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  1. Here, if we take the red line as a reference (from corner to corner), it seems like the widest portion is along the entire center area of the red line, and even a bit wider near the front of the canopy (the red circle), while you did the major widening near the rear of the canopy/where is the pilot (the yellow circle). I don't know, maybe those are not final drawings... just noticed it and would like mention it. Hope it helps as a hint.
  2. Looks legit. I would also use the F-35 cockpit as a reference. Btw, I don't know if these are final renders, but how about the widening/opening of the area near the canopy rails? - on both sides of the pilot/seat. Isn't it too much?! Yes, there is a slight widening, but it should be smaller (in my opinion of course)... it's rather like a continuation of the fuselage, and when viewed from the front - the vertical edges of the fuselage are like continuation of the vertical edges of the canopy in straight lines... https://images.app.goo.gl/cZfXnWho2UGFEeyW9 https://images.app.goo.gl/epNJcMuut1aF5R2e8 https://images.app.goo.gl/qJ7Wysv5GpYNXdww8 https://images.app.goo.gl/TCx8xv6jnbowpE6AA
  3. Everything got to be classified about the instruments and the displays... yet, here is what I found after a quick search - this seems to be from a simulator: And these are not exactly related, but some ''areas around the cockpit'' that I always found to be tricky and hidden. Hope that helps as well.
  4. Awesome renders! At least the intakes look correctly rhomboid, and not like in the Jetmads renders slightly trapezoid...
  5. Hi I have a few mojo-recipes and the strongest one is a combination of 1) a new kit of a favorite plane and 2) a lot of related doc./historical movies in Youtube. The latter is like a hobby ''in the hobby'' for me.
  6. Ain't that a better version... of course it's not, and yet....
  7. I immediately recalled a video of a fellow youtuber-crazy-jet-engine-technician that I follow from quite some time... so, just as an idea:
  8. Congrats on the build from me too. About the ideas, I would go for something new like the F-35A with the complex stealth patterns and shades of the panels, or with something rather old school and classic - the Delta Dagger for example, or the Shooting Star. I always likes the Voodoo as well from that era. Btw I always considered the 1-seated Eurofighter and any of the Mirage 2000 versions. Another idea - watch a movie/documentary and get inspired. I can't wait for the F-22 but it's just a dream at the moment...
  9. Well, I've seen only a few such gorgeously weathered F-14 models so far... A very GJ!
  10. 10x And I'm getting better with the skills - the simulator helped a lot and now a year later, I'm even thinking about racing with other drones, and riskier freestyle. Nah... I just saw the trailer... OMG , at least I think I watched the right trailer...
  11. Just took another few nighttime pics with the flashlight, of the glued vaines of the baffled exhausts, and the horizontal surfaces after the flattening. Still not weathered, just basic colors. This is the glare of course. I think I used a mix of Alclad II jet exhasut and a tiny bit of dark aluminum, but they look almost black indeed:
  12. 4) I got to make the bomb bays open-able as well, so I got to redo the entire "mechanism" (to make it moveable) for the air disturbing plates (I forgot their exact name as well) to drop down together with the opening of the doors. I remember I figured it out, but it's not ready yet - by connecting these air disturbers to the swivel joints of the piston part of the hydraulic actuators that open the doors. Originally they were part of the front bay walls: and "dismantled" Check out how close are located the pistons... I got to take advantage of it Here are the plates themselves... some modifications as well... Modified on the left-hand side and still the original set on the right: That's just about it... not quite much of a progress for a couple of years, but I'm happy with it. I'l keep you posted once I resume the hobby Btw I continued my other hobby and passion - the RC planes, but in a slightly different way - FPV drones. Enjoy a combo of my best flights from last year, and cheers!
  13. And 3) the pilot figure with the seat are just about ready. Here is the seat before: It went through some modifications as well I don't have pics with daylight though... sorry about the nighttime pics - I just took some with a white flashlight: This one went out a little bit blurred... but I couldnt resist to make a quick test fit with the cockpit: So I managed to "jazz up" the pilot suit with the right markings for "X" squadron... I forgot it right now, but I remember that I got a few reference pics and tried to do a "mix" of tiny decal pieces, totally DIY. Some badges included three pieces of decals on top of each other. I remember that. There are plenty of things to do yet.
  14. One of the dozens of test fits: And here are the modified facets. The top flaperon is done, the bottom one is the original piece as it was: And here are the ailerons - in reversed order - the top piece is the original one, while the bottom ailerons are done: I got to make them almost rasor sharp and perfectly straight once glued and assembled, but it would be much easier than doing all the rough sharpening/modifying procedures afterwards...
  15. 2) The flaperons and the ailerons can move now - for a parked and in-flight position respectively. I remember I also thinned and sharpened the facets of their sides, but both parts for each aileron/flaperon are not glued yet. It would be very nice to make them drop down in this position for a parked display: Here is another image of the real plane where I pointed out which exactly facets I added on the model: So, about the hinges - it was quite the adventure. I don't remember when I did these upgrades ... maybe last summer or summer'2020... but it was hot.... So this is a "piece" of (almost)molten plastic from the stock rods, then added on "key" locations but without overdoing it, then pressed and flattened, then I drilled "half" channels on each side so they can form a perfect centered channel when glued together... While here are the hinges that will be fixed to the wing sides:
  16. ...of course I forgot the last weekend... So, over the course of the recent years, I did only a few minor improvements from time to time and I took some pix... 1) the flat areas of the exhausts went trough a "flattening" procedure... the added thin layers of stock plastic sheets shrinked over the time, ever so slightly, but they need to be perfectly flat. So here are those exhaust areas after the sanding, at least now I'm sure they will stay flat:
  17. @Eagle Driver, well, I just hope that the rumors for the F-22 in 1/32 are true ... if it really appears for the end of 2023, this would be... wonderful. I think I maybe have no other ''kit wishes'' than the F-22 in 1/32...
  18. I guess new/tribute models of An-225 will appear. Many people will be inspired to make dioramas of some battle scenes in Kiyv/Kharkiv for example. It is also plausible the prices of the kits to change quite a lot... I heard the nickel price is skyrocketing right now, which means twice more expensive batteries... it's unreasonable to believe that this would not affect the plastics as well. If to produce a plastic kit is quite energy-costly, then I guess the future oil/gaz/energy embargos will play a major role as well. Also, the giant kit stash collections would become much more valuable ... I have only 4 unbuilt models . I believe the world will change for good, including our hobby!
  19. That oil canning with the combination of the light is.... faaaan-tastic! Lovely!
  20. Hi & thx for the message. Yeah, it's been a long time since the last update. All is fine with me... and, indeed, I'm in a quarantine right now ...the C-virus... but I'm doing it just fine. One week to go. So, right now I'm doing the pilot figure from time to time. Other than that, I postponed the '117 for a while because I started to do something compleeeetely different - a very special model for a friend of mine (a huge model entirely from 3D printed parts). It's my first time doing something like this... so I basically ''deviated the hobby'' for a while . But I believe I could continue with this model soon. Actually, now I remember that I always kept doing this and that throughout the months, just didn't update the topic. The intakes are prepped for glueing to the fuselage (I synched the distance between the aux intake doors and the intake walls, when they open), some minor fixes of the exhausts (the added plates got ''worn'' with the time due to the glue that softened the added thin plastic sheets, so I filled and sanded them smooth), and now the pilot figure with the seats should be prepped during the quarantine. Once I finish ''the 3D model'' I'll continue here for sure. Yet I keep watching documentary movies and reading magazines about the Nighthawk to keep the mojo on. Stealth Warplanes being the latest one ( https://books.google.bg/books/about/Stealth_Warplanes.html?id=wwZFAgAACAAJ&source=kp_book_description&redir_esc=y ) ... and still keep reading it. Meanwhile, those news/sightings about the real flying Nighthawks... just make me so so happy...
  21. A very very beautiful Starfighter! Awesome subtle weathering and the rivets are... without a doubt, spot on!
  22. Well, it really turned out better than I thought with the painting and the rivetting.... I'm even thinking about a more thorough consideration towards Alclad II for my model as well. A very very GJ with the weathering! These subtle nuances look so awesome, especially with the contrasting decals. It's really beautiful!
  23. +1. It looks amazing! Just needs a little bit more weathering, at least to my taste. Some more scratches (silver and black/grey), some vertical streaks, a more contrasting panel wash, the decals also look very pristine..., especially on the portside near the cockpit. Hope you will do it justice with any further weathering, but it is a matter of personal preferences after all. It looks superb already!
  24. What an adventure! . . . When I get to the part with the lenght of the stripes and the spacing of the rivets, I figured out what really ''rivet counting'' mean. But that's next level!
  25. So far so awesome! I just noticed (in the second to last pic) that the nozzle itself is slightly angled downwards in comparison to the lenght of the engine/exhaust duct. Should it be like that? It could be just an illusion though.
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