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  1. Let's get the definition in place: Shelf of doom is where models that are given up reside. I don't have that. Given up, they go out. I do have a Shelf of missing mojo, and right now it's maybe 2 years for the oldest. In the past I've had one 5 years in the making BTW - if it still fits inside the box, it's not started for real
  2. Hi guys Looking at this backdate set, it says D/E/F/G but the one I want to build is a H... all i can/could find was the H is externally identical to F/G... so am I missing something or can I just go ahead ? TIA Thomas
  3. Ohhh that looks lovely. I am doing the same kit right now, albeit with a huge PE set... kinda regret that, it looks good but really kills my mojo
  4. Cyberhobby for sure, but mind you Eduard is not bad...
  5. I have few helicopters I'd like to do, but a Vietnam war AH-1G is on the top of that list.... I am a very happy man now With what they've given us these years (and in good quality), ICM is rapidly becoming a very beloved company 'round my house.
  6. Oh I like them both a lot. The PZL is a kit I will need to have too, so I'm glad to hear that it's a good kit...
  7. Excellent work - looks fantastic GROWL !!! I only just sold my Italeri 104 YESTERDAY because I lost interest... now it's back...
  8. Maybe we should have someone go 'round his place to check that he hasn't become stuck under one of the pieces...
  9. Beautiful work all around. I especially like the restrained chipping - so often we see a Zero chipped to death
  10. BTW Tarantino movies are so overrated except Reservoir Dogs. Apart from that one I've never watched one of his to the end.
  11. I positively love GOT - seen it twice... But anything with mafia etc gets a pass from me, so no sopranos. Seen Godfather 1-3 but will not do it again. Watched a little of Breaking Bad, but got bored. And anything that even remotely resembles reality tv (including dancing, baking etc etc) really gets my gag reflexes going
  12. Ok here we go - I'm not a super photographer :-) Flaps Gear well Misc nacelle Bomb bay
  13. Ohhh how nice I have the kit in my stash, but every time I open the box I get performance anxeity... The BBMF Lancaster visited our local airfield back in 2011 and I went to see it with my dad. It was painted as Phantom of the Ruhr, although it had less mission markings than your picture. The funny bit to me was that I asked the crew about the different mission markings - yellow, red and Ice cones... the answer was that the yellow was over occupied country, red over germany and Ice Cones... was Italy '' I
  14. I suppose most if not all manufactureres try to do it as cost effective as possible. That means running a good solid production of a kit and then shutting it down until it is deemed economic to do another run. Checking the tooling, setting up and actually casting is quite expensive too... you dont want setup cost for doing 10 kits We did see this even before covid - Hase 1/32 F model comes to mind - and I'd guess that all companies have become more carefull these days..
  15. Looks great. I used the AlleyCat conversion to do a B and a D version using Eduard kits as a starting point. Actually easier to put the resin nose on than to build the Eduard nose... so very very nice coversions. I have no experience with the CE...
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