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1/18 Hawker Fury

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There was never any doubt that you wouldnt recover gracefully. As an aside, Ive been thinking about a fixture I can use to mount the Ryan in so I can spin the fuselage and mark it for the aluminum panels. Youve solved my problem with yours . :)

Thank you!




I like the red better :)

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evening chaps, hope you are having a great weekend at the bench :)


..bit more Fury mayhem...


..attached the lower wings - I replaced the carbon rod spars (two of which had snapped off anyway as I had to partially cut them after realising there was dihedral..). Basically I drilled out the first inch or so and put brass spars through the tubes in the fuselage (already part of the cockpit frame) and slid the wings on - I also perforated the mating face on the wing itself for better adhesion as all the time I had been concerned with the strength of those carbon spars after i compromised them by cutting them


the whole lot was jigged up and JB Weld metal used & left overnight - they are good and strong now..



..with this done the radiator bath was added too so I can do the final skin parts around it..






..also some last minute detail was added to the radiator


..the wing gaps will be taken care of when I skin this bit..





..next up was the prop - I had a crumpled drawing to work from..




..this was cut and cropped into sections so I could align a datum line and get it as near as straight as possible and a new drawing made in scale..


..with that and a bit of basswood left over from the fuselage plug I had what I needed..


..I had originally planned to try 3D modelling, but it's way out of my wheelhouse, so I thought I would just try it..




..stuck the drawings to the wood and used my new bandsaw to cut the outlines in both axis I had..side first as it leaves a flat top for the plan to go down..




..I tried really hard to get the angled hub right, but in the end thought it better to turn a hub and vacform a skin having checked K2902's prop was painted..




..got rid of some of the wood underneath to make room and made it fit - filling the void with CA..





..after quite a bit of refining I was happy with it - I also turned the hub from perspex acrylic..


..I would have liked to have stained the prop after so much work, but not to be...




..I tested painting just the wood as I wanted to preserve the texture, but the result was overall better after a prime with Mr surfacer and then paint..




..probably can't see it in this dry fit, but the grain can just be seen and it has a lovely texture..




..it looks overscale here, but I think it's just because it's missing the top wing so looks out of proportion - it is as per the drawings and other plans & I think looks fine..












..just that radiator and under wing skinning left here then its onto the upper wing where it will get dull for a bit :)





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As long as the prop doesn’t cut the grass when on it’s front wheel and horizontal, like when it’s about to take off, the length must just be fine.


Awesome work on this tricky and eye catching part of the build. 

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