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Infinity Models SB2C-4 Helldiver update

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32 minutes ago, npb748r said:

I get that every time the stash is seen. I moved my hobby into the loft room (proper set up room but only accessible via loft ladders) to avoid being seen. Only trouble I now have is the difficulty of getting the newly arrived big boxes of plastic from the front door to said room without being seen !


Anyway, back to the topic, noticed infinity models are now on the future release list with hannants so have added to my never shrinking backorder list the helldiver, vampire and val. Oh dear, more secretive moving of boxes to the loft in the middle of the night......


LOL!! I have actually let a delivered box sit on the front porch until "she" was in the bathroom or went to bed.  :whistle:  Oh the things we do to keep the peace.

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Certainly tempting, especially with all of the resin upgrades added in.  Definitely needs the PE dive flaps, unless you're going to go through about a hundred drill bits and hours trying to drill the plastic ones by hand.





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