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  1. Thomas Lund

    Real space kits

    Those are very nice, but what kits ? Cool Thunderbirds dio !
  2. Thomas Lund

    Real space kits

    Hi I've been considering building either a space shuttle (with tank and boosters) or a Saturn V... or perhaps both :-) you know how it is But I haven't got a clue which kits are good and which are better left alone Anyone got some experience ? Not too partial towards scale - just gotta be good kits Thanks Thomas
  3. Thomas Lund

    Nürnberg 2019 LSP list

    WIth regards to helicopters it doesn't bother me if it's 1/35, but when will anyone do a good Apache and Vietnam Cobra ?? Dont want to bother with the ancient Revell kits
  4. Thomas Lund

    Nürnberg 2019 LSP list

    The Gladiator had me smiling big time, but when I reached the Devastator that turned to a frown... (goddammit)
  5. Thomas Lund

    Hong Kong Models B-25J bomber 'Peggy Lou'

    And by the way - is there no way around fitting the gear legs so early ???
  6. Thomas Lund

    Hong Kong Models B-25J bomber 'Peggy Lou'

    Ok - finally got a little done yesterday. Focusing on putting in all the PE that needs priming and painting. Perhaps a bit hard to see, but a lot of work here. Also washed the engines. Still need some flat varnish and attachement of exhausts that I left off since I suppose they are best weathered alone. I can see from the other B-25 threads that the prop is no good, so that will be something more I need to get along with some master barrels. But I am still torn with regards to the gear legs... I think the legs seem sturdy, at least the main legs. Kent said he drilled it out (how far down ??) and I am summoning the courage to do that... I am not a big fan of those metal legs since I think they often look worse than the kit parts. Still thinking
  7. Thomas Lund

    Hasegawa Fw190A-5 Walter Nowotny

    Oops #1 - this build, which was supposed to be my safetyvalve for the massively etch B-25 project, got a little too much attention while the B-25 did not Oops #2 - too few pictures But quite a bit has happened. Working on sorting out seams etc after main assembly. Plan to be a good boy now and focus on the B-25
  8. Thomas Lund

    Hasegawa Ju87G Kanonenvogel - a bit of progress!

    I have the same kit and although Rudel's look fantastic in winter wash, I will be avoiding that bastards plane. There are several other well documented kanonenboot's. A friend of mine found data for another ace in the 87G but unfortunately no picture. Think I will be doing that one anyway. I'm traveling now, so dont have access to the info, but if you are interested I can find it when I come home later this week...
  9. Thomas Lund

    Zoukei Mura Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei (Late)

    That is REALLY good looking - you should have entered this into the multi engine GB...
  10. Thomas Lund

    Fokker Dr. I 'Skeletal'

    I tried Ushi's 'original' wood decals and it worked out great - I expect the new version to be better still...
  11. Thomas Lund

    Fokker Dr. I 'Skeletal'

    A stunning piece of work !! Respect !!
  12. With my entry in the Multi engine group build being full of etch addition, I just knew that I would need a distraction without all the trouble, so I went to the stash to pull out a trouble free build. This one caught my eye Ok opening the box I found it wasn't completely OOB, but somehow I like to do PE flaps. The weels should be no problem I will be doing it in the colours of Walter Nowotny - second from the bottom. Classic - I always liked that scheme
  13. Thomas Lund

    Aeromarine 75/Curtiss F-5-L (Highball Express)

    Iiiiiiiimpressive Kent - as always !
  14. Thomas Lund

    Dragon BF 110 C-7

    Lovely work !
  15. Thomas Lund

    Hong Kong Models B-25J bomber 'Peggy Lou'

    Another evening of PE work. Finished the seats and continued to the cockpit set