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  1. For reference use only (found on Britmodeller, LSP and from the internet sources): HTH Derek
  2. Happy (belated) birthday Jack. Regards Derek
  3. Very very impressive Kirby, well done (it does also show that matchbox got it pretty well right with the overall shape of the model). Regards Derek
  4. Not really certain Bob, but I think that the T.2 Hawks have olive green leg (and arm) restraints these days. Cheers Derek
  5. Looking quite nice - will the canopy still fit with those resin cast blocks under the seats? Derek
  6. Hi Bob, They were blue until very recently (and still are on other ejection seats). Derek
  7. Excellent Iain, thank you (I may have to get this set) ☺ Hi Dave, I would have to check it out, but although this set is ostensibly designed for the T.Mk.1, 50 & 60 series Hawk aircraft, at a pinch, it may be possible to use the Jordanian markings to represent a UAE Mk.102 aircraft, so don't put away that Kinetic kit quite yet! (Likewise, the Indonesian markings might be able to be used to represent a Mk.109 aircraft). If these decals sell well, I am confident that we may see other sets for the 100 series Hawk aircraft - there are many more of those currently in service use than the older marks; the very last new build Hawk aircraft are currently in production. Once they have been completed, that will be the end of a very fine production run lasting 46 years. Derek
  8. Talking of panel lines, this one is fairly prominent on the left upper side of the fuselage (I don't think that it is on the right side). I found it here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949864-mcdonnell-fg1-fgr2-phantom/ (although I guess that you have already seen it - there are lots of good details pictures there). Derek
  9. Looking good Anthony. The intake 'hump' is largely an illusion caused by the fact that they are slightly enlarged compared to the J79 powered aircraft. this is accentuated from ground level due to the way the 'shoulder' of the intake waists into the fuselage - if you see the intakes in direct (or even slightly above) side profile, no 'hump' is evident, however, when seen from below, or any other oblique angles, then it is evident (something I checked out when I worked on them and afterwards) - it is yet another a subtlety of Spey engined Phantoms Derek
  10. I have some questions for my knowledgeable friends here? As you may be aware, I am making two SAAB MFI-9B Junior aircraft, one as used by the Flygvapnet for a short time for trial as a training aircraft, and the other will be a 'Biafra Baby' aircraft as used by Count Carl von Rosen - it is this latter aircraft that I require some help with. a) Did the Biafran MFI-9B aircraft have the luggage compartment (hollow area behind the two seats) installed on these aircraft during operational use, or were they removed? b) It is known that a bespoke fuel tank was made and installed on the Biafran MFI-9B aircraft, probably replacing the left seat - Are there any images or other details for this tank installation? c) Does anyone know if this bespoke additional fuel tank was actually used during normal operations, or was purely used for ferry purposes? d) When the aircraft were camouflaged, it can be seen that it appears that the internal canopy frames were left in their original colours. Is there confirmation that the top deck of the fuselage underneath the clear aft canopy (aft of the seats, and around the filler cap area) also left in original colour or was it camouflaged? (I would expect it to be camouflaged, but want to be certain). At this point in my build, question a) is the most important to answer, as I have to plan ahead and I would have a fair amount of rear fuselage internal detail work to complete before I can assemble one of the fuselages if the luggage compartment was removed. Many thanks Derek
  11. Enjoying this this build very much Tom, keep up the excellent work. Derek
  12. Enjoyable - thank you Jari (I used to see these aircraft regularly in the 1970's). Derek
  13. Glad you finally received it Anthony...if you ignore the door shape, the forward fuselage section in your image (from the forward of the wing leading edge) looks remarkably similar to the HS 125. Derek
  14. Great model Dan, unique for sure! Well done. Some aircraft have names allocated to them that suit them; I think in the case of the Pirate, appropriately so, as it does have something of a swashbuckling Buccaneer look about it. Derek
  15. Good idea Kev...it could be built as a kit of 'unknown provenance'! Derek
  16. Nice, I have always liked the Avia B.35/B.351 aircraft Derek
  17. Hi Kev, Like Juraj, I too am now wondering if this is a Russian copy of the Legato kit. The colour and type of resin used (I am assuming that this is a resin kit?) will probably differ between the two kits. If it is a copy, I would also expect quality differences - good images will highlight this (if you know someone with the Legato kit, a check of the dimensions of key parts of both kits will probably confirm this, as if it is a copy, I would expect yours to be be a little smaller). Regards Derek
  18. Hi kev, Just found this link as well (sorry if it has already been posted): Derek
  19. Beautiful work Eric, it i already looking like a real stunner! Derek
  20. Brilliant Iain, very impressive! I will now buy one of these - on an opportunity basis - on the strength of your build (no prizes for guessing which markings mine will be completed in! ). Regards Derek
  21. It was worth the effort - beautiful work Chris. Derek
  22. Hi Max, This is probably another one of those Lightning 'myths' - they certainly lasted longer than seven landings! However, under the wrong conditions, a new set of tyres could be trashed in pretty short order (strong cross winds were the real tyre killers). Great work on your model so far Max, it is really coming to life now. Cheers Derek
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