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  1. Nice work on a very interesting topic - will follow this
  2. Having visited W&W just a few weeks ago I can stand behind Richard 1000% - what a shop !! I have taken the opportunity on business trips to visit many shops around the world... this one is one of the best I've ever visited
  3. You should definately find 'A higher cause' and read it. With regards to the 'not all germans were nazi's' thing, it is something that interests me a lot. I considered writing a book on that topic, even started a little, but recently I stumpled over this book and that's pretty much what I wanted to write (I think, havent read it yet). Oh well - more time for modeling then Also this book is recommended on the mind of a well known opposer of Hitler
  4. Ok, I've decided I'm done with the interior now. I could have added more, but I've had enough. So finally it's closed up - wings are only clicked on, but the fit is great so I think I'll keep it that way, especially considering my display cabinet 'challenge'. Most of the other bits are done so a little assembly left, some cleanup and then it's painting time :-)
  5. Lovely work. I've been eyeing that kit (did they make other in 1/16 ?) as the 1/8 is simply too expensive for me
  6. Very impressive build - that NMF is superb
  7. Woooowww - that looks great. An interesting plane, lovely camo and superb weathering and execution. Respect !
  8. THAT is hugely interesting. I helped pick the danish 219 out of the water some years ago, but noone has been able to establish a wnr for it. All of the machines listed in the LW documents are accounted for, so it had been speculated if it was a Heinkel test bird, also because it did not have a full armament aboard... perhaps it's one of those ?
  9. I too have a habit of having too many projects WIP, but a good friend gave some advice that I've found to work for me: Always, ALWAYS, start a modelling session with the one furthest advanced - then you eventually will finish something... It's ok to move along AFTER you've done something on the one furthest advanced, but you gotta start with it... With that being said - I do build other stuff than LSP. Often I go all in with detail and research etc etc on the LSP, but when I build a tank or a ship I really dont care about that - and that sometimes make those builds feel like a vacation. Just outta the box no worries
  10. Oh my god Kent that is stunning!!! Sadly I wasn’t at AROS (congrats) but I hope to see it one of these days
  11. I'm with you too - really hoping for La-5/La-5FN and possibly a LaGG-3
  12. Wow - Wheels and wings looks like an impressive shop !! Carl - that could be REAL fun. I'm on a business trip so I'm not in complete control of my own time, so it might be with very short notice. We'll be driving up to Toronto from Waynesboro, Maryland on thursday the 22nd, meeting customers on the morning of the 23rd and moving on to Montreal on the 24th. It seems to me that the afternoon on the 23rd or possibly the morning of the 24th is the best bet... Will be in Montreal for a conference until friday the 30th so I might have time to check the Montreal shops out. Is Udisco the one to pick out of those 3 ? Thomas
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