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  1. Hi guys A little done, some pics will follow. However I bought these https://www.super-hobby.dk/products/USAAF-Pilots-1941-1945.html#gallery_start And they are VERY nice - nice detail etc etc. However out of a reflex I started painting them Khaki, but is that the correct color?? Instructions says pale green, which I think sounds strange. For a Corsican B-25 if that makes any difference...
  2. DId the Alleycat D coversion some years ago - an absolute delight. I used the Eduard kit (as prescribed) and some years later I did a unmodified Eduard kit... it was actually easier to add the Alleycat nose than use the Eduard standard nose. That's how good it is. Highly recommended
  3. LOOOLLL my view exactly - if it's doomed, then it is binned - but postponed is something entirely different
  4. Oh my wife and I play board games regularly with friends and our kids (almost adults now). Not particularly games that are good for camping though. Risk is an all-time favorite, and a newer (for us) game is 'Ticket to ride'. Apart from that there are a ton of good games around - such a good way to spend an evening with a few beers and fun. Actually we have a few 'board-game cafe's' in our city - you just go in pay a little, and pick out a game from their extensive collection. Good way to try something before buying - some games are not exactly cheap
  5. Hi Chris thanks pretty happy with it actually The course was in our local club here in Aarhus, Denmark. We had a friend from another club do this two-day course where he took us through the lot - very very helpful And yes, it is 1/35
  6. Wow thanks for that picture and info - actually very timely as I had a set of early wheels painted and ready to glue on, only I forgot to do it for a couple of modeling sessions :-) Thanks
  7. Amusing Hobby's Rheintochter - fun kit and surprisingly good And some figure from a figure painting couse this weekend
  8. Not really any good at keeping up the updates, am I ? The 190 is pretty far along now, been painting markings on it. Starboard fuselage cross still have the mask on because I need to correct it
  9. Hi Peter Not much point in repeating all the stunning, speachless etc :-) Just want to add that I've made a deal with myself that I will not be discouraged by stunning models on the net, but rather inspired... but this is so good that you really put my resolve to the test :-) A pleasure to follow
  10. Dear Kent Your last post made me giggle when I was thinking of the amount of cursing I heard this weekend at the figure painting workshop ( just joking ) I think the Preisler figures look absolutely perfect and the Cooper state reeeeally nice. It will be good !
  11. Such beautiful work - I am so impressed. Good that the canopy thing is sorted !!
  12. Was I the only one rooting for Euron Greyjoy??? Love that character - cheeky b*stard
  13. Can only repeat the others - excellent build, I love the finish. Well done, and please do post some more work of yours
  14. I fly into Washington in august and plan to take a day off to see one of these museums... or both... So, which one is the best and as a side question, If I get a hotel close to the airport... can I do both in a day ? Thanks in advance Thomas
  15. Lol yeah I see that now, reading it again :-)
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