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  1. Wegner I think that is true when it comes to areas not exposed to the outside such as the rear fuselage, but engine bay, wheel and flap wells were still 02 Old kit, but ok - will follow this
  2. Holy smoke that is one great paintjob !!!
  3. Thanks guys - good stuff !! More than one hobby shop ?? Boy you guys are spoiled :-) Conference will be march 23-24th and I plan to stay for 3-4 days after that. So if that fits into any of your plans, I'd be happy to buy you a beer (perhaps combined with a hobby shop visit) Train to Canberra... interesting... how long does that take? If it is indeed THE site then I guess I'll be doing that... As for prices, I'll be packing my suitcase for a 2½ week trip so there wont be room for a 1/32nd Lancaster anyway... but perhaps a 109... I'll survive, but always fun to get around to the shops whenever I travel
  4. Hi guys down under First of all, I hope you are all safe from those terrible fires !! I'll be going to Melbourne in late March for a conference, but plan to spend a few days on my own as I rarely get to go that far away from home. So are there any good hobby shops in Melbourne, any good aviation (or general history/war) sights? I know about the National museum, but anything else ? Anyone interested in letting me buy them a beer ? Thomas
  5. Will it be a draw ? I would suggest an vote thing...
  6. Ok - painting complete. Painted all markings except stencils (boy there are a lot on a jet) and the personal markings. But I do hate those rubber wheels. Only game in town is apparently the Fisher ones but I couldn't find a EU source. Ordering from outside the EU often results in a 20 EUR 'fine' (aka handling fee) plus 25% VAT and that would have brought it up to an unacceptable price. Good thing I speak 3D and a good friend with a 3D printer - awfull color, but a coat of primer fixed that Getting close now
  7. If it's not too late, please enter me in the drawing
  8. Thanks guys Padubon - varnish has been my problem for a while, but recently I discovered the 'Mecha' range from Vallejo and their gloss and flat coats work really well for me. Havent tried the satin one yet.
  9. Yes it is. Apart from having to create a curve on the front/innter part of the flap it was pretty easy. Generally I like the Eduard flaps, so I've added quite a few
  10. Thanks guys Dude, I used Vallejo paints including the matt varnish from the 'Mecha' range - my current favorite
  11. Just talked to HKM, they will sell me a new frame for a very reasonable amount. Super customer service !!!! Way to go HKM. Only thing is that it wont be made 'till mid december. But as my friend said - finish with a glass piece fitted with white glue and replace once you get the replacement. Will do
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