 3 rocket pods and there would be 3 places to plug them into. Also the TER has a cable that plugs into a port on the pylon for electrical interface, you can see it on this A-4: a bit more modern, a TER on a A-10 but the principles are the same: Jari
  17. A A-1E testing out a bunch of Fuel Air Explosives: Jari
  18. Not quite "D-Day" stripes but stripes none the less: Jari
  19. If you can find a larger copy of this pic, it has lots of info: Jari
  20. Here is one from the Korean war showing just basically tubes, with the ends taped over to keep stuff out: and this one has one of the wing guns removed and the hole taped over: Jari
  21. Finn


    Here is one with the camera pod: Jari
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