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  1. Who doesn't - but when I start one, I run a string of duct tape around the sides of the box and cut the lid 3/4 to make an opening lid... helps a little
  2. Beautiful work !!! Love the weathering but everything is really really well done
  3. Beautiful work !!! Oscar Perdomo's bird - last ace of WWII
  4. Wow that's really nice !!! Gotta do a P-40 soon - so many cool ones around
  5. Impressive work all around... However I seem to remember - and my memory might be off - that the wooden blades were covered with fabric... so I'm not sure if you'll see wood on a chipped blade... Forgive me if I'm remembering it wrong...
  6. I was just going over the last couple of pages (marvelling !!) but it made me think - how do you cut and drill those thin plates and avoid distortion of the cut edges ? I was looking at the flap ribs with the cut-out's in them especially...
  7. uhhhhh very nice - looking forward to following this... Where did you (Cees) get the Bristol Mercury's from ?
  8. Foreigners - non-native pilots in an airforce... plenty of options in WWII at least, I don't know about WWI, vietnam or Korea
  9. In principle yes LOL, but I find if I have too many WIP's i get stressed and rush through builds to reduce the stress - and that's never good for quality...
  10. Yeah me too - Hasegawa's F is hard to find and Trumpeter's is not a F at all - but a G-2... I like the Revell kit too, so perhaps one day when I clear all the other WIP's I'll go that way too
  11. Good article but if you dont want to go the Aires way it skips a bit on the canopy part. The G canopy frames were much wider than the F's - if you can get an E canopy you are close.
  12. I've used a couple of Barracuda's for P-51 cockpits and it does wonders to the look of it... so I'm in for a couple of these. Where to order ? http://www.aimsmodels.co.uk is not working for me anymore - and are you still shipping from Hungary (+/-) ?
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