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  1. Fantastic build - love the finish and quality... and the flags. IIRC some Bf110's did the same - flags from whereever they had operated. Is'nt it rather unusual for an E-4 to have the closed spinner ?
  2. I've been told that every time a new company starts up in China they get a boat-load of money. So that explains the many Trumpeter off-springs..: a new boatload every time, and I suppose Trumpeter ownership balance neatly on the edge of 'new-company' and 'sister-company' Fine with me - we are getting loads of great kits
  3. Arrrghhh I did - typical this shows up JUST after you finish... Will post in a few days, didn't want to steal your (his) thunder
  4. Super result !! Looks very very nice Strangely I just completed the very same bird on Thursday, but havent gotten around to posting it :-)
  5. Is the selection as poor as my searches seem to show? I'd like a cockpit, either photoetch upgrade or resin replacement. Also a super nice BMW801 would be good... well basically anything
  6. That is gorgeous !!! And I 2nd those markings for that scratchprinted masterpiece
  7. Absolutely jawdropping work - another gem from you !! I wonder - and you possibly mentioned it earlier - why does ONE exhaust go through the wing ? Did they use it for heating purposes or what ?
  8. Aww that looks good, seems you got that 3D modelling down nicely ! I didn't know the R36 either, but what a nice looking little aircraft
  9. Looks great so far - glad it didn't hit the bin ! I have done two alleycat 109 conversions - a B and a D - and I gotta say they are the best conversions I've ever tried. Jokingly I say that it's easier to mount the alleycat nose than doing Eduards own. Doing a P-38 J to EFG right now - yuk !!
  10. Agree with easixpedro... that view is breathtaking... I am in awe of your skills here...
  11. Looks great - I wonder why Eduard don't do more 1/32nd kits, I like them... The paint work looks great. I recently started using AK Real Colors as well, and man... do they lay down nice !!! However doing a RLM74/75 scheme I found the match to the real RLM to be not good - way too much contrast between the two... But your colors look great to my eye. My color-nazi friend says the AKRC are hit and miss with regards to color accuracy. Not something that matters a lot to me - it has to be bad if I can see it, but with the RLM74/75 I could...
  12. Stunning work !! I never noticed how huge the elevator was on that bird... and the ailerons pretty big, but the rudder is tiny - kinda fun
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