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  1. I've gotta admit I'm not the best at keeping up with in progress pictures, but now it's done. What WIP pictures there are is in the WIP thread Zlatko Stipcic was an Croatian ace who flew this machine for at least one victory before it was flow by Vladimir Sandtner to Falconara in Italy, where it was extensively photographed. As a croatian Stipcic fits into my current theme 'aces of the smaller nations in WWII' - more are on the way Hope you enjoy As
  2. I wonder why you print that rudder at an angle - seems to create a lot of waste for supports... is it because it's too long for the machine to be horizontal ? Are those supports auto-generated or do you do them yourself ? Can you tell I'm thinking really hard about getting a machine ?
  3. Very impressive work !! If I were to get a 3D printer what would you recomment ?? I hear Photon, but what model ? I also hear resin printer...
  4. Hi Alberto First of all - I thought the portrait was busted from trying to cut 1mm but it seems not. Working fine now (although I dont tryk 1mm that often). I usually do 0.5mm and it doesnt cut all the way through, but enough to easily snap the parts out (needs a little cleaning). I usually experiment a little, but pretty high blade setting (5-6 or so), slow speed and multiple runs
  5. If you feel that way it's allright as long as you don't critizise others for doing it (not seeing that at all !!) I don't have a problem with it - very much agree with Troy, Luftwaffe is VERY interesting camoflage wise - although i sick of seeing a huge overweight of German WWII on the tank and figure scene... I do both, but try to find other things... but mostly from a boredom perspective
  6. Stunning Miroslaw... just so many interesting things to look at here
  7. I definately have a theme, only the theme has changed over the years... is it still a theme then ?? The theme has evolved from 'Every aircraft' through 'aircrafts of the aces' and now I'm on a 'Aces from each nation that participated in WWII' trip Building wise I have strayed from the pure aircraft into almost any topic except gundam, but the aircrafts I'm into accuracy, while the other things are just for fun - still doing my best, but I just cannot get excited about if a tank wore this or that type of tracks... I often see the non-aviation projects as a little 'vacation' where I let go of the accuracy worries
  8. That is a fantastic finish !!! Is the build oob ?
  9. A 109 would certainly be a good seller, and I love the 109 so I'm not going to join the 'oh-no-not-another-109' choir... but E and G are done well by others, but it is beyond me why the F is so badly represented in 32nd ?? Hasegawa's fine but rather old that is sometimes in production, sometimes not... Trump's F are not really F's anyway... If Tamiya did a 109F I think i'd shed a tear... and the go bankrupt... Overall - strange that we get a lot of rather exotic planes but some of the obvious are badly represented - Bf109F and P-51B springs to mind...
  10. While I'd LOOOOVE a He177, I'd say that for sales - and we gotta consider that - then the prioritized list would be Do17, Do217, He177
  11. What a beautiful piece of work !!!! Wow
  12. Only tried Uschi but it worked beautifully... to be applied over a base wood color, just make sure the base coat is not too dark as the grain will be invisible then
  13. So main painting commenced - a rather grubby looking 109 with plenty of overspray of old marking - very interesting As mentioned earlier - at this time I did not know about the wavy leading edge camo, so this was it... note the overpainted german markings on the wing Nationality marking were painted on And some more - still need some cleanup along the rudder stitching and in a few panel lines... A rather intricate mask for this 'squadron insignia' (??) So this is were I am at today
  14. Started with the Hasegawa G-10 kit, nice kit with no real issues and since I really was focused on the painting phase, I progressed rather quickly. Fuselage closed and most basic construction finished in a day (god bless corona :-) ) But unfortunately I forgot to photograph the cockpit... Since I wanted to paint as much of the markings as possible, I did some rather intricate masks in CAD for my Silhouette The little symbol above the checquerd flag I need to print on a piece of decal film - much too small to cut... Finally primer coat and a few flaws corrected
  15. So, In my quest to do one from each nation that participated in WWII, I've come to this one... this very well known one. Vladimir Sandtner defected in this one along with the equally well known 'Black 10' and landed at Falconara in Italy on 16th April 1945. Black 4 was flown by 12 victory ace Zlatko Stipcic on at least two occations before Sandtner ran off with it... so that feeds my ace fetich as well Some places it's mentioned as a G-10, some places as a G-14AS. Plenty of photo's of this one, but all the features (tall tail, tall tail wheel, MW50 filler, small wing bulges) could point to either, so I've given up and just decided to do 'this one'. Lots of pictures of this bird This last image is a late addition to my stash of pictures of this plane, so originally I did the camo with normal leading edge. Am working to do the wavy one Finally Stipcic himself As usual I've gotten pretty far before I pull myself together to do a build tread... This is btw part of a 'enemy' group build on Danske Modelbyggere (Danish modelers) . In the enemy group build we 'team up' two and two with opposing builds. My friend opposed this one with a Yak-3 (in 48th... sigh). Will post build pics in next post in a minute
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