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  1. What a lovely build... seems you are a 109-o-holic as me :-) And I agree with everything you said about the kit - hate the gear legs... prop a bit annoying and bulges need replacing with resin - but rest is real nice I'd say it's Hartmanns Yellow 1 that's the Hasegawa kit
  2. Thanks guys Thanks for the pics Martin - a few I didn't have before...
  3. Thanks guys Mike: the spinner circles where actually harder to do than the spots on the cowl. 4 tries to get it right :-)
  4. You are correct and not a typo, but rather my brain-fart
  5. That is serously beautiful work !! Respect ! Imagine being the pilot on the first flight of something that unusual... will it fly or drop like a stone
  6. Hi Guys I haven't posted much lately because my camera is busted. For this one I managed to do some decent photo's with my phone, so here we go Hasegawa's (in a Revell box) Messerschmitt Bf109G-4 flown by Jan Gerthofer in 13(Slow)/JG52. These days I'm on a 'do one from every nation that participated in WWII' trip so this is Slovakia. Hungary and Denmark is in progress. Unusual camo on the cowl looks like a replacement, but as many (perhaps all) from that unit used it, I guess it's in purpose. The reason is however unknown to me. All markings except stencils painted on. BTW - yes, the bar behind the cross is supposed to sit so high - seen on pictures, but dont know why https://imgur.com/KplHrME
  7. Well it is not a Tamiya kit, but that mostly means that you need to dryfit more and I've found that most of the times where a pin is supposed to go into a hole, you need to either trim the pin or (easier) enlarge the hole. Dry fit !!! Apart from that no real issues (so far :-) )
  8. Working from home these days as Denmark is almost completely shut down. So between working, walking the dog and cooking for my sick wife, I have plenty of time for modeling :-) And the stash is big enough to last a few years of isolation... Go with the Tempest... I've just started the Hi-Tech Mk V and it's a lovely kit so far
  9. Remains sold to an Austrian (I believe) collector...
  10. Hi Jav I bought a cast nose weight specifically for the kit - I'm sorry I cannot remember from where. I have assembled it and it seems like it is sufficient...
  11. Growl - talked to Neil... but so far nothing has happened... I even send them money for shipping...
  12. I've always had problems with varnish, however now I found the varnishes from Vallejo's 'Mecha' series and they really work for me.
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