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  1. Here's a link to a preliminary copy of the Kotare Spitfire instructions. They're exactly what I was hoping for considering the makeup of the development team. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10934948
  2. Jari, I considered the gun pod but in the end I decided a Marine F-4B in late 67 / early 68 needed napalm and lots 'o' bombs to tell the story I wanted to tell. Thanks again, Rob
  3. Well, that pretty much answers my question. Thank you Sir!
  4. Good morning, I'm building Tamiya's 1/48 phantastic F4-B. I've been researching load outs used during Vietnam by Marine units and I've settled on MK 77 firebombs on the inboard pylons and MK 82s on a centerline MER. As I understand it, the MER could be mounted either forward or aft on the C/L pylon. If the load was 6 MK 82 bombs, which position would be used? I have the DACO book and have spent quite a bit of time on google with no joy. Thanks, Rob PS: I got the ordnance from Flying leathernecks, the pylon from hypersonic and the MER from Eduard
  5. Great photos Jari. Thanks. I suspected everyone used them, as physics and the ability of humans to do dumb things is universal
  6. I've been going over references for USMC F-4B phantoms in Vietnam trying to pick up on some of the details . I know that on board carriers, a downlock device was installed on the landing gear to prevent inadvertent gear retraction while on deck. My question involves USMC and variants used by USAF. Did Phantoms operating from airbases ashore have the red downlocks installed as well? Thanks, Rob Edit: fixed the title
  7. John, Your comment is invalid without red circles and arrows. It must also include a period photo and model CAD shots taken at dissimilar angles to prove your point. Try again v/r, Rob
  8. I preordered as well. Economy shipping to the West coast is just under $25.
  9. Perusing that instruction manual brings back fond memories...:)
  10. I noticed that too. My guess is that the cover is in the khaki or OD range. Looking at the sway bray, it does appear to be painted instead of bare wood and very different than the cover. I think I'll pick a grey and go with that.
  11. I'm building Eduards Long Range P-51 based on Iwo Jima ("perfecting" my NMF skills for a Tamiya 1/32 Korean F-51 ). The drop tanks have additional sway braces which I understand to be made of plywood. I am trying to answer two questions. First, were they locally manufactured or supplied as a stock item ? Second, what was the finish-natural, OD, Grey or ? I've found a couple of pictures using Google but details are difficult to determine. Thanks for any help, Rob
  12. Since (IMO) the only "decent" IJN airplane from Pearl Harbor, available in large scale, is the A6M2, I'm pretty happy that I'll soon be able to build both a Val and a Kate . I guess I'm unique I that I'm not wrapped around the axle by the scale. Having said that-I am curious as to why Border picked 1/35th. Maybe their market research guy didn't do his homework
  13. You need some of the engine parts. If you study the instructions you can figure out which pieces are needed to get from the firewall to the propeller. The rest can either be left off or attached without painting/detailing.
  14. Excellent choice for their first kit. From what I see I'm in for at least one. I'm sure a lot of folks are disappointed (Sorry John1 you'll have to wait for your P-51D ), but if done right it'll be a good seller and may lead to bankrolling some interesting kits in the future. One thing I noted when I visited their website was that they made an appeal for good reference material. Can't produce an awesome kit of (fill in the blank) with a couple of old grainy black and white photos
  15. My take on all this is that these folks were an integral part of the team that brought Mr. Jacksons vision(s) to life. He picked a subject-and they made it happen. I had never heard of some of the planes they came out with. But every WNW kit I purchased was a thing of beauty and a joy to build. With that in mind, I don't really care what the subject is, I am pretty confident it will be well researched, engineered and I'll have a great time with it on my bench.
  16. I think the photo Derek posted is an R-1830
  17. SB is my main source for on-line model purchases-precisely because they are reliable. When they send notice that a shipping label has been created it often takes a day or two before I get a shipping notice. That most likely is dependent on the volume of product being shipped/carrier schedules etc. I have never once had an issue with receiving my purchase and I have certainly never "hounded" them. v/r, Rob
  18. John, Barracuda has some great cockpit upgrades as well. They have a seat with leather cushion that IMO is much better than what comes in the kit, sidewalls and instrument panels as well. They also carry resin wheels (if you don't care for the Tamiya rubber ones). Having said that, If you were to choose to build it OOB (which doesn't appear to be your style )you would not be disappointed. v/r, Rob
  19. Monogram had a series of 1/32 scale armor/vehicle kits in the 70's. I seem to recall the Jeep was among them.
  20. I spent 30 years on Subs and never heard that before. I now have some homework to do It just goes to show that no matter how much experience you have, there is always more to learn.
  21. LOL, A lucky guess. On a side note, I rode my bike across that bridge yesterday. Well, actually that bridge is several hundred feet underwater...I rode on the new bridge next to its replacement.
  22. Some type of dampener/harmonic balancer to counteract vibration??? Just a a guess. I'm sure someone who knows will jump in and enlighten us
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