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  1. or well no ju 88G mmm or ju 188
  2. merry christmas and happy new year to all and my 2021 be better for us all
  3. thank you good kit i got one better than old revell kit by miles
  4. i think i will get one. hope its nice
  5. yes lot of money i may have a go at it .its not a simple conversion lot to do but it dose look good Alan
  6. yes but we have 2 lancasters now i never thought i would see that but eny thing is possible will have to go to cosford to look at it and dream Alan
  7. avro lincoin next step after lancaster i hope Alan
  8. i would like a hp Halifax / hp hampton Alan
  9. o i hope it will be £450 i can live with that price its just will it be in my hands at christmas will be very happy hannants have 10% of pre orders Alan
  10. i am looking forward to the HP400 looks like a nice kit ALan
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