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  1. i think i will get one. hope its nice
  2. yes lot of money i may have a go at it .its not a simple conversion lot to do but it dose look good Alan
  3. yes but we have 2 lancasters now i never thought i would see that but eny thing is possible will have to go to cosford to look at it and dream Alan
  4. avro lincoin next step after lancaster i hope Alan
  5. i would like a hp Halifax / hp hampton Alan
  6. o i hope it will be £450 i can live with that price its just will it be in my hands at christmas will be very happy hannants have 10% of pre orders Alan
  7. i am looking forward to the HP400 looks like a nice kit ALan
  8. you are right it will fill pages of Excitement for all if at £600 i can see all the pages now good times we live in a lancaster in 1/32 Alan
  9. we will all see in time but most of us will buy on price Alan
  10. i see the price is up for it £399 pounds on importers sit in uk to much for me will wait for wing nut wings i now it will be worth it and cost more but cost me less in long run Alan
  11. yes price is the key you pay for what you get wing nut wings will be the best for your money but wing nut wings are excellent kits as we all know lot more detailed and hope no problems like hkm ? Alan
  12. well wing nut wing will be about £350 i think so hkh should be less a lot less i have seen hkh lancaster for £315 on net so i hope it will be cheap enaff for people to wont one Alan
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