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1/18 Hawker Fury

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The subject is not my cup of tea, but what you are doing here is mind blowing. I love every step of the process.  :wub:


On 6/4/2021 at 9:42 PM, Troy Molitor said:


Please (please) reconsider the Fw and Tigercat SOD projects for a lite summer breather?  LOL.  



 I 2nd that :coolio:




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hello again :)


thanks all for your kind comments :)



things have been hotting up in complexity in trying to fit the upper wing..


..first they needed completing, so these access hatches were added - not sure what they are for..




..also all the bracing wire mounts & doped patches were added to the underside..




..the ailerons had the mass balance weights and the control horns added..




..and the disc cam drives & control arm and were fully mounted in a neutral position..








..with the wings complete, I wanted to get to mounting the centre section - to do that all the stuff under the upper wings on top of the fuselage like aldis sight needed fabricating, including the windshield..


..this was quite tricky as the frame sits on a wooden former that is a neat fit to the fuselage.... I did this by covering the fuselage in aluminuim plumbers tape (like bare metal foil) and CA'd a rough frame to it so I could build up the shape with P38 filler and still be able to break it away later as none of it, including the CA really sticks to the foil..




..that was refined and the glazing added - very carefully - I hate doing transparencies as I have a track recordn of screwing them up..




..the aldis sight and gunsight parts were made and added to the upper fuselage..


..also the cabane struts, which I have to say was probably the hardest and most frustrating bit of modelling I have ever done - they look simple sat here in the pics, but this is days of work to get them right so the orientation of the upper wing is correct in 3 axis










..the centre section fits on posts in each strut and will be a real challenge to actually glue in place as I need about 12 hands to locate everything..






..there are also multiple rigging wires so things are starting to get exponentially harder :)






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16 minutes ago, airscale said:

..there are also multiple rigging wires so things are starting to get exponentially harder :)







Very good! Otherwise this could easily get boring :fight:


I don't doubt that you will grow another 10 hands to get things done! Great work, as always, Peter.




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You set the bar so high each time, yet unbelievably another update comes in and it’s set even higher! This is just outstanding.


If this is complete for Telford (if it’s on of course) I can see you securing both first and runner up places with this and the Mustang - it’s just a case of which one takes the crown...

Out of interest, what will you use for the rigging?


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Man Peter - I just don't know where to start on commenting.  I can really relate when you talk of the difficulties aligning that wing center section.  The components - struts, etc, as well as the wing section, are superbly detailed.  How did you get such great detail on the gun sight?  I love it.       

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