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  1. The 'Rainbow scheme'... On the link I gave, the oldest scheme is the one on the bottom, with the viking ship head. The top one is the new retro version of the same. That is the oldest, then the rainbow
  2. I actually did that some years ago, the only airliner ever... I too REALLY liked the retro scheme (saw that bird in an airport too, BTW)
  3. Let me make a shameless plug for my friends decal shop Lima November http://www.lndecals.com/ Although not that interested in civilian, I've always liked the SAS viking boat look (top of the page in the link)
  4. Did you ever see this, done by a friend of mine... quite stunning http://modelloursworkshop.blogspot.com/2011/10/scandinavian-airlines-flight-751.html
  5. Super piece of work... I know the Avenger is a big bird, but I never realized just how small the R2600 looked in there...
  6. Oh yeah - how did I forget a P-51B ?? Funny how it seems more likely that we get these from ICM than when we do the same with Tamiya ??
  7. Wow what a lot of good suggestions - I cannot add anything, only re-iterate my favorites amoung those already mentioned 1) LaGG-3, La-5, La-5FN ICM did you notice how many times those were mentioned ? 2) Allison Mustangs 3) Bf109F model Do we really need another 109 ??? Yes a F we do Outside that - Hurricanes and the larger planes mentioned, Do-17, Blenheim, Beaufighter, Defiant would be ok with me I really enjoy the new ICM kits - fine quality and interesting subjects. A big thanks for that
  8. Lovely work and paint job Did the same some years ago and yes - the sublime Tamiya fit makes it an easy conversion
  9. I wonder if it isn't the corona thing that has put pressure on both IWM and Flying legends, so it all came to this because both were trying to get more of the income from the show... and couldn't reach an agreement
  10. WHAAAATTT What is going on here ?? Maybe I'm thick, but I dont get the reasoning for it from that message...
  11. Oh yeah - so hard to keep your hands off the models while working from home. I work from my man cave/modeling room so it's right there. Only good thing are those 'listen only' skype meetings - you can actually get something done during those
  12. Not in storing, but personally picked off shelfes in many countries on 4 continents (so far)
  13. Could it be PE parts cast into the plastic for the elevator control horns - if not they might be in danger of breaking off during construction... Is it just me or is the rib tape/stitching a little too 'high' ? Look at it as it wraps around the leading edge (good job btw casting that withoug loosing detail)... I dont think It'll keep me from buying the kit, nor will i correct it but I think it is a little overdone... Mind you, could be the light/picture
  14. Ohhh nice painting - I loooove the runny paint on the tail '49' background - not easy to make that look right in scale, but this works. Not a jet guy, so I never noticed that the wing pivot axel extends up through the wing glove... Excellent work
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