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  1. Yes an overtree is mighty cheap, but I think that with a little care about wing armament you could use the E-4 as well. Maybe the canopy is a problem - check if it has the rounded canopy... else you need the E-1 overtree of cause I had great fun with my AlleyCat conversions - they are really really good. Hopy you dont find that I hijack your thread
  2. Breathtakingly beautiful paint work... I can see, looking back, that you had some fun with the nose - IMHO the weakest point of this kit. Twice I've cut it off and replaced it with an AlleyCat conversion... I don't know if it says more about AlleyCat or the kit nose, but I found that easier than doing a standard kit nose...
  3. Loads of weird planes here - Someone said 'form follows function'... makes you wonder what a couple of them are actually meant for this one won't win, but I thought it was missing... Bv141
  4. 140 ?? Auch... I paid 90 USD for my last Revell. Usual price for a Dragon is 125 USD (plus minus)
  5. Very very fine work - Respect !! As far as I could see no-one answered you about the Revell Bf110C-7 - yes it is the Dragon plastic with a price tag of 2/3 the Dragon price. Off cause that's here right next to Revell land, so I assume it's less attractive 'round your place... But it IS that kit I too am working on a C-6 from an A-4... only it has been parked for a long time...
  6. Gawd that looks fantastic !!! I have built a couple of the Eduard kits and while I dont think they are as bad as some make them out to be, they are also not in the same league as the Dragon/cyberhobby kit. All in all buildable but not fantastic
  7. Ohhhhh for a fellow 109-o-holic this is heaven !!! Sublime quality and such variation - love it
  8. I think that if I ever did 'the perfect model' then I'd stop... what's the point then? But as many mentioned... Fun is the key parameter here. I aspire to get better, I look at the 'masters' and I am inspired, not intimidated. That is how fun works for me, your milage may vary, but I suggest you find out what does it for you. Well that, and hanging out with the guys. We are fortunate to have a large group of modelers locally so we meet and act stupid together... aka having fun
  9. So lets get this damn corona thing done so we can start travelling again - I could really use a beer in an Italian cafe right now :-) Take care my friend
  10. Uhhh that is lovely... Is it Pier-Paolo ?? If so.. hi again
  11. lovely work on the pit !! That 262 is afaik one of Trumpeter's best
  12. Wow that looks great !! Actually I dont have any interest in the Helldiver, but these pictures are starting to change that... :-)
  13. Beautiful work, but my oh my that's a lot of yellow to paint... I HATE painting yellow :-) Looks great !!
  14. especially "I'm in this photo..." bit
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