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  1. I have an idea. Whenever any of us needs the wings corrected, we send them to you for correction!
  2. Have you considered making copies of your corrected wings? People could order correct wings. Look at the amount of frustration and horror you would save us mere mortals.
  3. I've a couple of suggestions for what it's worth. 1. Try using rubber cement for temp gluing the cockpit sidewalls to the floor then seeing if the tub fits correctly if placed into the fuselage from the bottom. If it does, Great! Take it apart and glue permanently with glue of choice. If not, then you know to glue sidewalls separately. 2. The Germans for what I've read used a temporary white paint for winter cammo that was sprayed rather haphazardly with national marking, etc. masked off or sprayed close to the edge (a bit of overspray was often seen). In the Spring, that coating was scrubbed
  4. That's going to be an amazing model with that cammo pattern!
  5. Really like the way you painted the wood effect!
  6. Something that caught my attention. Awhile earlier you were forming the fillets for the leading edge portion and showed where you have split the metal in one area. I was wondering if it had been attached at that point. The reason I ask is that I volunteer at my local community college as a teacher's aid in their jewelry dept. What caught my attention is that all metals will work harden while forming, and that was the possible cause of the split. If you can take the piece of litho off the model and anneal it again before continuing, you might have better results. Especially in forming multi dir
  7. Hi, I've been following this thread with the huge eyes of a child seeing his first Yule! So, I have a question. I read that you're using litho plate for your models. I'm not familiar with the qualities of litho plate, but have always wanted to do a NMF and noticed that a number of builders use foil instead. Could you tell me why you use litho instead?
  8. Thank you all for the advice! One thing I noticed is MCW states their lacquers do not need to be thinned. When I got the paints, they are at a milk like consistency, so I don't think I need worry about that. One article said that a pressure of about 20 psi is best for spraying with a medium tip to prevent the paints from drying before contact. Do you agree? Plus can anyone suggest a good respirator? I have a good booth but safety first!
  9. Hi All; I normally build aircraft but got talked into building the AMT 55 Nomad in 1/16 scale. So I guess it's large scale auto! Anyhoo, my daughter wanted a two tone green paint job. I found the paint from MCW it's supposed to be scale authentic colors for a 55. I got them in the mail and I got primer, two paints and a clear coat. THEY'RE ALL LACQUERS! I've never sprayed with lacquers before, so any help and hints about the whole thing would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Pardon my ignorance, but is there much of a visual difference between the F1 and the production DR1?
  11. I remember the kits of my youth. I searched for kits with details like retractable landing gear, sliding canopies, etc. To me the ultimate was monogram's P-51 with working gear, dropping bombs, and spinning prop. Yeah, they may be more toy like, but to an excited 8 year old, they were the bees knees.
  12. So I don't have a lot of knowledge about Japanese radial engines. What is that copper colored structure on the front? Also, isn't it a bit weird to have parts that will never be visible such as the pistons included in a model? I mean if you're showing the engine torn apart for maint. but it's weird. Just like Trumpeter including the entire turbo routing system on the P-47 ; great if you're doing a cutaway, but otherwise useless?
  14. I was looking through some old P-47 photos and noticed something you might want to add to your weathering. Just aft of the exhaust wastes gate are the inboard gear doors. The heat from the exhausts tended to burn off the yellow ZC paint and stain the inside of the gear door.
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