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  1. AMS resin does but I havent been able to find them in the EU. But take a look at the thread in this GB with the 'Vestal Virgin' - there you have some sketches about what to do to these blades - doesn't seem to bad... I'll be going that way
  2. Now... I know I've been talking a lot about traveling lately... I've completed the last trip until august, so now it's (fingers crossed) home time until august. I've completed my man cave and tonight was the first building night there - sooooo great. So tonight was 'moving in party' Finished the framework indside Got some paint on it - interior green with some mucking up Also put some ZCG on the wheel wells and engine nacelles One question... my friends are laughing at me - I have a bad habit of getting ahead of the instructions (who needs those) - and so I assembled the engines and the assembled the nacelles but it seems it needed to put exhausts on then engines, install them and THEN put the nacelle parts on that contain the exhaust covers... well I have assembled the nacelles without adding the exhausts, so my question is - can anyone show me how the exhaustans are supposed to be inside the nacelles ? I plan to put them in without installing the engine, but I need a pointer to correct installation...
  3. But you need to extend BOTH the span and chord, right ??. Span would be (sorta) ok to do, but I am really looking forward to seeing what you dream up for the chord... I suppose cutting along the thickest part of the wing - where the tangent to the surface is horizontal (am I beeing too much of a engineering nerd now??) - I am thinking that would be the easiest place to add a bit an being able to blend it into the rest of the wing profile
  4. You started this on march 8th ?? It took me years to get this far with my vacform, so I am VERY impressed... Maybe I missed it - you are using a IM cockpit tub that you modify ? Where is it from... Thomas
  5. Thanks Jimbo - great info. Doesn't look too bad - a little modeling skills should settle that just fine. Will try as soon as I get back Thomas
  6. Hmmm interesting I tried to get the (loon model?) resin prop, but couldn't. And since I dont have a lancaster lying around, what needs to be done to get a reasonable B-25 prop ?? Can I shape the blades in the kit or what ?
  7. Superb work on the cockpit - I am SO impressed. Can't wait to see this progress And your english is just fine !
  8. Beautiful work for sure !! It's a great kit, huh ?
  9. This one passed under my radar until now - but very impressive... quite an undertaking. Looking forward to seeing it progress
  10. Gotta agree on that one - and the proof is that most of the entries in the replys appear both in the top and the bottom... totally dependent on the individuals viewpoint On top of the different viewpoints I find that it also depend on the time - sometimes I like a dirt simple kit to throw together as fast as possible, while other times it is a ton of aftermarket resin, PE and decals that do the trick for me... so... depends
  11. I felt exactly the same... (and it was posted yesterday, so no funny stuff)
  12. Thanks guys, very nice of you I did manage to get the interior ribbing almost done before I had to go on another business trip (believe me - it sucks to travel that much) but will be back soon and hope to limit the traveling to 3 days more until august... I cannot wait to get back to the man-cave and B-25 building !!!
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